[Wen Yi is making food] I love De Yun company - - - [pass the summer in a leisurely way boils earthnut] recommend to stew the coolie that boil to provide

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Went yesterday the photograph of heart cloud company is in ~ of ~ of trailer ~ ~

[pass the summer in a leisurely way boils earthnut]

Raw material: The flower gives birth to 1000 grams Chinese prickly ash 1 spoon (15 grams) anise 4 (also weigh aniseed) small fennel 1 spoon (15 grams) sweet leaf 4 salt 4 teaspoon (20 grams)


1) full leach bubble is put 5 minutes in putting earthnut in the basin, use clear water repeatedly again thoroughly abluent drop the clay above, squeeze earthnut with the hand mouth, when so that be in,be being boiled more tasty.

2) Chinese prickly ash, anise (aniseed) , small fennel and sweet Xie Fang enter tea bag bag, seal good mouth.

3) times more than earthnut clear water is entered in boiler, put makings package, enter earthnut, the cap on the lid, after be being boiled with conflagration, turn into medium baking temperature, fire involves after continueing to boil 10 minutes.

4) spill salt, mix is even the stew on rear cover after 2 hours again edible, flavour is best.

Super 啰 Suo:

** now just is the season that a large number of the flower is unripe appearing on the market, boil a few when snacks or food and drink of instantly of person giving the home pretty good ha.

When ** is buying peanut, must look clear, or hold small mouth, if discover the earthnut inside is already gemmiparous, did not buy.

** recommends to stew boiled small tool incidentally, namely below the tea bag bag in the graph, one-time, very safe convenient also, I am bought in home Le Fu, a packet 60, probably 5 Qian Zun are right, it is not quite clear to write down. Have different measurement type, you can pick bulk according to your need.

** earthnut does not eat, should put in last in freezer cold storage is saved in the box, I suggest to be in when saving, to the boiling water that enters a few earthnut that boil, when such morrow eat, flavour is thicker, and earthnut won’t desiccate, influence mouthfeel.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . . }

Say yesterday. At 6 o’clock 20 arrived company of crossover heart cloud. I live in An Zhen, take a car 803 to receive a doorway continuously so. Show at 7 o’clock 15 begin, but 40 ability entered the arena at 6 o’clock, what so you arrive is too early did not use ha.

Enjoin, if you want the word that go, had better fill up filling dot to eat, observe according to me, circumference of heart cloud company 200 meters in, thing of comestible of it doesn’t matter.

This is Guo Degang’s base area, theater of company of Beijing heart cloud, in a trail most inside. Here does not have extraordinary place, do not talk to go up what ostentation and extravagance, decorate also not very is exquisite. Say honest, just arrived when, I feel to hold out disappointment, in my impression, calculating here is not resplendent and magnificent, should also be of a lights brightly lit at least? But, it is so plain, so not dazzling, it is however can ” make ” comic dialogue ” regale ” place.

The will hear cross talk like those and me person that looks at a doorway to piling, I feel immediately, answered really that word ” good wine is not afraid of alley child deep ” ha.

The feeling after entering the arena is compared outside a lot of, atmosphere has so little meaning

Hold the friend’s blessing in the palm, she helped me buy the first ahead the ticket of 3 desks. My close face stuck arena quickly to go up.

Want to say old Guo Zhen is generous, entrance ticket is so cheap do not say, snacks also is the price that everybody can accept, a dish of melon seeds 5, build a bowl jasmine flower tea 10, between stanza infinite second add water to you. Nevertheless you are fastened really but interest is drunk, go up toilet not easily.

I am not to say here does not have a toilet, or inconvenience goes, however after begin, comic dialogue receives a paragraph one paragraph, outstanding one after another, you are affirmative not be willing to part with or use manages to find time on toilet.

First two programs, truth fact says, I feel general. The first program is a kuaibanr it seems that, the 2nd program, I also impression of it doesn’t matter. Truly excellent performance, after coming up from this two boy, begin. Left this child has an especially lovely name to cry ” sesame seed cake ” , hold funny in both hands to him, the crane calling Cao on the right side of is in relief, voice manner raise one’s hand is cast sufficient, very the Wang Wei that resembles traffic stage. I always feel this child will be sure the meeting is famous henceforth.

