Barren of equipment combat readiness is girl

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Girl girl was about to arrive home tomorrow night. Girl girl says, mom should be in charge of doing dish to eat to go to her only. I enquired in the phone she wants to eat what today, girl girl is like already hungry must do not have direction, she says whats want to eat. I will prepare to rise early in the morning tomorrow stew bloat earnest is bright, hoof fat, bacon, bamboo shoot. Cole field basically cannot have bought bamboo shoot, asked circuit on Sunday, discover one booth suddenly. Bamboo shoot already very uncomely, but be bright bamboo shoot, I was bought rapidly 3, 4 jins, price also paid no attention to. Be being put in deepfreeze is incorrect actually, also do not have method, want to last. Look today bad, take rind, boil with clear water boil stand-by.

Vivid chicken is bought on the road this morning, the United States has chicken to sell, but that chicken is too insipid, how to do won’t good. The girl of girl of vivid careless chicken of Shanghai likes to eat very much. I know that person that sells chicken, it is driveway guerrilla, archives of husband and wife. Their chicken is delicious cheap, show a balance to be killed now. I carried a careless hen a spring chicken, look at them to whiz whiz deal with whizzingly. They and client are suddenly noisy rose, it is a woman bought chicken to went back on his word not to want so, twist a head to go, and chicken has been killed, very hot wool almost do well. Also do not have method, the someone did not pay, length of foot is on her body. Gallinaceous woman is very furious, say oneself eat, come home oneself eat. She sees me say later, do 18 yuan sell how do you do? Cheap 2 yuan, I say to be no good, I should buy 3 chicken to work. Actually they feel distressed won’t oneself eat, shanghai person eye sees for solid, they sell this chicken to be not dropped for certain. I ” loot a burning house ” , use stock market law, draw out filling storehouse of demand a low price of 16 yuan of cash, make the average price of 3 chicken falls.

The colleague sees 3 chicken laugh at my recapture dead, ah ah, they say, girl girl comes home to also do not want growl of so urgent growl. They do not know, 3 chicken calculate what in our home, made a white behead chicken tonight, bright soy of United States pole dips in, beer is drunk drink already dispose of. Spring chicken will steam girl girl tomorrow also eat. Still an aspic rises, lie between a day to be taken do a chicken broth.

Will buy a jin of vivid shrimp tomorrow even, do briny shrimp to eat to girl girl. Girl girl hears my newspaper to give these a few menu in the phone, ah ah laugh ceaseless, good ah good, good. Girl girl throat is dumb, went out to delimit caique still is what boat with a gang friend yesterday so. The youth is really happy, prodigal oneself youth, not plan sequential. She says, all over muscle bone ache, the plane on tomorrow takes a few acetanilide piece, sleep shut-eye goes to Shanghai. This farfetched child is about to come home, I say you are big one year old, is this meeting a bit better? She says stoutly: Won’t!

I get invigorative preparation. Leaf through the diary last year, girl girl come back to go vacationing 6 weeks, from Shanghai that day, her pa loosened tone, say, thank people government, give birth to a child to us only. Hahaha!

Go up some of food that makes in the home

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Remembering with concern to renew rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit all the time, but in the heart tumultuous, perhaps this and stock market drop continuously about. Although I am in A go up to shift to an earlier date successfully 3 days to check inventory, but glad to do not rise. Girl girl came home, attune of her time difference does not come over, sleep desultory, manage to find time chat with her, discover she grows or resemble a dot, the heart is a lot of more mature however, to oneself in a planned way is mixed in the future plan, let me very be at ease.

