[Wen Yi is making food] too delicious, mad recommend - - - [black 4 chop]


This rich guest cannot continue to add a good friend, ask everybody to forgive, the reason clicks here please

Today’s gibberish, be in super 啰 Suo, besides with respect to long-winded.

Again deficient, have a try certainly this dish, too delicious. 0 mortality, and short make the same score a fast food, who does do to succeed.

But often also do not do ha, too go with rice, I ate 3 bowls today, just repaired piece sit on the chair, cannot show 90 degrees, peremptory one big obtuse angle.

My Xue is being felt, yang Liping does not eat this for certain, even if eat, also not be I have a way this, still jump otherwise what jumps, “Military accomplishment ” completely useless.

Did not say, I want lie low. ~ of 88 ~ ~

[black 4 chop]

Raw material: Qing Gongjiao of head of rose kohlrabi 1/4 stuffing of each 1 pork 100 grams Xianggu mushroom 6

Condiment: Cooking wine 1 spoon (15ml) dry starch 2 spoon (30ml)

Often take 1 teaspoon (5ml) unripe take 1 teaspoon (5ml) teaspoon of gourmet powder 1/4 (1 gram)


1) after immersing Xianggu mushroom 1 hour with Wen Shui abluent, go the base of a fruit is cut small-scale.

2) will transfer into in meat stuffing cooking wine and dry amylaceous mix are even, souse 10 minutes. Rutabaga is cut small-scale. Qing Gongjiao goes the base of a fruit goes be being cut after seed small-scale.

3) boiler burns heat to pour oil, wait for oil 7 when becoming heat, enter meat stuffing, after coming loose with scoop pressing, keep breaking up fry 3 minutes, the moisture of meat stuffing sufficient stir-fry before stewing goes out, transfer into often smoke after frying divide evenly, fill piece reserve. (at this moment some cling to boiler, will clean clean inside boiler)

4) burn the boiler with abluent heat, wait for into oil 7 when becoming heat, enter rutabaga bead and stir-fry before stewing of Xianggu mushroom bead to fry 2 minutes, put bead of black red any of several hot spice plants, transfer into unripe smoke continue to fry 2 minutes again, fry divide evenly into the meat stuffing that has fried finally, tone tasty essence can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** rose kohlrabi, I am preferred 6 reside surely, have in the supermarket commonly sell, the price is not expensive, can fry 4 times directly. And the 6 kohlrabi that reside surely are not very salty, before doing, do not need to immerse. If you are bought very salty, before doing, remember immersing 10 minutes in clear water.

** is black 3 chop are Yunnan well known dish of a the daily life of a family, I added dot Xianggu mushroom, so black 4 chop ha. Have meat or fish, have element, have bacterium, besides flavour more delicious, still can build in all in my abdomen ” harmonious society ” .

Say in some ** cookbook, after frying good chopped meat, fall into rutabaga He Qinggong any of several hot spice plants, such admittedly save trouble, but after I or proposal had fried meat stuffing, fill piece, fry rutabaga alone, the fragrance ability of such kohlrabi is fried to come out by stir-fry before stewing slowly.

** kohlrabi is salty, unripe smoke, often smoke have saline taste, because this dish does not want,put salt again.

** Yunnan still has a food, cry red 3 chop, replace rutabaga to be done with tomato, other raw material and way are same. But according to me beside ” Xiaobai rat people ” feedback, black still 3 chop are more welcome.

** this dish, raw material is simple, make convenient, low-cost, super go with rice, and unsuccessful possibility is almost 0. What should exhort exclusively extremely is, want to make this food only, be about little evaporate rice, how many to have otherwise, how much can eat off, this is my bitter history lesson.

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[Wen Yi is making food] the dish that won’t fail - - - [Beijing green burns shrimp ball]

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[Beijing green burns shrimp ball]

Raw material: Bright shrimp 300 grams Green Chinese onion 2 Garlic 3 valve Ginger 1 small

Condiment: Unripe take 1 teaspoon (5ml) candy 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) teaspoon of white pepper 1/2 (3 grams) balm 1/2 teaspoon (3ml) teaspoon of dry amylaceous 1/2 (3 grams) saline 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams)


1) cut after green Chinese onion is abluent paragraph. After ginger flay is abluent, cut end. Garlic is abluent reserve.

2) will bright shrimp goes the head pares above skin, open backside eliminate to drop yarn. Put into big bowl, press mashed garlic. Transfer into unripe smoke, candy, white pepper, after mix of dry starch of balm and a few is even, souse 5 minutes.

3) after boiler burns heat, enter oil, wait for oil 5 when becoming heat, put green Chinese onion paragraph, stir-fry before stewing fries the state that delivers anxious paste slightly (pay attention to: Slightly anxious paste, not be paste is breathed out) .

4) break up into bright shrimp fry, add little water, after the body that wait for shrimp becomes red, transfer into salt breaks up fry a few times can.

Super 啰 Suo:

Green is more delicious than shrimp after this food has fried ** , be in so when choosing green, select the part of very light blue as far as possible, mouthfeel is more exquisite, and normally mouthfeel meets green leaf very hard.

** stir-fry before stewing fries green Chinese onion, show slightly anxious mushy can, not complete paste is breathed out.

** besides, this dish does not have any paying attention to item, make easily simply, unsuccessful possibility is very little very small, unless you exert all your strength fry shrimp in boiler. Cooking time is too long, shrimp flesh can become elephantine rubber is same.