This two did not say, in every case knows heart cloud company, with the end of division of a few entertainment that has seen Beijing table, know who they are. Amuse the Xu Deliang of funny, the old gentleman that holds funny in both hands is Wang Wenlin.

The ear on Xu Deliang ear is nailed, it is to sitting for the first middleaged female comrade, shake an eye quite indeed.

The friend says, the show of heart cloud company, wrist bigger, come on the stage later. Then I looked yesterday this, cao cloud gold and Liu cloud day should are press an axis ha. If catch the show that has Laoguo, do not know he presses large shaft.

These two said one hour fully, of course, include to return ha. The show ended partly at 10 o’clock. On taxi the way home, chat with driver master all the time, he also is a Guo Degang comic dialogue confusing, has listened Duan Zi is greater than me.

I am excellent when getting off, say with him ” thank, adieu ” . He answered I am one sentence, let me feel times if kissing ” later De Yun company sees ” , ~ of growl growl ~

Once thought one ticket seeks the cross talk of heart cloud company hard all the time, the likelihood because their wrist big, I feel to should rise in price, should not buy, but actually? What think with me is completely different. It doesn’t matter of comic dialogue fare changes, the phone is booked can buy. According to the position different fare is divided one 20, 30, 40 differ. Upstairs balcony, balcony 60 money, side balcony 50, cheaper than seeing a movie. But I feel, a word - - value!

If you also like cross talk, go listening, the feeling of the spot is really different. I plan to go every months later, anyway their program every day different. 100 money, child the person can be happy one in the evening, much better.

Address of heart cloud company: Armour of road of north latitude of Wai Street of front door of division of Beijing announce military

Order ticket phone: 010 - 63040912

Network address of heart cloud company: Www.guodegang.org

… … … … … … … … … … …

When arranging this rich settle or live in a strange place in the morning, the humor is especially good, the Yu Wen that heard cross talk last night has not come loose fade. Liquidate an in part, receive mom’s telephone call, the dog dog that accompanied me 13 years left us this morning. I take a taxi immediately came home, saw him last times. I am very afflictive now. Think of his disengagement nevertheless, I am a lot of quieter also.

Did not want to talk, bad mood can be infected each other.

[Wen Yi is making food] he went, I think him very much - - - [acerbity hot lotus root is taken]

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From August 8 up to now, 5 days. Did not update all the time, did not make food, did not take course, did not get online, did not laugh.

8 that day, he went, he what accompanied me 13 years, as a family. His leave, the heart that lets me is in instantly hold tight became posse. These year come, the person of neither one close kin ever had left me, let me experience the sort of what wind a day feebly is helpless.

I still must explain, otherwise you can think by accident, he is my family. He, be come to my home greatly from 3 months, till 13 years old of dogs that just leave. But I never am in charge of him to had made a dog! His name is ” ablaze ” , I insist to allow everybody style all the time his name.

Actually, also do not have necessary explanation, he is in the heart of I and family, in our life, it is a family. Come 13 this years. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . Feel sorry, write no less than going to, want to remove him only now, I still meet those who do not stop to cry, do not stop remember a lot of things. Dare see his photograph and kinescope far from. I also do not come home, I very be afraid of after opening the door, the sort of silent static, fall for nothing falling feeling, more be afraid of in same a space is medium, the certain illusion between Shan Nianzhi.

I want to had done not have the person of this kind of experience, the likelihood is very fathomless my present mood.

Saw a lot of netizens leave a message to mine, thank you. 5 days went, I think my have nothing to do, but when taking a walk, see other dog dog skips the appearance that will jump, still be very sad in the heart. This wanting that write a thing to commemorate him, but write no less than going to really. That calculated, did not carry temporarily.

Someone says, each departure dog, the rainbow bridge that run to leads to heaven. Be true? That is too good.

Return somebody to say, if have lot, he is met again reincarnation comes to your home. Hey, perhaps he can come along with small melon, yes?

More someone says, the small melon that gives future has a pet name first, cry ” ablaze ” . Ah, good, so decided! No matter small melon of future is male,be female, cry ablaze ha.