The day before yesterday I hear girl girl crying, the suicide before just hearing a high school is the same as the classmate half moon of the dormitory so dies, result of that girl middle school is very strong, money of pass an entrance examination is big, melancholia was gotten after. This girl grows very fair and clearly, introvert, too tall to him requirement. Will look for Guo Niuniu a few times after go to the bad, say not happy. Girl girl accompanies her to go out to had played, group photo accept as a souvenir, I also help her had introduced the doctor in the heart. The girl often follows on the log of girl girl post, with very affectionate tone, appear very lively. Girl girl went back to the motherland last year do not have time to look for her to play, face the telephone call that receives her, she took a kin telephone call that is in the United States perfervidly, introduce girl girl understanding. Ever called to send one’s respects to girl to the United States again later, because midnight is over there girl girl,did not say on a few words unfortunately, does girl girl ask she is good? Her voice is very cheerful say very good. Why does girl girl cry so sadly, girl girl says, actually they are not very the friend that be close friends, know she is acedia now, it is painful, in appeal everywhere, and oneself go up without the side she. Girl girl says, the anguish of one individual heart is to tell not clear, listen will listen, what she says is an undergraduate nevertheless alive she does not imagine formerly, she feels not happy, specific do not say what to give. So her parents does not understand her why to want in that way. She has seen psychological doctor, had taken drug, cannot free oneself, be in him home finally, it is below mom’s eyelid, from high-rise very quickly and below. In my heart very heavy. Comfort girl, actually nobody side got her, not self-condemned. The saddest now mom that should be her, jump in the girl building a few days ago, her mom has become aware, those who sleep is in girl clip in the evening every day among oneself and husband, unexpectedly tragedy still happens.

Say the dot is happy. Girl girl brings me the noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that a lot of United States make cake, she should teach me to do. Pass two days to buy some of pattern with her together, buy a new oven even, in the home too small. But who and me has cake done to eat together? But that can make a person too the thing of get fat, everybody for fear that avoids not as good as.

With small empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of grandma big father’s elder brother 10 person has a meal together today, in village of garden of plum of the road in Yan’an. Before two days are the unit dines together, it is to make a few days ago again assist entertaining guests is to be over there. This is being connected take piscine side 3 times, I also spoil one’s appetite. Girl girl lets me pat next Chinese to eat so the ostentation and extravagance of dish of one big desk, go back gally American.

The on a few course that Zhang Jiali takes.

Bought a lot of fresh fruits to eat to girl girl, still Yang Mei and cherry watermelon are waited a moment

Briny shrimp and water spinach

Stay of proceedings of tea tree of pointed any of several hot spice plants

Stay of proceedings of calabash melon Xiaobai

Fish of evaporate river eel (eat ability to remember take a picture)

Panbroil bake child fish

In succession had plum garden village 3 times

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Sent the dish of village of garden of a few plums, nod so by me, average per capita 100 yuan. I am the card that uses the network that carry Cheng, 8. 5 fold.

Come first a broken bowl exposure, because remember filar silk says they use broken bowl,be famous, search on the desk. Have two as expected, ha, establish this to put according to. Chicken of caraway small elementTurnip seafood dumplingMuscle of hemp hot oxChicken broth does silkShrimp roe big black is joinedWater in which noodles have been boiled of piscine head fishAcerbity hot green mouthChicken of plum garden white beheadPotato saladHead of flooey earthen bowlChestnutSauce turnipGoose liverThe eel that bakeQing Dynasty fries river shelled fresh shrimpsValve of yellow croaker beans (this dish is recommended, be a thick soup of pickles yellow croaker change personally, without bone, very bright)Crab of green ginger fleshBeijing roast duckPiscine headBai Zhuogai orchidDuck silk bean sprouts

Circle mesa

Originality cold and dressed with sause, cool and refreshing one summer

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“Bare day sorching is like baked wheaten cake, paddy of open field standing grain half withered anxious. Boil like soup inside farmer heart, childe offspring of the nobility shakes fan ” this Song Daishi song famous, because,be bright able to read aloud fluently, because class expression is trenchant,also be, be used to educational child. Look now pretty is comical, harvest is bad inside this cropland, when the landlord also should be anxious, perhaps be him only self-restraint is better, chi Riyan is anxious but unable to do anything phlogisticly trashy also, shake shake fan falls a fire, this are dry dry go, do a dish of cold and dressed with sause to eat for example.

