The kitchen chats 3

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Zhou Wu stock market drops greatly, it is expected issue formerly, this appearance pulls be locked in a seesaw struggle to curium is force advocate the picture that adjusted person is willing to see

Fund also is blast passes, go up high go dropping again come down, make the person that regrets formerly glad to rise

Acoustical hoarse force calls a person to buy absolutely blue chip, but the person that average goes to always is the whisper goes up too slow, had come to congenial place, making the move of fine civilian however, nondescript

Old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest says, blue it is good of course to prepare, I am not bought of course

The ST Zhou Wu that I buy closed one day, in fear and trembling making a person, zhou Yi leaves come out not to know view having what. Outstanding achievement is not poor won’t somebody comes integrated you, but if old man just says,just refuse not acknowledge a debt, how?

I just watch economic stage news everyday, turn over those who turn over evening paper judge, two when see me like female a Pan Min that judge the home beautiful what to say with Zheng 旻. I look not to come financial forms for reporting statistics, can open negotiable securities software only, input number, look that day curve, look to publish news by a F10, look to there are a few red lines now by a F5 again a few green lines, it is low that head cock will return went? Just learn to be on software business share, honest too convenient and quick, very bad, I am the person of an easy impulse. Without how many money oneself are fortunately OK by do sth over and over again.

Still can treat Sohu rich customer of Xie Baisan every week, listen to him to analyse general trends, let the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in the heart. Discover passenger of rich of Sohu of a Wang Zhijiang again, seem also pretty is good. Laozun’s program is pounded sizy too knot rod, half many hour sees a bit results also be done not have. The male honored guest that he often calls a Wang Rongkui of two surnames king a Wang Ronglin will tell, two awful are tongue-shy child, two stammer! ~   #% … * listens person tooth root is urticantly, want to go mad. Allegedly Neimengwei inspects what had had every night judge, I had not looked.

Arabia shredded tobacco for water pipes and cigar box

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Girl girl gives father’s gift, it is box of a cigar. A lot of places moved round to just be bought in the United States. A few smoke were done to be smoked to father with one’s own hands before girl girl is faced. Girl girl is confused suddenly went up Arabia shredded tobacco for water pipes, distributors is checked on the net, bought in Shanghai. This is one confuses you model crock of shredded tobacco for water pipes, cut tobacco has a lot of variety, it is a fruit mostly model, the flower is sweet model. I try, pretty is sweet, more comfortable, also meet what choke wears not carefully nevertheless.

Day type boils bit of a few measure

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Day type boils the article of the dot to had been stuck before, stick a graph to see regard as way, very easy, everybody goes having a try.

Dried scallop is the Shang Yong that make a copyImportant is certain put dried scallop element evenPiscine cake and Zhu Lun. Still can put Gong Yuan, bean products and egg. Remember the onion that puts white, red meeting incarnadine soup, shang Seqing is very important. Water quick-boil is used after still carrot and white turnip want to had been cut, rinse again, go turnip flavour, so that suck sufficient Xian Shang.

Want to eat hotly. Dip in maize mustard.

The feigned life of yellow Mei Tian

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Day of Shanghai yellow plum is one of climate of the worst on the earth, when raining, cover tightly, arrive frowzily let you be enraged nevertheless fully, when raining wet, hectic fever, heat up so that the growl in your heart neighs. I often sympathize with the ground indefinitely to look at 9 fish in aquarium, their float pants desperately to surface, the life hangs a gleam of, occasionally one cruel-hearted, plunge into fierce child revolt, useful? Did not use, what you face is nature, this is destroyed by the mankind, shelter without effort again, apply favour and your day lord without the mood.