** bright shrimp opens a back disclose a plan, click here to enter please

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

[video cookbook of Wen Yi] - - - [cole of Beijing type boil in water for a while]

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[cole of Beijing type boil in water for a while]

Advocate makings: Rape

Complementary makings: Leaf of ham, fragile bean curd, wild rice stem, Chinese toon, green, ginger, garlic

Condiment: Salt, gourmet powder, soy, white sugar, balm

Cook a method:

1, rape abluent from the incision intermediate, pat with the back of a knife blade, add salt to bloat 2 minutes;

2, take a bowl small, put powder of green ginger garlic, soy, salt, white sugar, vinegar, gourmet powder, balm to be moved into juice to reserve;

3, sit boiler ignition is oily, put rape, ham, fragile bean curd, wild rice stem, Chinese toon to break up fry, the boil after involving fire fries divide evenly into the juice of mix up can.

[Wen Yi is making food] the eating with 3 article the simplest fish law - - [3 article fish is raw] I should go Chongqing

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The day wants absolutely me, yes, it is certainly. Just experienced toxic episode, fan gave trouble again last week, a computer, dash forward dash forward dash forward dash forward dash forward, with the tractor like. This week did not appear, jump urgently below the leap up on me, nowadays this days, do not have computer more anxious than it doesn’t matter.

This week of collection was over ” every day food ” the day October broadcasts a program, column group is killed again on the weekend went straight towards Longguan and Tian Tongyuan community, I went up to acquire a lot of hutch again personally with the uncle aunts that play the game art knowledge and kitchen doohickey, results quite abundant. The following of the little in every card share with everybody ha.

The report is over last week, should say this week of thing that mixes next week.

Went May Xi’an when, eat those who play readily extremely. Make the wish that issued two not to rely on chart at that time, should wade this year again Guangzhou and Chongqing. Rely on chart to let do not rely on chart to become, I must turn the desire into the plan, this not, had arranged oneself time, zhou San goes straight towards Chongqing. As to Guangzhou, a period of ten days goes to a person of extraordinary powers eating in next month. Xi’an, chongqing, guangzhou is the brigade of my 3 big cate 2007.

Desire and plan are different still, desire this thing, make normally where to put aside, become after all, see God whether be waited for see you. And the plan is to want his to fulfil.

About planning this thing, my experience is, without giving thought to important matter bagatelle, what time decides is more specific more accurate, the possibility of implementation is larger also. I say rarely ” organic meeting, sometime, next week, contact again to moment ” the word of and so on, my habit is direct and affirmatory ” time, place, character and content ” , this lets my life benefit a lot because of this. Of course, also do not eliminate to make those original want to be perfunctory my person because of this more be fed up with me.

“Does sometime come Chongqing? “Does sometime come Chongqing??

“Fasten sometime, be decided today! Be decided today!!

“Oh, that next week how? That next week how??

“Next week a few ah? “Next week a few ah??

“Hum, let me want, be contacted again to moment? Be contacted again to moment??

“Do not upright, taking the advantage of available now, come down time surely have to. Come down time surely have to..

“That, that, that, 5. 5..

“All right, I order a ticket immediately. I order a ticket immediately..

“Ah, do you come really? Do you come really??

“Help me decide a room, I and devil two people come along. I and devil two people come along..

“. . . . . . . . . ..

This is I and my teacher wander comrade the short message content last week, transferred my rich customer without agreeing. Do not have other meaning, ask for leave with everybody namely - - - I should go Chongqing.

, kiss goodbye below. Come back to see ~ ~ ~

[3 article fish is raw]3 article fish is the simplest have a way

Raw material: 3 article fish leaves of 100 Ke Yuanbai dish leaf of a violet wild cabbage 1

Condiment: Lemon juice 1 teaspoon (5ml) olive oil 2 teaspoon (10ml) mustard 2 teaspoon (10 grams) soy of United States pole 2 spoon (30ml)


1) will mix cabbage patch violet wild cabbage is abluent, cut filament, immerse 5 minutes in clear water.

2) 3 article fish cuts broken bead, transfer into the souse after lemon juice and olive oil mix are even 2 minutes.

3) will cabbage patch silk and drop of fish out of silk of violet wild cabbage do moisture, tile is on dish, put bead of 3 article fish on dish silk.

4) mustard is squeezed in pannikin, enter soy of United States pole, after agitate, take 3 article fish to touch feed can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** is fed because of wanting to be born, the proposal buys 3 article fish to large supermarket. At present 3 article fish is divided in the market kind, glacial delicacy and refrigerant. If be born,feed, best choice Norway puts fresh 3 article fish on the ice, from the time that salvages supermarket sale, do not exceed 48 hours. Refrigerant 3 article fish comes from Chile commonly, do not suggest to be born feed, but can use make food.

If ** is bought 3 article fish does not eat, can put inside freezer freezer compartment to save, before edible, take out 3 article fish freezer compartment, transfer safe defrost, the means defrost that must not use hot water to immerse is breathed out.

When ** makes 3 article fish, the meeting on hand and knife has fishy smell, after lemon squeezes juice, do not want temporarily still, brush helper and knife with useless citric skin, fishy smell of OK and complete purify.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

[Wen Yi is in gibberish] - - - [the brigade of Chongqing] 1

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I ask I am summed up with the most succinct character, to everybody’s longing.

Preliminary ~ begins: 45 autumns disappeared, everybody is in, I am very gratified! Good, greet, enter subject - - - I, go Chongqing. Hold to Chongqing hind? The first thing, stroll in the urban district of Chongqing and street alley namely, be basically to want to see market sell a site thing? Before before leaving, “Be in by day gone ” the gentleman enjoins me to say extremely, market must go, that ability can experience the flavour of Chongqing really. He still enjoins me to say, “The girl of Chongqing is especially beautiful, look twice more for me certainly ” , again second half sentence word, I did not say, lest everybody thinks my friend quality is low.