Balsam pear has the effect of clear fire, people often uses summer cold and dressed with sause. Go to balsam pear flesh section, put into roll the quick-boil in water half minutes, filter goes water, a bit cool hind, the group that use a hand squeezes balsam pear again go water, put small dish. Next ginger, green, garlic is fourth, put bright soy, sweet vinegar, sesame oil, exquisite catchs a ripe sesame seed to scatter next good mixing, happy event is hot put Chi of hot beans of old dry Mom, became the path is cool and refreshing sweet emerald green cole, next congee are best. Those who want an attention is time of water of balsam pear quick-boil must short, otherwise ripe soft lose brittleness. When balsam pear tastes the first special suffering, leng Buding wants frown, however its charm wants more painstakingly to eat more namely, suffering becomes to later enjoyed.

Listen to a friend to introduce romantically, my of old hot days specially runs to Pudong a wineshop eats Xue Bi balsam pear. Originality is really pretty good, balsam pear goes seed goes core flay, dig of the dig that use melon becomes flimsy state, use lid of soda water of snow green jade to bloat completely next be soiled, put freezer 3-4 the outfit after the hour dish. Because flesh is of a shape, caboodle becomes pinecone model, green jade-like stone jade-like stone transparent a special beauty. Eat go up balsam pear is very fragile, sweet in the belt is bitter, put cool mouth on the ice. The time of this originality, occasionally everybody meets what to eat to be absent really, one hurries off to the pretext over there, savor remembers deep cooked food, worthy trip.

Dish of Korea cold and dressed with sause is very famous, they see in the TV series the thing that Everyman home often uses model of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, put hot Chinese cabbage, will blend with the hand, mix at the same time at the same time on the side the person that see too impatient to wait extends nose come over to hear, grab even will eat. And ” grow greatly today ” the palace inside mixes course is a lot of more careful, cucumber, bean sprouts, ripe shredded meat, Xianggu mushroom waits ten type thing a moment fine fine-cut good, brightly colored puts a good-sized recipient, add broken sesame seed, caraway the leaf is patted with the back of a knife blade with a few valve broken twist sodden garlic head. Additional bowl does a condiment, put fine salt, gourmet powder, sesame oil, white vinegar, candy, white pepper, filament is entered after agitate inside, mix carefully divide evenly, change the salver that fills shallow opening, go up desk.

Go Yunnan travels, often take course of accident cold and dressed with sause, beyond cold and dressed with sause of all sorts of bacterium stay of proceedings, eat mangrove to spend cold and dressed with sause once, also knowing is what thing, eat sanded in the mouth, dare not eat the 2nd chopsticks again. Cold and dressed with sause of the tuber of elevated gastrodia also is to eat for the first time. Scarcely of so thick the tuber of elevated gastrodia is feral, cut an account, flavour is a bit thicker than Bai Luobo, pliable but strong a bit, carry bit of tart flavor. Eating when dish also is unimaginably queer. Make fold ear root again as to cordate houttuynia, put hot money cold and dressed with sause to eat. Take a lot of people to say faint scent is tangy in Guizhou, eat extremely, but be in Shanghai, some people disrelish strange flavour to get bazoo, spit have not enough time.

My home has spinach, of cold and dressed with sause be in the majority, chop of the deeply after ordinary boiled water is hot, the sesame oil that use sauce mixes. Spinach sells very expensively in Japan, japanese sound is ” quickly all alone ” , residing wine house to sell a guest is after be being ironed with boiled water, cut 15 centimeter to control a paragraph, arrange orderly hold with the hand close, columnar shape vertical stroke rises stand it is in the center of salver, in skin of fish of a bonito is scattered above spinach, the paring that resembles wood namely like thing. When eating from above irrigate circuit to be born well smoke soy, overturned eat. This kind has a way very delicate, fine fine article, the raw ingredient as if of spinach is like a girl.