But, the person still gets subsist, endeavor even family with cool and refreshing. I do not do a fried dish as far as possible, not be evaporate is boiled namely, most is cold and dressed with sause. The salad of mud of onion tuna potato that made Helen teaching yesterday. The simple way of potato mud imitates a traveller, very good really make, want to take a picture, discover camera is absent. But flavour is however dare not flatter, her pa also shakes his head, perhaps be me white vinegar is put too much, perhaps be me the salad that makes at ordinary times is too delicious ~ ~

The river shrimp that buys work does drunk shrimp, the abdomen place of seed shrimp is really tender, bead bead small seed honey is sweet, use a tongue to lick, resemble fall asleep rural area like. I eat ah eat, readily a shrimp, slightly one close lightly spits a whole shrimp case, shameless oral cavity temperature is really high, that pitiful cyan shrimp just blinks to become pink shrimp carapace to come out, of posse bright glutinous cream fat condensation supports to go up in the tip of the tongue, of tottering…

Summer, the appetite of her pa is so good still, in the heart very envy and hate dare not speak out however, the someone looks your hint given with the eyes by what, is the family the long-term hired hand of the meal that eats you? Know him to be gotten without lampblack operation hunger by me confused, sent grace, decoct little yellow croaker eats to him. This kind of which weather still opens the season oily boiler! Not be of course!

I have a cummer to once was by my mock feigned, a lampblack machine was not taken off in her home, decoct fish is cap of the cold oily lid that put a fish firings, when searching an area, flameout turns over answer lid. Right now not by my be suddenly enlightened, imitate her way. As expected which, a bit lampblack in the kitchen also is done not have. What I use is not to stick boiler, on the lid is transparent vitreous boiler lid. Her pa saw great rejoicing, as if summer eats everyday panbroil hairtail hopeful of little yellow croaker, I am to give a supercilious look him of course — think beautifully! Dry decoct exposes to the sun bloat little yellow croaker uses cooking wine of salt and black pepper, ginger and little gourmet powder beforehand, souse after 3 two hours OK decoct, I like to use dry flour amylaceous perhaps touch in two sides in a way of the fish, in that way the fish is met more quite draw together, fragile.

The person is to live more feigned more, without method.

Like this bowl of bean curd

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Delicate lunch ate in Shanghai balance guesthouse

This bean curd is extremely delicious (it is it is cheap to deserve to eat only that I am like) , those who use is bright soy of United States pole irrigates juice, basically be the container variety that makes bean curd good-looking, the Beijing green silk that puts above, still have bright Bess.

Congee of this bowl of white crab is very delicious also, let oneself flavor, have those who break is fragile piece, pepper, sesame oil, caraway… white crab must buy work, when congee has been burned quickly, put, crab stripping and slicing.

The kitchen chats 4

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Today is lunar end it is on the weekend, this was destined is a gloomy day. The stock market dropped 3820 a little bit, as if drop without can drop, also had arrived the dot that the anticipation that judge the home arrives and a lot of people do not believe. Bovine city drops greatly the nerve that needs person adamancy goes bearing, the person that evacuate goes to beside is done not have almost, so the quantity of grail also is maintained in low, the drill of the orgnaization dish the hand is hit pressure will hit press, still get oneself to raise the sedan to moment come. Everybody should have made the preparation of small gain, before stock market or else may resemble a few months, do not go up wildly to fall only euqally, slow ox is good.

Did not write, come home. The stock market drops, the mood cannot drop, go buying a dot to go deliciously.

Humble abode in the home

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Girl girl decides what go by the month formerly, want defer now a month, the professor asks her to do bit of business in Shanghai, with American chummage a month gives 1500 yuan when change plane ticket submitted an expense account. Listen to our girl girl to exchange views with the professor in the phone, feel rational of this child conversation has a red-letter day polite, make I and her really pa is looked at with new eyes, no wonder professor is very tall to her evaluation, next semester gave scholarship.