This not, just dropped a thing to the hotel, begin to stroll in market. Because,knowing is ” the family’s thing is good ” psychological cause trouble, how do I feel the vegetable that connects Chongqing compares the fresh and juicy of our Beijing? Like comparing Beijing girl fresh and juicy with respect to the girl that follows Chongqing, be? One party natural environment raised one party vegetable, just raised those people so. Bingo ~ Say really, see these fresh vegetable, I return sense of true it doesn’t matter, buy that bowl of rice in dish hand however, enunciation of my greedy conversation is not agile. A bowl of big rice, match on a bit chili to fry green vegetables, let me this covet ah.

Even if is in emancipatory tablet such downtown, often also can see carrying a carring pole to buy chili, fruit and vegetable butcher. Gong Gong’s chili is replete one a large bamboo or wicker basket, inviting ~

Rambled in emancipatory tablet near 2 hours, besides the chili with this fiery basket and simple and honest butcher, the bristly business mansion side the street and hotel, did not let me have the feeling of place oneself other place. The distinction with the true well of king government office with Beijing is not big, ramble also it doesn’t matter is strong. Have a place that makes delicious market, ate to nod acerbity hot pink at random, removed.

This back is the Chongqing club in fokelore baculine army. Before I remember coming, the friend says with me, if you are fast without what he runs, do not employ marvellous club, listening quite fearsome. Actually, they are a flock of people that have professional morality very much, of the friend exhort estimation also is gossip, perhaps have 9 bad, but also cannot one club overturn are a flock of people? State a bit, this lot toilet paper is not me.

This place look familiar? Film ” mad stone ” that arhat temple. A lot of tourists come here, because,eight Chengdu are this film. Allegedly that postern well is built, press black skin namely that well builds subjacent, every day a lot of person is lifted with its group photo, by municipal give be sealed dead, ha, estimation is afraid of those who perform actual edition.

This inn, chongqing is everywhere, thing, thief of thief of wicked thief thief is delicious. Devil can be bought every day bit, put in the hotel, waiting corruption is over in the evening after coming back, eat late at night to be breathed out again child.

Oh, forget tell everybody I live this where. I and devil come before Chongqing, the teacher helps us had decided the place that live, with respect to the Motel Mo Tai in big cliff hole 168, open a window, can see beautiful Jia Lingjiang, oh also, the United States is dead. On, return this building that can see big cliff hole, my Mom, here resembles a small town simply, whats have inside, it is that elevator, make my head big. You from the road here go, you are in 1. You go from the other a side of the road, you are in 9, I always press incorrect elevator, remittent also satisfy a craving. Hill city is hill city as expected, let me faint besides the road the head gets lost, resemble even elevator fan, up-to-date, I had not answered flavour come.

Big cliff hole is street of a cate 4. But to us these foreigner open I feel. The stuff is quite expensive. Resemble well of Beijing king government office a bit that feeds a market, the thing is not the most delicious, but phyletic and rich, the price is quite expensive.

Nevertheless, truth fact says, the line of rice of pickled Chinese cabbage that there is a store here is very delicious, anyway the place that here stays in from us is very close also, so that line of rice of this pickled Chinese cabbage becomes us,appoint breakfast exclusively two days to eat a product one after another.

Inn name, I did not remember, but the doorway is placing this thing, dirty it is dirty bit, want you to not be affectedly unconventional only, blame have a meal take an environment, that should come here to take line of rice of bowl pickled Chinese cabbage really.

This calls earthen bowl of what earthen bowl chicken, not be Chongqing is fastfood, be Le Shan allegedly. But I am not quite clear still, why to want to call earthen bowl earthen bowl chicken, inside string string, besides gallinaceous claw the one part that is chicken, don’t have the trace of any other place? This thing, in Hong Ya the hole eats, very disloyal benefit, one yuan 1 string, of course, the inn here hires affirmation expensive, price is so expensive. Flavour, I feel very general, I think I may come this Chongqing did not take pair of land. Enthusiastic netizen Grace leaves a message as follows: I am happy hill person — the origin that explains chicken of earthen bowl earthen bowl — because,be the earliest this string of bunchy hemp hot chicken piece it is to be put in earthen bowl earthen bowl (Le Shan’s person bigger feeding the basin calls earthen bowl earthen bowl) , earthen bowl earthen bowl evolved into other vessel later, and onefold chicken also was joined other all sorts of meat or fish are Lenten!

Buy to the friend in Le Fu going to the home ” week turnip ” on the road of pickles, saw this lovely girl. Hey, short message of busy hair mobile phone. China is mobile, money way boundless.

This besides idle away in seeking pleasure, still have a very important thing, it is view and emulate my teacher and Chongqing TV station ” feed in China ” column belle compere is small Canada that chairs together is marine hutch art match. My teacher, not be a general chef really, with ” Sichuan cooking ” say if Xu Dongxian of chief editor king is unripe, he is all-around stereo chef. I am translated, that is to say, he is a what can the chef of accost.

This hutch art the match, the large kitchen that basically is hotel of Chongqing star class will participate in, the raw material that dish tastes, it is the langouste that comes from Canada, snow crab, the elephant unplugs mussel, black porgy fish (cod) . Go up in this activity besides large kitchen people masterly hutch art let me open one’s eyes, return associate with a lot of a lot of friend, it is results really quite corrupt brigade of abundant.

Devil is in must take a picture to me in in front of at this moment accept as a souvenir, tell the truth, I am really irritated she, too lose time. You look below this piece of photograph, know why I didn’t sit? ~ of ~ of ~ of ~ of ~ ~ is not hemp children ha.