Rich is collected numerous the cate cook experience that growing is me, I develop salty egg of egg of black agaric of cold and dressed with sause, skin to mix in succession later bean curd, evergreen mixes earthnut, fingered citron melon mixes carrot, silk of gram bud green pepper, crowndaisy chrysanthemum dish mixes sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch, yam word plum, young of field mint taro, pumpkin lily, caraway bean curd works, shrimp roe mixes bean curd…

Originality cold and dressed with sause, cool and refreshing one summer.

Girl girl loves course of eating the daily life of a family

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Speak all the time all the time with girl girl these days, happiness was full of in the heart. A variety of stories that lively tells girl girl to happen in the United States, the everybody that encounter. Tell excessive act vigorously rises happy to dance, warn me at the same time must not scratch, cannot help saying to listen to me at the same time. The world outside to 20 come year old for Chinese child, was full of new move, arrived the 2nd year, her friend is much, the job is busy, experience everywhere, had been recorded without time, bilged so the word of skinful wants get sth off one’s chest.

Girl girl bought ten books on the net, add my office to move ten when come home, caboodle is mixed in desk the head of a bed, the person rolls a bed to boil again from sofa, see neck back ache, extremely happy. She says, have a holiday come home to be loosened completely, without the prodigal time that feel apologetic feels, died happily. Still should add mom’s so good bend auditor of course, resemble collecting gold to collect her rubbish in that way.

The appetite of girl girl has amount only everyday, have a thing scarcely by day. Ate a few days fat later, should eat delicate. What I burn still is dish of the daily life of a family. Some were patted according to.

Fish of crucian carp of braise in soy sauce

Aubergine of cold and dressed with sause

Seedling of wine sweet pea

Flesh of pickles river mussel

Briny razor clam

The practice of corn bake in a pan

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? Material of corn bake in a pan:

Sweet corn 1 canister

Give birth to powdery 50 gram

Medlar, pine nut a certain number of

1.Do corn drop water, join the medlar with pine nut, soft bubble, put unripe pink agitate even.
2.Oil is put in boiler half bowls, after oily heat, teem heats up oil, enter corn bead, press smooth, enter hot oil next,

Open small fire fly into rage, turn at the same time bowl, do not touch the grain of rice that move jade, the grain of rice that wait for jade is soft in belt some fragile can fill piece.
3.Chromatically is irrigated to pull sauce when eating or candy pink can.

Below this piece is the picture of corn bake in a pan on the net. Of above is a few move that I make in the home. Frank and honest, did not score a success, the reason perhaps is oily too little, fire is too big. Sticking these is the train of thought that wants to offer a test to everybody. Everybody communication. Below I eat that piece in restaurant the day before yesterday, it is malic corn bake in a pan. Sweeter, among a bit soft, but very delicious also.

Why I cannot leave a message

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Leave a message what code of test and verify comes out in the report on my page is O, 4 O word, 0 what do not know the O that is English or number, had tried anyway, cannot use.

Do not know to to who appeal?

Dragon boat festival, bag zhongzi

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Dragon boat festival should arrive, ate a lot of zhongzis these days, of flesh having delicacy with candied date or jujube, but eat,do not pass however addiction. Feel what wrap as oneself is delicious. I am bought long Le Lu the zhongzi that a granny includes an alley opening, she crouchs over to wrap everyday, a lot of people are surrounded view, be like behavior art to exhibit. Fleshy piece greatly, the clip that place essence of life is oily, every zhongzi puts a meat sell 2 yuan, put two meat sell 2.5 yuan. Still have other those who be like salty yoke, red bean, candied date or jujube. Our home likes to eat fleshy zhongzi. Bought 6 to come home.