Girl girl reduces weight successfully 5 kilograms, restore Shanghai belle again, she is cock-a-hoop. The friend is sent at the same time in the United States wish, one of the United States transmits a picture, saying is to rely on motion to decrease, however a bit effect also is done not have, girl girl guffaw unceasingly. Before her two days go alma mater attends the commencement, took the picture that wears bachelor to take, sister of 3 iron in former dormitory goes straight towards a thing each now, a country of a Japan of an United States worked. When eating disband meal, male fellow student cries lachrymal person, female classmate is not bad however, face new life, still perhaps be girl flexibility a few stronger.

Weather is honest too hot, somebody is invited invite Hangzhou and black town, think that poison sun, declined. Took the advantage of yesterday rain cool tantivy goes to a press taking ” kitchen of aperture a form of address for one’s wife ” royalty, will go the taxi makes be less than, going to see a movie in the evening that day also is, see half movie only, look humbling abode only is the rightest.

The Aoliao that does girl girl to bring back in the morning suckles aspic, aspic is now in freezer, those pink make a desert very convenient really. The girl of Shanghai likes to learn to do confect very much, cake, small biscuit gives his sweet heart, the meeting is very romantic. This kind of homebred thing in the supermarket is developed less, I feel to have very big market.

Redemptive very thick cabbage mustard, scald of the brine after husking, put into putting water on the ice, dip in next the sesame oil that eat sauce. The countryman that sells food says, do not understand previously have this thing, also can eat now, really delicious. Plant such dish, green vegetables of economic value ratio is close friends much.

Girl giving girl did her to think eating dish meal, because of undeserved season, did not buy careless head, also do not have asparagus lettuce leaf, those who use is green vegetables, girl girl protest is insipid. Called her to daydream in the middle of the night again, think eating lucky dumpling soup, of stuffing of salty yoke pork, saying is flavour careless. Of taste considering country is in that way, imagine is very good, it is defect is in self-pity actually, those who need solace is the distance that that paragraph of Yao cannot reach only.

Girl girl is in Shanghai

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Girl of summer vacation girl is in Shanghai today, seemed to be brought up, seem to do not have grown appearance again. Paste 2 pieces of photographs that pass her accredit.

Sweet foot of acerbity aspic pig

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The Tokyo night life in saying I am remembered and pig foot are together repeatedly, it is to want by ” small endowment ” MM is bungled dead, the watch is urgent, listen to say again.

The night of Tokyo is brilliant late, the job arrives also is of course in the middle of the night. Build the end class subway 12 o’clock to come home, often empty stomach rumble, after getting off then, call to make an appointment with the meet and discuss of Korea arrange inn beside subway station with husband, elder brother. The store of arrange of a Korea with new well the largest apothecary is not had in year cease, wide inn hall is Western-style table and day type banquet confused is shown, resemble a factory like, have a lot of bulky chimney ” rumble grand ” the smoke platoon that the ground risks the barbecue on the table is gone to outdoors.

Japanese drinks much, the appetite that have a meal is small, japanese arrange the portion is very small, delicate and beautiful be nature, sit over king of a big stomach was added add again, be a hard job to money not only, face also has some be impassable. So I like to go to that running confused Korea arrange store very much, let go put a foot bold and generous ground eats full.

Cold food is pickle of certain point Korea, sweet foot of acerbity aspic pig. Dock-glass freezes beer on draft comes up, heavy is raised come with respect to fill, the hand catchs pig foot chaos to gnaw. Sweet color of skin of acerbity pig foot is glittering and translucent, look quietly elegant of colour and lustre, accessary dishful red creams the sauce of shape, dip in to bite the entrance to taste thick, acerbity sweet hot.

Korea barbecue is delicious, can speak of Korea barbecue up to now, in my brain the first those who jump out is sweet foot of acerbity aspic pig. Ran regrettablly the Korea arrange inn of a few Shanghai did not find it. Miss start work make, the ungual method of foot of flooey bittern pig that with everybody actually summer has is about the same, just need sweet, acerbity, hot reach the designated position.