[Wen Yi is in gibberish] - - - [the brigade of Chongqing] 2

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Go this Chongqing, mix apparently go last of Xi’an different, it is this large-scale, have an organization, the group that has discipline is corrupt.

By the way, what take on our neck is a jasmine flower. It is 2 money it seems that a string, the doorway of a lot of dining-room has sell. Jasmine is me what like most is sweet, do not buy I am sorry oneself ah. Remember going last Suzhou, there is those who sell yulan magnolia piece in entrance of a lot of park, string will grow a string long. Jasmine and yulan magnolia, not be the flower with the sort of tangy aroma, have gentle breeze a bit, blast blast faint scent just can wave, but once be gotten in the body, feel magical to Qing Dynasty enrages bright immediately.

This one evening is corrupt on Jiang Bian’s boat, does this place call what to coming? Forgot again. Our member, if who is written down, wanting to tell me to breath out. Again a bit later, jiang Bian is big neon lamp shined with respect to this, nevertheless in those days, I eat to go up in actor’s costumes, forgot to take a picture. A lot of people say, the night scene of Chongqing, especially Jiang Bian’s night scene, even more good-looking than Hong Kong, so I leave home of choose and employ persons this word, because my wood has,have been to Hong Kong, wood has method to compare. Sit have a meal on Jiang Bian’s boat, small whiz the Buddha face of wind wind, the sort of comfortable and carefree, make me cerebrum a blank, blank goes enjoying this to be in what Beijing does not enjoy to enjoy, hey, look this language is indigent!

This dining-room, I most fish of loved carapace of fabaceous beautiful Qiao (inaccuracy is which Qiao word surely, flat on phoneticize was gotten) . This is a kind of fish that lives in the Yangtse River, the flesh is qualitative delicate, mouthfeel bright slips, the fabaceous flower inside also is long-unseen the sort of bean curd flavour, beijing is not to eat few nowadays.

Firm that fish, sweet, hemp, hot. Turnip of this rice water criterion, mellow, clear, elegant. These two dish match together, match absolutely! Still have nutrition besides mouthfeel, it is good combination.

This is bowel of young ginger goose, the accessory that I like to take an animal not quite, taste young ginger only, delicious firm.

The Jia Lingjiang of night, foiling the rainbow of big cliff hole, make me feel easy and comfortable indeed.

Be in 9, be still 6? Sacred, it is not clear that I still am done. Anyhow, a coffee that be here sit move and friend prattle, true, want to be here lifetime a bit prodigal feeling. But someone says with me, where does this ability where go to, if one day you went Chengdu, the meeting with true ability is static next hearts will visit all directions mentally, and what thing is not done.

It is downwind here 123 dining-room, every Chongqing person knows the likelihood, a very good dining-room, environmental dish formula is right, dish of all corners of the country got huge innovates here. The proprietress lets me feel very admire, allegedly downwind the predecessor of 123 ever was one takes file greatly, such build up process, estimation can write a Li Zhifen to fight history.

This is a few good friends in my Chongqing, left 1 it is an elf like the girl, study abroad from the United States come back, in emancipatory tablet all around the sweetmeats store that opened to call Kaduer, unexpectedly she comes back sweetmeats division from American flicker, took. Left 2 and left two 4 fellow that are Canadian consulate, also be to prepare this Canadian marine hutch art the fellow of the match, looking is the girl, dry rise to come alive, let me feel very sweat. I think I am a very assiduous person all the time, but come this Chongqing, see the working manner of here girls, really be inferior to from ashamed, him feeling appears in Beijing every day is spend in dawdle. Among this, hey, it is Chongqing TV station ” feed in China ” the belle chairs small wave. Regretful is, will this did not see the Qiu Qiu younger sister of Chongqing broadcasting station, hear her voice in the taxi nevertheless, the be no gooding that still feels kind.

Audience of a lot of Chongqing is very familiar to small wave, I did not introduce more. Come this Chongqing, can be acquainted with her is a kind of predeterminate lot it seems that. When having, in boundless and indistinct sea of faces, you come up against a person, there is a kind of suit one that says not to come out in the heart, that estimates even if I mix small, a kind of feeling of expression misses between small wave and me.

Dish is firm went up half, I did not have a law to pat really, too much, come a big rally. Specific dish name, I cannot remember. Smooth long flesh does not grow memory, those who say is me.

This collective activity in Chongqing, do not lay 10 people every time, this one evening we move again Shi Nashan. Before coming, the friend that has been to Chongqing tells me, nashanyi should go surely, there are a lot of delicious things over there, for instance spring chicken, piggery chaffy dish of what. The friend of Chongqing tells me, two this years spring chicken appears not very is popular, and chaffy dish or here is long fill an unabated classical.

The female classmate that this is greater part team one desk, do not know why ” fashionable cate beautiful wine ” gentleman is stingy also was mixed come in, the likelihood feels our appetite is small, cannot have how many thing, leave the room that needs him to develop very big, thing demonstration is solid, he is wrong.

Have the most authentic Chongqing chaffy dish eventually, also not crooked I practice hard old will in Beijing. Besides delicious, I do not have what to say. The thing of those rinse, besides wool abdomen, just went up desk by a head fell to go in, I do not have there’s still time to pat. Nevertheless, jump over mystery so the more, those are far from the Chongqing person of Chongqing, if you see this piece of picture, the fancy that depends on oneself, I think your saliva, than me present, want to get much Deduoha more.