Let my delay two days breath out, again delay two days, we catch deficient ~ ~

[belt of acerbity hot lotus root] - - additional recommend[chop any of several hot spice plants fries lotus root to take]

Raw material: Lotus root takes 500 grams Red any of several hot spice plants 5 ginger 8

Condiment: White vinegar 1 spoon (15ml) saline 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams)


After lotus root belt is put into water to immerse 5 minutes abluent, the area that be like lotus root is wider, can raze is cortical (delicate lotus root belt is needless) . Go cortical hind bubble enters clear water in, lest contact oxidation with air,blacken.

2) take lotus root inclined the flake that cuts 5 millimeter (delicate lotus root takes usable hand direct nip off, mouthfeel is much better) . Ginger section, red any of several hot spice plants is abluent wipe moisture.

3) boiler burns heat to pour oil, wait for oil 7 when becoming heat, put red any of several hot spice plants and Jiang Pian to explode sweet, break up into lotus root belt after frying 1 minute, transfer into white vinegar and saline mix are even, the cap on the lid uses stew of medium baking temperature 1 minute, conflagration turns to break up after opening fry half minutes can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** lotus root is taken, it is the lotus root of teenage times, such saying, does understanding rise quite easily?

This lotus root takes ** is sent from Hubei mail, have carry out according to inspecting near future of the market in new source, but the capacity is not much.

If ** can buy delicate lotus root tape, the nip off that use a hand feels much better than using knife cut.

** fries lotus root belt to need not impose gallinaceous fine, gourmet powder, because the taste of itself is very little. Fry additionally make time scarcely want too long, otherwise lotus root takes mouthfeel to age, lose fragile tender mouthfeel.

** cannot buy lotus root tape, can replace with lotus lotus root, slice, with same way, it is acerbity hot lotus root piece ha.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . . }

[video cookbook of Wen Yi] - - - [fragile fry silk of pumpkin asparagus lettuce]

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[fragile fry silk of pumpkin asparagus lettuce]

Advocate makings: Pumpkin

Complementary makings: Red any of several hot spice plants, asparagus lettuce, black agaric, chicken, green, ginger

Condiment: Salt, gourmet powder, pepper, amylaceous

Cook a method:

1, pumpkin, asparagus lettuce, will red any of several hot spice plants cuts silk, after chicken cuts silk, the bath that use Qing Dynasty accuses to do moisture completely, join salt, pepper, amylaceous agitate even;

2, cross pumpkin silk boiled water scald to be ironed take out, sit boiler ignition is oily, put chicken silk to slip fry take out, put silk of ginger of silk of silk of pumpkin silk, asparagus lettuce silk, red any of several hot spice plants, agaric, chicken, green to break up again fry, add salt, gourmet powder to flavor can.

[video cookbook of Wen Yi] - - - [saline crisp pignut]

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[saline crisp pignut]

Advocate makings: Pignut

Complementary makings: Qing Gongjiao

Condiment: Wine of pink of salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, soy, vinegar, the five spices, music

Cook a method:

1, water is added in boiler, put a few salt, burn when be being controlled to 80 degrees, irrigate in pignut, after immersing 5 minutes, shuck the skin;

2, salt is put in boiler, small fire fries 2-3 minute, to fire closes to join pink of the five spices to mix after color is ashen divide evenly is taken out reserve;

3, take a bowl small, join Qing Gongjiao attune of salt of circle, Jiang Mo, white sugar, soy, vinegar, gourmet powder, the five spices comes juice;

4, sit boiler ignition is oily, pignut cool oil leaves boiler, drive ceaselessly break up fry, turn small fire fly into rage comes golden, fish out boil joins alcoholic drink of a few music, salt of the five spices is spilled after air is cool, or mix condiment juice edible all but.

[Wen Yi is making food] - - - [tomato fries cowpea] totle drilling cost is less than dish of 2 yuan go with rice

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After knowing after I am enough also, become aware.

Very long later, namely after a few years now, I ability ascertain understands at the outset ” 7 days of 7 channel ” a flower. No matter what do you see, no matter what do you hear, no matter what are you experiencing. . . .