Excellent put down packet of too impatient to wait to eat, did not expect medium delicacy, the likelihood is too salty, likely also the flesh too essence of life. The following day in the morning also is to eat a zhongzi. Come home in the evening transient, see her wrap the person more of the zhongzi, woman of a Shanghai and granny crouch on the ground together, custom-built flesh zhongzi. Every wrap to specify that meat in the basin with pointed finger even. “This this… that that… ” choose fat to be put in. Look my eye get angry. Of Shanghai woman astute the degree that reached to disregard face, give little money, gas shows cheek makes, in the street fie-fie, really lamentable.

I imagine the red jujube Zong in the center is in that way melting, did not sell regrettablly, granny says to have candied date or jujube, 1 yuan. I ask her you put a few candied date or jujube to go in, her pop eye says is of course. Still put a few, put rice of so much candied date or jujube where to put to go. Hey, it is cost of candied date or jujube obviously tall. I buy 3 to eat eat look. Also be to arrive home to put a bag to eat. Bit several eloquence to bite a candied date or jujube, be rice zhongzi clearly. Also do not have method, want 1 yuan of money only, namely such. The fellow says to want to eat much, let me buy candied date or jujube to let her wrap…

Awake in the morning on Sunday, want to wrap a zhongzi very much very much, I miss Zong Xie Piao’s sweet time, miss a lot of zhongzis boil in caldron readily sweet gentle in the home. In one’s childhood I often wrap a zhongzi, I am the heart as a child deft, and love works, the family is to be forced to wrap, only I am overjoyed bag zhongzi. After marrying, mix mother-in-law most talk about those who get hold to cook namely result. Have talk one year happily in the phone, her a respectful form of address for an old person is promoting a few jins of fresh pork on Sunday, bought leaf of a few Zong that fold palm to come to my home by fair car. Within an inch of also did not carry polished glutinous rice. I and mother-in-law wrap fleshy zhongzi together, I am new-style square Zong, the mother-in-law wraps bound feet Zong, two individual matches, everybody refuses to obey who. My husband sees we are busy joyous, smooth go out to hit Sinuoke, the daughter does meeting homework, smooth come out to look. She also is to start work the girl with very strong capability, I let her wrap, learn to be met.

I want to wrap a zhongzi, ask husband is good? He is informal I. The daughter says to there is a zhongzi to eat all the year round in the school, also be disinclination. I want to go presumably, if wrapped one caldron, to who to go eating? It is good that the fellow says to sell them for fun, do not sell of course. Send to the mother-in-law? A few can she eat? Like estimating she and me, the idea that includes a zhongzi has the idea of the zhongzi by force too. Alas… how is present people carried so do not remove spirit to come? What had, can obtain easily, who still cares about a process? And the anxious mood that why I am reluctant to leave that to cannot buy Zong page so, the day of admeasure of polished glutinous rice, when pork eats not to rise. Most most those who be reluctant to leave is there is that outsize pot on gas burner, inside replete the zhongzi with the green delicacy that I wrap with one’s own hands, water left, zong Xie Piao is sweet, fire shuts small, boiled slowly…

As a result I buy Zong leaf, polished glutinous rice, red jujube, candied date or jujube and fresh pork without next buildings, went very quickly without a day when the zhongzi wraps.

I am really foolish, write here, tear flows actually. I am really foolish!

(this article was last year old make, break up to look, year answer a year, zhongzi complex as before, affix will be shared with everybody)

Bag zhongzi spot (after the article has been written, still wrapped a zhongzi in a weekday)

The kitchen talks about a 1

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I am old shareholder, the left and right sides began to make a share 1992, come back from Japan at that time, there are a few spare cashes in the hand, have the look of some of large family quite. Shop no longer argy-bargy, senior trader mansion in and out, he Niuniu two people are weekly outside eat. The friend comes over to persuade my sortie stock market, I also am be unemployed is in the home faineant go stock exchange Zhang Zhang, take out 1000 yuan of 5 money to ask a friend to help later buy a share, who knows one and again again and 3 saying is to was not bought. It is so difficult to buy a stock to have? I do not believe, did a piece of card to begin field of sortie A stock market with respect to oneself.

The result that I make a share is bad, belong to very not devoted play play character. Before a few years bovine city and Xiong Fu add in the likelihood just is pulled smooth just. But do a stock to let I like and in a way understands a bit economy, I see the trend that the country develops, dope becomes a writer is destined to want to be complained dead to death thoroughly. I myself should save myself. After having field of B stock market, the Id that I lent Hong Kong the person (do 7 do 8 had forgotten) went handling account, average the land home mouth of 10 thousand U.S. dollor, also be friend introduction, he says, you valued this 10 thousand U.S. dollor, can become a lot of, can send a daughter to go abroad later read.

The stock market is to have charm very much really. Her pa is to be 10 years ago by me of drag sb into the mire, now we two besides Liao Niuniu, what must come a little most is a stock. Hit the mouth to battle having an in part is for it. I discover, stock diction has martial imposing manner very much, what K line, general trends, go tall to go low, collapse dish, harden, behead storehouse, kill drop to be waited a moment etc, how martial and bright and clear and concise, strong, do not know the United States than those literary diction how many.

This big ox city, I also am participated in among them, achieved a few earnings, spirit is quite contented. Do not mix by the joy that thinks with rich guest the friend in shares me depressed. From time to time write a few, good theme offers everybody to consult. Do not know can amused?

The old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest that I often spoke of yesterday afternoon comes my unit plays, those who search is my colleague. I come in from outside, the man like seeing aperture of a face resembles a steelworker swarthily sits over to chat with the colleague, throat touchs those who touch noisy the sort of. They did not introduce to me, my this person is the heart sex of judge people with their appearance, do not have pay attention to so they. The student that calls in with talked to another room.

Just know later, so my entertain an angel but unaware, with just miss the opportunity of old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest. I should thank old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest face to face a few, should go buying cold drink to eat to him, should light cigarette for him… most should is consult just a little to him even. The method is different do not be seek, the word is not congenial half many, some people are self-righteous, the holiday petties really chastely, and a little true person is not shown, integrity is worth homage loftily. Knowledge person needs time and experience render really.

Old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest says, do not buy a share recently. The good share in the hand also does not want get off one’s hands easily, he reckons this week still belongs to safety, but go up strong come to be able to have very intense concussion high newly later. After the explore below deepness, good share is everywhere, collect casually. The friend listens to the day room that he recommends to develop to was not cast all the time, firm firm ground earned one ticket, and I did not decide force, see Xiaoli and remove, regretful.

Just look dish, I feel 4300 a little bit remittent to be attacked repeatedly, digest gain profit chip is meddlesome, be afraid of be afraid of go all the way, crisis conceal. Anthology too important, buy should listen to old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest, cast still listen to oneself.

Salad 4 (newest dedication)

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Follow cameraman to take his work today, choose a few paste to stick. The practice was not told more, see what meet. Tuna salad. This bowl of girl giving girl was eaten off later, she says, put sauce of so much salad to work ah! Fruit salad Cheng Zaibai among orchid melon. This dish becomes n/COL the head of a family salad in dining-room of a tea unexpectedly, 22 yuan price, go after sth like a flock of ducks of young young person, be laughed at dead by me.

Also be fruit salad, trade a place, in filling mango. Very big mango was not bought in haste yesterday, only a bit smaller, dug that nucleus to expend setbacks one time. There is pineapple, apple, banana, Gou to lose in the fruit (the word cannot be found) , mango… be to be put in windowsill arsis

This also is tuna salad, sauce of mixture salad of dolly of tuna of coal tub outfit piles above, when eating, mix

This is my workbench, this morning but tired bad me, driving even go going to work.