Eat hemp hot, I like to have bit of sweet thing very much, it is at ordinary times such, also do not say to give a reason, appearing that in Xi’an also is to eat acerbity hot pink to eat cheese cake. This not, just, one pedestrian heads for the sweetmeats store that that elf opens, the sweetmeats here is no good deliciously, look for our bake these delicate cake division.

When elvish boss comes up division of cake of sweethearts of their this team please, everybody collectivity applauses, tell the truth, I am touched extremely. Be in China, very few somebody can be you to act according to for those on the chef of cate people applause to acclaim and be conveyed appreciate. And we had begun such doing, also hope everybody will have an opportunity to see henceforth for you absorption the person that does cate, give a few encourage and gratitude, even if be your mom, your family and your friend.

This is 2 of small shop, arrive greatly decorate, small to tableware, host kisses force to be designed to go in person, walk into here, sweet, comfortable, comfortable the adjective that wait a moment is OK of right on the face be bungled come down.

Pay attention to everybody’s sitting position please, can hold erect position without a few people. Belly solemns obtuse angle condition.

A few days eat come down, become aware burden of intestines and stomach is very heavy suddenly, the friend takes me to buy the small shop of tea of flowers and plants technically again, here sells flowers and plants tea already, also can drink tea to rest in inn chat, still can consult with merchant a few about flowers and plants tea if the common sense of collocation. I consulted the recipe of a tea that discharge poison, the first day of just in time that returns Beijing is to record ” by night story is beautiful ” extraordinary mid-autumn item, just let me learned to sell now now.

Before I am faced, bought a lot of, of poison having a platoon, raise colour, of fine body, how sleep, bright purpose still has those who treat throat, go back give a female the friend, I wish they can like. For differ answers are what inn, the address is over there, I still am written down first, lest is troublesome. Merchant, merchant, if you see my card, consider to let me be breathed out when your figure spokesman, drink tea freely 1 year can clinch a deal. Name: She loves address of house of life of flowers and plants: 908B of hole of Hong Ya of the area in Chongqing change General merchandise of far east of area of Chongqing river north loses first floor by delicate supermarket entrance A few the world come, was arranged by enthusiastic Chongqing friend a lot of delicious good those who drink, filmed photograph is not much, everybody is patchy look.

Tomorrow, I can send one note the place that I like most in Chongqing, ancient town - - magnetism implement mouth, hey, will see tomorrow ha.

[Wen Yi is in gibberish] - - - [the brigade of Chongqing] 3

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In the day of Chongqing, almost all time and all meal bureaus, friends had been arranged meticulously, have difference a little it seems that bit, slighted that friendship, hey, already as to go to those who face a Beijing before today, I just have time Mu Ming went wading the ancient town of Chongqing - - magnetism implement mouth.

Above this piece is strong-smelling preserved bean curd, delicious until editing a photograph, look at it, I still am in deglutition saliva. Tick, tick, tick, oh, did not swallow, shed clavier to go up.

Does this thing call what to coming? Import in Gu Zhengang just about instead that, I am cut with respect to of short duration call it bamboo slip zhongzi, estimation does not look to pass the public figure of Chongqing good intention of the eye again, regular meeting corrects me.

This thing, I had not seen in the place of other, “Fish of fried dough twist ” ” crab of fried dough twist ” , short sweet short sweet drop.

This is chicken of earthen bowl earthen bowl, yesterday ” the brigade of Chongqing 2 ” in, I say not to understand this thing calls earthen bowl earthen bowl chicken for what, enthusiastic netizen Grace leaves a message as follows later: I am happy hill person — the origin that explains chicken of earthen bowl earthen bowl — because,be the earliest this string of bunchy hemp hot chicken piece it is to be put in earthen bowl earthen bowl (Le Shan’s person bigger feeding the basin calls earthen bowl earthen bowl) , earthen bowl earthen bowl evolved into other vessel later, and onefold chicken also was joined other all sorts of meat or fish are Lenten!

Chongqing full street can see the small shop of pink selling ice, small perhaps go-cart. The area old of raw material glacial pink sells in the supermarket, of all sorts of taste have, it is OK to answer family expenses water to rush. In the small shop of pink selling ice, the burden of the choice is not quite identical, fruit, of dried fruit what what can be gone to it seems that inside what to put. Do not know why, I am opposite it seems that glacial pink not quite feeling hobby. The likelihood is to eat jelly to eat in one’s childhood, want to see the thing of Suo of the caky shiver that become Duo only nowadays, liver quiver.

Ha, did not think of to still can see so old recreation establishment here. This is me when most loved sport, go to Zhongshan park every time, get cruel beat, the person that has tendency of sudden huge profits allegedly likes this thing.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, ~ ~ of ~ of tick ~ ~

Strong-smelling preserved bean curd of a dish of blast should match condiment of on 7 appearance, in these 7 kinds of raw material, still do not know to condiment is combined and how many kinds are become, you say, is it not delicious?

Regret really, ate this one pannikin that day. You want the word of demagnetizer mouth, fast explosion of even if abdomen, also must taste this to breath out certainly certainly. This inn cries - - - ” Wu Zifang sweet bean curd ” .

Draw the master that candy draws, not quite friendly to me, I said a few times with him, want to take his work, he does not respond me. Also blame me not to go up, beautiful money buys not have to.

This is ” phoenix ” still be chicken, it is not quite clear that I also say.

Before the shop that this is this ancient town queue up exclusively, the inapproachable and breathtaking Chen Ma that also is team platoon was spent. Actually, what write on the board of a lot of inn in ancient town is ” Chen Ma is spent ” , but do not know why to have this family only most. Person, have from numerous psychology, where person is more, feel more reliable.