Yuan, one of compere that I like most. She grows, do not have a law to do compere absolutely by constant manage, sound also advantage of it doesn’t matter, angle is too subjective, select material indeed additional kind. But she is destined to succeed, because she is mixed,her group respects everybody.

Once in the program, without the conjecture of look on sb’s trouble with indifference, without commanding view and emulate, that is a kind true equal really, it is very few somebody, more never mention it the horizontal perspective that TV worker can accomplish. Clear everybody has his idea, pack the balance on bag as gathering up, the weight of the thing is same.

The sound of uncle aunt should listen, see they get meal of not feel like eating urgently, when resembling looking at get angry of oneself father mother same good-tempered show sympathy. The sound of little male girl should listen, do not go the small mood that disclose captures them, let oneself be faced synchronously at the outset those oneself also consider as extremely big problem.

Do not comment on, fasten an action, do not give a definition, than what genuine company is occasionally touching. Making food also is to breath out. A certain program makes me be detested extremely, will say with the audience on ” today, I teach you to do a × of × × × , take out paper notes to come down rapidly ~ ~ “

× (omit here a word) , do you think who you are?

Had turned the head will want, I am enough also 2. Sit before TV, sit beside board, another when sit in computer, sit in a lot of a lot of places, on the mouth can of caustic, I caustic. On the mouth cannot of caustic, in the heart also a run on a bank passed. What do this show? Besides 2, still have dilettante, of course, besides dilettante, still have more weak points.

Actually, without any person, a word is funny. If you feel others is funny, mere because, you think your standing room, have the life of others of right look down at.

Each days each years, someone is crying, laughing, in life, in sweetness.

Each days each years, somebody is being decorated, buying a shoe, in checkout.

Each days each years, somebody discovers the truth, resolutely of definitely - - grow.

[tomato fries cowpea] - - totle drilling cost is less than dish of 2 yuan go with rice

Raw material: Cowpea 250 grams tomato an egg 4 valve of 3 garlic

Condiment: Teaspoon of cooking wine 1/2 (3ml) soy 1/2 teaspoon (3ml) saline 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams)


What grow into 3 centimeters is cut after 1) cowpea is abluent paragraph. Tomato is abluent cut agglomerate. Garlic is patted medicinal powder.

2) egg break up, transfer into cooking wine and little rinse, mix is even.

3) boiler burns heat to pour oil, wait for oil 8 when becoming heat, enter an egg, with scoop the fast agitate that draw a circle is worn fry, after been fry, fill from inside boiler piece reserve.

A few oil is entered again in 4) boiler, oily 7 when becoming heat, pour cowpea to break up fry 2 minutes, put tomato to fry 1 minute again, drench a few rinses, put pat the garlic that scatter, the cap on the lid, use stew of medium baking temperature 4 minutes or so.

After 5) opens lid, drench soy, transfer into salt, pour the egg that has fried, change conflagration to break up fry 1 minute, the juice that need boiling water works slightly can involve fire.

Super long-winded:

When ** scrambles egg, transfer into in the egg fluid toward break up a few cooking wine, can the fishy smell of purify egg. Add a few water again, as a result of the action with water separate oil, can make the egg becomes soft tender.

** pours egg fluid into boiler after oil is hot, with scoop the fast agitate that draw a circle is worn fry ripe, fry the egg that go out so very tender. And after waiting for an egg to finalize the design, cut again medicinal powder.

** always makes food with parched egg, after must have been fried in other course and putting salt, will scramble egg again cook again. Egg very admit saline taste easily, if be put first, the flavour of the egg is met very salty, and summary delicacy flavour is not worth other course.

** comes with tomato stew makes cowpea, the flavour of acerbity acid can make cowpea more tasty, cooperate the flavour of garlic again, do not have what to say, fill rice ha.