Duration of foot of the pig that stew masters very crucial, stew cannot too sodden, rotted did not chew a head, too good word, the muscle pliable but strong of hypodermic face resembles cowhide muscle like, it does not get do sth to a person. Pig foot wants to be washed repeatedly, after be being washed neatly, mire twice with boiled water, put ginger piece conflagration to be boiled, with small fire stew, it is good that stew must be entered with chopstick jab to pig foot skin. Take the advantage of heat to be put into the juice that white vinegar, white sugar, chili water, fine salt makes then, flood completely. Such dip arrive one day a long time, after waiting for flesh of flavour infiltrate through, turn into the cold storage inside freezer again.

Buy in the supermarket bottled ” acerbity acid is sweet it is you ” touch touch sauce, the hand catchs busy of pig foot roll to dip in full acid is sweet sauce, identify needle allowing claw to fill up thick flesh, the muscle of pliable but strong of crural lever pliable but strong, the tine that use a needle comes down their get rid of rapidly, coil to chew into the mouth, strength of Diao Diao of pliable but strong is very full, xian Dudu 1000 turn 100 times, mood extreme is cheerful.

“Think of rice contest… think of rice contest (Japanese, call a clerk. Hard interpret is to I am sorry) ” , wait for us loudly such after two make one’s rounds cry, the clerk that grinds dillydally loiter to hitting yawn just bloat with all sorts of condiment such as mashed garlic, wine, sauce a basin carries steaky pork of the bovine tongue of be soiled, mutton chop, pig, vegetable, furnace also flourishing. We ” grow grow ” the side side that bake eats, go up again boiler of a stone mixes meal, oily thin pancake of a green, belly eats rounded. Two male one female be perfectly satisfied, chewing chewing gum both hands to be swung Laogao, spill shake all the way like the skin come home.

Bittern of pig foot flooey is interesting, braise in soy sauce is pretty good, the Shang Yi that boil is beautiful. You think, expensive if coagulate,get skin commonly for the belle fat, greasily of pig ungual skin is stuck, boiling boiling water with soya bean is superior beautiful Yan Pin.

In buying water of bubble of Chinese rhubarb beans, go up, crural claw boils decontamination water, again abluent, add wine of water feed in raw material and ginger, in after soya bean is boiled into, changing small fire stew. For flavour more full-bodied, can add ham or bacon. Boil Shang Se thicken to show light cream color, crural claw and soya bean are crisp it is OK to rot. Ungual soup of soya bean foot must drink very hot mouth, part of a historical period of a few garlic is cut in soup bowl, fill Shangkuan widely, aroma immediately is tangy and come.

Drink fine sweat ooze goes out on the forehead, look up to look, the belle ases if be born out of and come.

“Family happiness “

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The person that fawn on is all round an emperor, he is pitiful, because listen,be less than true word.

One does not understand dress up buckish however leader, the person of fawn on is all round, she is pitiful also, because she thinks,wore very decently yesterday.

Fatigue of small be transferred to another post of a modest feel one’s way holds the post of complained a form of address for one’s wife, she is very pitiful, because she says person of true word home,be about to hit her spicily.

When having a meal, I say, 1 million families of Shanghai learn leader of office of formal spiritual civilization to phone me, hear I attend class go up very well, want to see me, should ask me… eye of magnify of on dining table two family members, hold firm chin in the palm: “What what do you say again, you are the phone did not listen, your ear is amiss, are you the dream that makes yesterday evening? ” wine of a family member is satiate, run to mat to lay down, want comical want comical, say, she goes attending class, hahahaha, formal class, hahahaha, the person with rude interpose, hahahaha, another small cluck cluck laughs: Go putting a P on her watch oh…

A form of address for one’s wife is washing a bowl, throw next bowls to run into a toilet, want to should cry, still laugh later, booth is planted to this family member, you also buy a form of address for one’s wife only, have discard only, burn only, enjoy enjoy this to plant ” family happiness ” .