This fried dough twist is really pretty good, the tube of Tianjin people, my speak bluntly breaths out excuse me, the big fried dough twist that this can compare Tianjin is delicious. Have sweet, still have a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt, eat the crisp in the mouth extremely, and the entrance is changed already, the old person can eat. Say a honest word, of this fried dough twist and other home, come from taste say, I feel distinction is not big really. Everybody is at ease buy, short of psychogenic disorder.

Turn circle look ha, chongqing forest, I like. With when the Fu Wa that all enters, do this calculate tort?

The beans is beautiful, the beans is beautiful, the beans is spent - - - the beans of dish of Li Ji the daily life of a family is beautiful.

Have fabaceous flower, there is ladle in inn, can use a chopstick only. Want to eat with ladle, be about to buy sealed good alexipharmic dinner service, a bowl of beans spends 2 money, one formula provides 3 fund, it seems that not big be to one’s profit.

The shop sign that sees inaccessibly.

So much condiment, to serve a bowl of area? At ease.

Clang clang clang clang saliva, this or I eat for the first time inside put the Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce of hollow dish. Was opposite, the whole that I discover Chongqing cate makes standard very tall, no matter be you,eat where, what to eat, taste is good still. Not the sort of eat, think beetle-browed thing.

Come before Chongqing, n much person sends a short message to say, go it what does not eat Chongqing is OK that what does not eat Chongqing, but chaffy dish and small area must be tasted. This is small, hemp, hot, bright, sweet, bright, slippery, neat. Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce mixes small, it is 2 a bowl 5.

Xiaoshang of fermented glutinous rice is round, suit those to cannot have hot child quite.

Shrimp of sweet crisp river.

Mao Xiewang. There still is a lot of to sell the store of chicken giblets on this street, but I dare not eat.

The rice here, go up with big basin, how much to eat how much do oneself fill, suit me the person with such older appetite.

After lunch, go building of tea of deep water well goes drinking tea, wanted one crock Yong Chuanxiu bud, this is the green tea with peculiar Chongqing. One crock 38, give two cups, 3 people drink tea to be returned so that spend 10 money to buy a cup, this kind of unusual provision had cancelled to breath out in a lot of places of the motherland. When tea just came on end, the clerk said several words with Chongqing dialect and me, I was not understood, classics friend interpreter just knows after, she says ” yesterday evening, mo Wenwei will drink tea, those who sit is you now this seat. ” “Etc, does this chair sheet collect fees? ” Interpreter: “She asks you, sit does this seat receive fund? ” “Hey, hey, of course not. ” “Oh, then I am at ease few. ”

When Gu Zhenxian rambles, discovered one cries ” the small match that sells the boy ” inn, the enlightenment of invite applications for a job of doorway of if it were not for attracted me at a draught, this sells the store of match, I won’t go in for certain. Result, entered, looked, bought. After coming back, sent. Hum, harmonious. The travel of this Chongqing, be consummation as a whole, myself of my running water account writes feel quite dull, who does see also feel dull for certain. Know why? Time passes and the situation has changed, I am early forgot the feeling at that time, look travel notes this kind of thing, have to write in at the height of one’s enthusiasm. I am gotten aggregate and aggregate, the consideration buys a jotter what. Was opposite, was opposite, still have a thing, still be in really at present at the height of one’s enthusiasm, after I said, you can fasten life to breath out. So much day tastes cate in Chongqing, the result did not grow one jin, thin still, analyse according to me, this thing has chili for certain the effect that reduce weight. Removed ha, go before the mirror again beautiful can go ~ 88, everybody good evening. On Zhou Wu one namely good drink the Bao boiling water that suits autumn again.

[Wen Yi is making food] a delicate soup - - - [rural and vegetable soup]

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When raining, liking audition song just is to like really, the talented person that when raining, considers is the person that likes truly. This word, it is I listen from broadcast come. Want, have bit of reason. September the largest to me issue, it is ten million 100 plan below the circumstance that does not spend a minute of money in oneself, get the entrance ticket of concert of a piece of 30 Zhang Xueyou. Procurable!

The business with the coziest nature of overcast and rainy, nothing is more… than is being waited for in a quilt folded to form a sleeping bag. Skin loiter is worn the big cup of pure cotton, the head plunges into wall and pillow to seam in, qiu Yu’s flavour is in nose, labial edge is soft soft pillowcase, at hand is magazine of one caboodle rubbish of what, break up tired sleep, woke up sleep then.

My dream arrived yesterday my daughter, those who grow is gigantic a beautiful little girl, up-to-date, after-thought has her look, itch returns in my heart be no good be no good. I wish tonight can dream continuation, I can be held in the arms again very much meeting she. Still do not have procurable, continue hard!

[Wen Yi is making food] a delicate soup - - - [rural and vegetable soup]

Raw material: Corn a carrot a water chest nut 8 Qing Sun an antrum bone 500 grams ginger rinses 6 pieces 2000ml

Condiment: Salt 2 teaspoon (10 grams)


1) antrum bone chop agglomerate and abluent. Corn, carrot, qing Sun and water chest nut the stripping and slicing after flay is abluent. Ginger washs clean section.

2) clear water is entered in boiler, conflagration heats to boiling hind, put antrum bone scald to iron 3 minutes, fish out develops float foam of the surface with clear water.

3) in putting antrum character soup Bao, one-time add clear water of quite full amount, conflagration of the cap on the lid heats to fast boiling when, open cap to be cast aside with spoon go float foam. Put Jiang Pian, in attune of the cap on the lid small fire Bao 1 hour.