** the cost of this dish, I must say, cowpea 5 wool, egg 1, tomato 3 wool, hey, totle drilling cost does not exceed 2 Qian Ha.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

[video cookbook of Wen Yi] - - - [fish of crucian carp of turnip taro evaporate] (include practice of fabaceous Chi sauce)

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[fish of crucian carp of turnip taro evaporate] (include practice of fabaceous Chi sauce)

Advocate makings: Crucian carp fish

Complementary makings: Bai Luobo, taro, caraway, green, ginger, garlic

Condiment: Chi of salt, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili, beans

Cook a method:

1, crucian carp fish abluent surface cuts beautiful knife, a place of strategic importance enters Jiang Pian, drench on cooking wine souse 10 minutes, white turnip silk adds salt to bloat 5 minutes;

2, put fabaceous Chi into frying pan, dry fry take out mincing, oil is entered in boiler, powder of garlic of ginger issueing green explodes sweet, join Chi of dry chili, broken beans, add soy, salt, white sugar, sesame oil, fry sweet hind refrigeration reserves;

3, taro piece put dish floor, put fish of the Bai Luobo that has bloated, crucian carp again, add fabaceous Chi sauce, put the evaporate after water of a pot for steaming food leaves 10 minutes, give boiler to scatter on silk of ginger of caraway, green, burn the Chinese prickly ash below oil drench after scamper is sweet go up in piscine body can.

[video cookbook of Wen Yi] - - - [cole of Beijing type boil in water for a while]

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[cole of Beijing type boil in water for a while]

Advocate makings: Rape

Complementary makings: Leaf of ham, fragile bean curd, wild rice stem, Chinese toon, green, ginger, garlic

Condiment: Salt, gourmet powder, soy, white sugar, balm

Cook a method:

1, rape abluent from the incision intermediate, pat with the back of a knife blade, add salt to bloat 2 minutes;

2, take a bowl small, put powder of green ginger garlic, soy, salt, white sugar, vinegar, gourmet powder, balm to be moved into juice to reserve;

3, sit boiler ignition is oily, put rape, ham, fragile bean curd, wild rice stem, Chinese toon to break up fry, the boil after involving fire fries divide evenly into the juice of mix up can.

[Wen Yi is making food] the dish that won’t fail - - - [Beijing green burns shrimp ball]

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This rich guest cannot continue to add a good friend, ask everybody to forgive, the reason clicks here please

[Beijing green burns shrimp ball]

Raw material: Bright shrimp 300 grams Green Chinese onion 2 Garlic 3 valve Ginger 1 small

Condiment: Unripe take 1 teaspoon (5ml) candy 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) teaspoon of white pepper 1/2 (3 grams) balm 1/2 teaspoon (3ml) teaspoon of dry amylaceous 1/2 (3 grams) saline 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams)


1) cut after green Chinese onion is abluent paragraph. After ginger flay is abluent, cut end. Garlic is abluent reserve.

2) will bright shrimp goes the head pares above skin, open backside eliminate to drop yarn. Put into big bowl, press mashed garlic. Transfer into unripe smoke, candy, white pepper, after mix of dry starch of balm and a few is even, souse 5 minutes.

3) after boiler burns heat, enter oil, wait for oil 5 when becoming heat, put green Chinese onion paragraph, stir-fry before stewing fries the state that delivers anxious paste slightly (pay attention to: Slightly anxious paste, not be paste is breathed out) .

4) break up into bright shrimp fry, add little water, after the body that wait for shrimp becomes red, transfer into salt breaks up fry a few times can.

Super 啰 Suo:

Green is more delicious than shrimp after this food has fried ** , be in so when choosing green, select the part of very light blue as far as possible, mouthfeel is more exquisite, and normally mouthfeel meets green leaf very hard.

** stir-fry before stewing fries green Chinese onion, show slightly anxious mushy can, not complete paste is breathed out.

** besides, this dish does not have any paying attention to item, make easily simply, unsuccessful possibility is very little very small, unless you exert all your strength fry shrimp in boiler. Cooking time is too long, shrimp flesh can become elephantine rubber is same.

** bright shrimp opens a back disclose a plan, click here to enter please

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

[Wen Yi is making food] 3 kinds of raw material, one boiler beautiful soup - - - [soup of bone of antrum of lotus lotus root]

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This rich guest cannot continue to add a good friend, ask everybody to forgive, the reason clicks here please

Setting one

~~~~~~ of grow of ~~~~ of grow ~~~~ grow

“Gargle. “Gargle..

~~~~~~ of grow of ~~~~ of grow ~~~~ grow

“Gargle. “Gargle..

“Doctor, I hear of those who see a tooth also meet a the dead. I hear of those who see a tooth also meet a the dead..

“Our hospital had never happened! “Our hospital had never happened!!

“Then you know beautiful state-owned and individual Yo stars, of baseball or hockey, his mother is

Die on stage of tooth cure cure. Die on stage of tooth cure cure..

“Oh? Be. Be..

“He has serious psychological shadow later, reject to see dentist all one’s life. His tooth situation is too bad later, just accept treatment eventually below the use both hard and soft tactics of agent and private doctor. He lies at that time here, doctor face about goes making provision, turn again come over, he had died. He had died..

“Ah ah? ? ??

“Doctor I fear a bit. “Doctor I fear a bit..

“Who lets you often be told so bloodcurdling thing! ! !!

“Oh. "Oh..

Setting 2

“Doctor, your actuating pressure is especially big, the person that faces every day is right of your grimace in pain. The person that faces every day is right of your grimace in pain..


“Whose grimace in pain? ! Have your grimace in pain only! Have your grimace in pain only!!

“Nod now medicine, breath out a bit painstakingly. Breath out a bit painstakingly..

“Do not fear pain, be afraid of only ache. Be afraid of only ache..

Thud ~~

“Wow, wow, wow! Too insipid! ! !!

“Alas. “Alas..

“Doctor you just were to use medicine to kill Azrael classics, still use get those who kill Azrael classics? Still use get those who kill Azrael classics??

(brush raise come) ” with auger! (brush raise come) ” with auger!!

I trembled.

Scene 3

~~~~~~ of grow of ~~~~ of grow ~~~~ grow

“Gargle. “Gargle..  