4) put corn piece first, water chest nut and carrot piece, the cap on the lid continues to use small fire Bao a hour, put Qing Sun Bao 5 minutes again next, transfer into before edible salt can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** is before Bao soup, bone of scald very hot antrum is OK in purify flesh blood-red, still can tighten up the flesh above, the Bao that passes 2 hours is stewed, also won’t come loose sodden.

** Bao soup must one-time enter full amount water, midway does not want to add, meet otherwise the delicacy of diluent soup is spent, if discover water is little in the Bao process that stew, must add, also must add boiled water, but taste also somewhat loss.

** because this soup added corn, because there is the sweet taste of bit of Qing Wei on this taste, but not be candy the sort of sweet ha. Without water chest nut, put some of lotus lotus root one case the effect that Bao also can have autumn moisten the respiratory tract.

** Qing Sun is put finally, can maintain the mouthfeel with fragile bright, what color also won’t change is too unusual.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

[Wen Yi is making food] the self-confidence that does TV to bring - - - [lotus lotus root 3 Wen Yushou department]

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Come back from Chongqing, joining the program that recorded two amusing, one is 2 the Mid-autumn Festival of Beijing ” by night story is beautiful ” , still having is Beijing 7 ” feed total eclipse beauty ” 11 extraordinary items. The photograph is breathed out at the back, hairstyle as before horrible, the person that watch wants ~ of careful You ~

From begin to do a TV program to arrive before New Year now, the self-confident heart that lets my from the bottom of one’s heart expands. Do especially ” every day food ” , the person that comes up against me again is special of from the bottom of one’s heart say:

“Ah, you yourself also do not have TV to go up actually so ugly. You yourself also do not have TV to go up actually so ugly..

“Yi, don’t you have TV to go up so fat ah? Don’t you have TV to go up so fat ah??

“Hey, look below the stage, you do not have TV to go up so old ah. You do not have TV to go up so old ah..

Look, look, how does otherwise say, the opinion of the audience is precious. Pull far, close.

In me the home is patted ” feed total eclipse beauty ” a flower, friend call at sb’s house sends a surprise, suddenly, one 6 kilograms of much 3 article fish. What calls Big surprise, this is, everybody on the spot faint. After climbing, decided the 11 food that we should make that day, growl, be it. Column group invited my master worker, become with 3 article fish advocate makings, do a mushroom of an arenaceous boiler 3 article fish.

After filming that day, we portion of N of space of 3 article fish, the person in the group was divided a few, the one pile like still having mountain is in my freezer. Comrades, did not come for some time, my estimation cannot do 3 article fish less, everybody is excusing ha. From eat raw, cold and dressed with sause, do boiling water, decoct blast, bake make, our little comes. Anyhow cannot waste fish of this 3 article.

[lotus lotus root birthday of 3 article fish manages]

Raw material: 3 article fish 150 grams ripe rice 200 grams Fabaceous skin 4 pieces Lotus lotus root half Carrot 1 Bright Xianggu mushroom 6 Laver a few Apricot does 5 A few of transplant trailing plants (a kind of herb, not but need not)

Condiment: Salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams) Pepper 1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) Birthday department vinegar 1 spoon (15ml) Soy of United States pole 2 teaspoon (10ml) green mustard 1 teaspoon (5 grams)


1) after cooking rice, cool a little, manage into birthday acetic mix is even, need not add candy.

2) the in part 3 article fish is cut, other in part is cut piece, join pepper to add a few salt and pepper souse 5 minutes, can rise to go the action of raw meat or fish.

3) the scald in putting lotus lotus root and carrot flay boiled water irons drop of 1 minute of fish out to work, cut broken finally to fall into rice. Do apricot again mincing fall, transfer into a few salt, sufficient mix is even.

4) fabaceous skin after clip is neat, tile is on chopping board, get on rice tile in fabaceous skin, bespread 3/4, leave the blank of 1/4, so that final seal.

5) some of laver is put to break on rice, or tile rectifies a laver, put fish of on 3 article and transplant trailing plants next (before using, gather gently with the hand, the volatilization that conduces to fragrance) , coil by the upgrade that approach a limit from a side edge, coil when the brim, the 1/4 beans of obligate with rice bead Pi Yushou department coils together can.

6) department of another formative birthday is very simple. After ironing Xianggu mushroom scald, put in dish in, become rice group the group with the hand, put in Xianggu mushroom above, build slices of fish meat of a 3 article again.

7) will extremely beautiful soy and green mustard make it touch makings collocation edible can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** plants trailing plants is a kind of herb, I buy in the market in new source, if cannot be bought need not OK also.

** mixes in vinegar of the department that use age when rice, did not add candy, because of carrot, lotus lotus root and apricot work to have sweet taste, add candy to be able to have the feeling of be bored with again.

** is fed because of wanting to be born, the proposal buys the 3 article fish that puts delicacy on the ice to large supermarket. From the time that salvages supermarket sale, do not exceed 48 hours. Refrigerant 3 article fish does not suggest to be born commonly feed, but can use make food.

If ** is bought 3 article fish does not eat, can put inside freezer freezer compartment to save, before edible, take out 3 article fish freezer compartment, transfer safe defrost, the means defrost that must not use hot water to immerse is breathed out. But be sure to keep in mind refrigerant the 3 article fish after passing is not eaten raw.

When ** makes 3 article fish, the meeting on hand and knife has fishy smell, brush hand and knife with lemon, fishy smell of OK and complete purify.

[tea of flowers and plants of fat of the Qing Dynasty that discharge poison] : Intestines and stomach gives S after the section Pa (stable-companion concert)

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8 days are lain between when, excited still be no good, the slimy drop You of happiness of this a suit, must speak of from the concert of 30 stable-companion. Watch the tube of rich guest, your be put into trouble opens acoustics, the song that hears this old man together, anyhow cooperates my surging forward with great momentum, the small mental state that feel an upsurge of emotion.