~~~~~~ of grow of ~~~~ of grow ~~~~ grow

“Gargle. “Gargle..

~~~~~~ of grow of ~~~~ of grow ~~~~ grow

“Gargle. “Gargle..

“Doctor, in the money that I feel I am spent today, this cup most value. This cup most value..

“Why? “Why??

“Because only this is me,use. “Because only this is me,use..

“Good, rise, gargle. Gargle..


“One thick says the dental nerve of elephant is Gong Gong is thick in the book that I read an Africa explorer, local dare be not touched, superstition can catch toothache. ” (delimit frequently delimit)


“Be, be. Your nerve also is in that way, just do not have so thick. . . . ..

“True? ! Look to me! Look to me!!


(very depressed) ” cannot look, smashed. Smashed..

Scene 4

“Doctor, this works, do you feel irritated? Do you feel irritated??

“Still go, irritated can how? Change one’s profession? Change one’s profession??

“Also be, bad to change ha, decorate also ~~~~~~ of grow of ~~~~ of grow ~~~~ grow, but not be a kind of craft. But not be a kind of craft..

“Your word is really much, should go becoming compere. Should go becoming compere..

“I am ah ~ “

“Ah, what do you chair then? What do you chair then??

“Anyhow, I am the compere with complete China least conversation. I am the compere with complete China least conversation..

“Why ah? “Why ah??

“The family does not let me talk. “The family does not let me talk..

“Ah, which have such program? Which have such program??

“I broadcast dumb language news. “I broadcast dumb language news..

“Hey, does no wonder become your hold back such? Does no wonder become your hold back such??

“You see you, can’t help amusing really, I joke with you. I joke with you..

“Are then you compere after all? “Are then you compere after all??

“Either, which have compere to repair a tooth personally ah. Which have compere to repair a tooth personally ah..

“Deficient, do accounts. Do accounts..

“Oh. “Oh..

Scene 5

"(× & ) (& of % of ¥ of % of ^^ of × ^& % ) (× … ) (… ) & × ^&^ "

“Much, much, how many money? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Doctor? Doctor??

“Altogether 4123, hind 3 hand in together, save a thing so. Save a thing so..

“Etc, you save a thing, I do not save a thing. I do not save a thing..

“You look ha, your tooth (& of × of ¥ of ^ of % of & × ^^ ) × … () + … & "

“Oh, good. But, but, but, do you know? My sister is born one child in those days just 4000, I repair a tooth also 4000, this psychology can be balanced. Are you the clinic that is not gain orgnaization? Can you borrow money? I am done not have so much. I am done not have so much..

“Cannot. You this full mouth tooth is much better, with respect to this one bad, do not repair well, had to unplug, are you willing? Are you willing??

“I remember suddenly a moment ago said you change my profession thing, actually psychological doctor also suits you quite. Actually psychological doctor also suits you quite..

“Cannot leave a person of cate every day, it is much more important to keep a tooth? It is much more important to keep a tooth??

“Ah, what circumstance? What circumstance??

“Chi fish does the beans well to breath out, my Mom still learned to make sauce of that beans Chi a few days ago. My Mom still learned to make sauce of that beans Chi a few days ago..

“Hum, hum, calculated, your make out an invoice, I have bit of thing, anxious go. Anxious go..

“Good, take a telephone call. Take a telephone call..

“Be to give me to do hit lose check? “Be to give me to do hit lose check??

“Calculated, busy your urgent thing goes ~ “

“Oh, did not joke, does that eat a lunch together? Does that eat a lunch together??

“Eat, eat, what to eat? You cannot have a meal now, sometime ha. Sometime ha..

“Oh, then I was removed ha, 88, if it were not for receives me so much money, I can say to thank a doctor! I can say to thank a doctor!!

“Alas, you hurry. You hurry..

“Oh. 88 “

[soup of bone of antrum of lotus lotus root] (3 kinds of raw material, one boiler beautiful soup)

Raw material: Lotus lotus root 2 (about 500 grams) antrum bone 500 grams ginger rinses 6 pieces 2000ml

Condiment: Salt 2 teaspoon (10 grams)


1) antrum bone chop agglomerate and abluent. Stripping and slicing of flay of lotus lotus root. Ginger washs clean section.

2) clear water is entered in boiler, conflagration heats to boiling hind, put antrum bone scald to iron 3 minutes, fish out develops float foam of the surface with clear water.

3) in putting antrum character soup Bao, one-time add clear water of quite full amount, conflagration of the cap on the lid heats to fast boiling when, open cap to be cast aside with spoon go float foam. Put Jiang Pian, in attune of the cap on the lid small fire Bao 30 minutes.

4) put lotus lotus root piece, the cap on the lid continues to use in small fire Bao 1 half hours can. Transfer into before edible salt can.

Super 啰 Suo:

Soup of chop of ** lotus lotus root, not verbiage, good drink. Chop shows gigantic nowadays expensive, I am replaced with antrum bone, the result is done, it is better to compare those who use chop Bao drink.

** this soup besides antrum bone, lotus lotus root, jiang Pian these 3 raw material, do with a few salt flavor besides, do not need to add anything again, the flavour of soup, enough already and delicious.

** is before Bao soup, bone of scald very hot antrum is OK in purify flesh blood-red, still can tighten up the flesh above, the Bao that passes 2 hours is stewed, also won’t come loose sodden.

** Bao soup must one-time enter full amount water, midway does not want to add, meet otherwise the delicacy of diluent soup is spent, if discover water is little in the Bao process that stew, must add, also must add boiled water, but taste also somewhat loss.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

The good friend laughs at the your work that fly, although be galley proof only, still be no good me excitedly, this all one’s life has not taken such picture.

By day, by day, come out rapidly, wait for you to give my repairing the picture ha!

[Wen Yi is making food] I can - - - [salad of cordate houttuynia bright shrimp]

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Alas, house leakage slants seam even overcast and rainy. Last week computer time and again in action, it is the compression on Msn first file, closed to be bothered, ceaseless still send other on-line the friend, one in action, connecting a string.

Also do not know to be rectified how later again, ” crash is become ” at a draught, cannot switch on the mobile phone. Someone says, this is character issue, the day wants absolutely me, have nothing to do with computer virus. No matter say how, be complete foster cordial relations between countries today anyway.

Computer hanged it may not be a bad idea, pass this incident, it is good to just discovered used software Avast, still installed a strange tiger incidentally 360 safe bodyguard. The friend recommends me, I recommend everybody to breath out again, what want security than that what hill that uses before me is much.

These days cannot get online, unlike previously so catch mad. Instead is relaxed and peaceful and carefree, also accordingly, looked to do not have the light reading that time sees more very much, made an appointment with a lot of idler that disappear for ages, did chore of a lot of protracted long, of course, also went out to eat a lot of seldom those who eat is delicate.

Today this dish, be go to a Beijing with the friend gigantic famous Yunnan dining-room sees, eat, acquire.

Cordate houttuynia this thing, before, I won’t be nodded, be overcome really its flavour, before others incites me to eat, I can ask normally the other side, first reconsideration of my life go off with.

I say previously, be before really, a long time ago. In those days, have a meal where, what to eat, got me to say to calculate, no matter be with family, still mix friend, whose place became wrong dish, I wish to throw the hand of the other side, estimate at that time, I feel for certain oneself times have article. And, of the dot is a few things that he can accept, do not like to oneself, do not look repeatedly.

Nowadays, should go out only have a meal, I do not choose the ground, do not order dishes, follow greater part team to go, where to walk along to fall where, others nods what, I eat what. Come down a few years, bring into contact with is very much, the thing that I do not know and the thing that do not know, it is the especially inimical flavour in my consciousness even, after the attempt that taking chopstick tottering passes, just feel, some something once originallied in him brain, hold out pull.

Feel all the time, the disposition of food and person, having a kind of concern that says to not be clear about, also do not have what theory to be able to confirm me ” great ” guess. The property of food itself, choose to alimental with everybody, include to have a way to alimental, can be in in the future, in oneself life, form an especially typical terrain distinguishing feature. Of northerner straightforward, of southern delicate, concern with food probably.

Look the day before yesterday Huang Ke is interviewed in TV, he says, “To food precisian, often have drawback of a few disposition, and the person that those what food can accept, disposition is relatively a lot of more open-minded ” . Look, do the person of running water banquet one year to 10 thousand much person, it is tall, this word puts aside me, I do not come out with respect to summary.

After-thought first time goes Xinjiang, 7 days do not eat me what do not drink, look again now, do not have me what what does not eat, looking is progress. Blemish still is had a plenty of, nevertheless, can use alimental means, silent him change of exert a subtle influence on, I should use China’s mobile advertisement word: - - - I can!

[salad of cordate houttuynia bright shrimp]

Raw material: Cordate houttuynia the 50 shrimp that overcome delicacy leaf of 200 grams mint 50 grams are citric piece 6 Ginger 2 green 2

Condiment: Salt 5 grams Olive oil of lemon juice 30ml 1 spoon (15ml) candy 2 grams (either must)


Abluent drop does 1) general cordate houttuynia, paragraphs what grow into 3 centimeters with hand clutch is small. Field mint leaf washs net drop to work. Bright shrimp goes the head opens a back, eliminate yarn (Particular way clicks here) .

2) Clear water is entered in boiler, put Jiang Pian and onion piece, conflagration heats to boiling hind, put bright shrimp scald to iron 15 seconds fish out.

3) general cordate houttuynia, field mint, lemon piece and bright shrimp are put into big bowl, transfer into salt, lemon juice, olive oil and candy mix are even can.

Super 啰 Suo:

The flavour of ** cordate houttuynia, not be everybody can be accepted, when accordingly the proposal is done to family, foretaste tries a few breathing out, lest is wasteful.

** cordate houttuynia also makes fold ear root, sound very curious ha. The method of cold and dressed with sause is the commonnest. Cordate houttuynia has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, a lot of a lot of advantage such as diminish inflammation. Unripe it is OK to feed, add bacon heat to fry very pretty good also.

** still has a kind of resemble thing that grows with cordate houttuynia, call cogongrass the root, but this is two kinds of things, did not make a mistake to breath out.

If ** can buy cordate houttuynia page, with will mix this salad also is very good choice.

Before ** bright shrimp is used, it is OK that in the boiled water that put green Jiang Pian scald is ironed purify fishy smell. The processing technique of line of shrimp of bright shrimp purify, click please enter here.

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