Stable-companion should open a concert, I heard of in July, but in those days allegedly already wooden ticket. Draw near when September 30, my nose pressing flavour, then I go up in Msn threaten, “Cannot see the concert of stable-companion, I go dead ” .

The message is sent, friendly people replies in succession, not specific report, what its narrate put together, clou“Wooden ticket, have wreath. Have wreath..

I feel very gratified to can have such a gang good friends, not crooked I often am set in the home bureau ask their gather meal, I thought, get drug later.

21, I get the short message like Li of a Tian Pi that be like eyeball, at that time from collapse on skip rose, “The person keeps below the knife, the ticket already was done calm, arrive nearly the fine hair on the human body that can see stable-companion.

This person is a good person really, will devote oneself to to offer stable-companion for me all the time for years, the friendship entrance ticket of king humble concert, willingly bear the burden of hard works, do not seek get one’s own back, the car receives a car to send, still have a meal please. Do not ask who I am? I get snow Tibet, did not share with everybody.

30 afternoon, I 4:30 with respect to start off, of think oneself clever went up 4 annulus, insert here sow a brains take a sudden turn the road of 〔 Beijing besides, hit Islamic of a Beijing fastfood? 〕

Used 4 hours to admire the car taillight on 4 annulus road full, a word: Grand. Can arithmetical? That is neat, you should know, I am half ability arrived at 8 o’clock of abundant stage gymnasium ha. Alas, began partly at 7 o’clock, I this anger.

I go up to comfort my ceaselessly in the road, normally a concert, what sing when begin is a few very be troubled by, or very new, or the song that I do not like completely. Good, you do not tell me the song is odd, I do not want to know, thank, the grape is very delicious, not acerbity.

After entering the arena, I know what made applaud to the echo eventually. Hear a concert before, comer is much, use full this morphology look. But empty banquet is almost in gymnasium of 30 abundant stage open air, are you believed?

I am believed, because I kiss what arrive soon, the seat is empty, where is person? Standing. In 1 hour this when estimation arrives late in me, everybody by the not to be pooh-poohed of stable-companion flicker, everybody cheers caper, fast song skip accordingly, slow song follow chant, whole scene resembles a super big KTV.

I search rapidly fall, as senior old song is confused, this composed interest still be some. Till 1 minute hind, he is sung ” have you all the way ” , I also do not sit again.

When crossing, light is satisfied, is those who return 30 good at 21 o’clock? Old day has an eye, rained, open air, my life how so good? Look around all sides, the ground that does not have to be able to hide, scan widely looks, there is a tip above stable-companion, , want him to drenching only went, as his vermicelli made from bean starch of 15 years, I should have this kind of state of mind.

At 10 o’clock when respond to a curtain call, I do not have the station of quality to cry greatly on the chair very much, ask he is returned, of course one the individual’s power is limited, if there is the station that quality does not have like tens of thousands of person and you to cry greatly on the chair beside you, the effect or pretty are pretty good. Be in ” . . . Lamplight went out, music is dormant, distilled tear already did not stop, the rain since the world. . . . . . ” in singing, stable-companion slowly from risked below the stage come out, for a short while, I feel this is set, otherwise, this atmosphere also too in harmony?

Return the in succession after field 8 old songs, each capital sang my bottom of the heart, I stand on the chair to did not come down, shutting an eye to admiring a head, of assume a manner of levity get drunk among them, like crossing the film, in these 8 old songs, the song that after-thought is listening to him 15 this years the time that walks over, with a few people in appearing in me to live in these days. Although rain, water was not put however in nose, physiology structure of the person holds out science really.

From me 16 years old begin to like him, to now 15 years, his special, I did not buy one piece, his concert, I do not have what do not go once, ask you to be not calculated secretly my age? This is a secret. Besides him, I had not liked any man it seems that so long, my pa does not calculate ha.

The person has an image is a favour, besides the life of the Eight Diagrams that abounds oneself, still can acquire a lot of things from God body. For instance the general principle of those publicity, speak out from oneself God mouth, your true meeting goes in past heart.

He says on the concert ” the person works, the most important is to hold to, when you want to abandon, hold to again, the most difficult time can go. The most difficult time can go..

Much simpler truth, be like a timely rain however, drench woke I, when just wanting to abandon to a thing in me. What to say? What to say. I nod, continue to be done, difficult time can go very quickly.

[tea of flowers and plants of fat of the Qing Dynasty that discharge poison]

Raw material: Horsewhip of Chinese photinia of Europe of rose jasmine aloe is careless each a few


1) in putting all dry flowers and plants bottle, immerse 5 minutes into boiled water can drinkable.

2) before drinking, can transfer into right amount honey, but should be in temperature of tea of flowers and plants is a bit a bit cooler, about 60 degrees or so, the nurture in such honey pledges ability won’t be destroyed.

Super 啰 Suo:

Tea of this flowers and plants suits ** very much in the day after eat and drink too much, take 7 days to discharge poison to intestines and stomach repeatedly, still have the effect that clear fat reduces weight. Also suit those soldiers that are stationed for a long time in computer edge to use the body to discharge poison very much.

** has the area that sells flowers and plants technically tea in very much supermarket, you yourself can buy neat raw material, combination is in the home is tie-in, of course every kinds of collocation has distinct effect, I still can introduce after for instance of fine body, of bright purpose and hairdressing.

** if the supermarket does not sell, drugstore also has these raw material normally.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . . }