Chicken yoke a thick soup

Treated as, can be disinclined to make a picture really, continue to pound vacate ” secondhand goods ” , send a chicken yoke a thick soup that does before, saying is 8 months the following little baby with respect to eatable carnivorous(the experience that I did not look after children, inaccuracy is 8 months surely the following child can have this, the mom that wants to try to do this to eat to the child please follows the doctor’s advice consider is breathed out).

Practice: 1) pigeon breast flesh a small (about 5 grams) , abluent hind, add water well-done, put in joint of bones next or in the bowl complete pulverize.

2) egg, after thoroughlying cook, flay, go albumen, use half yoke only, pulverize.

3) chicken broth is added to perhaps rinse in boiler a few (about 50 CC) , go in the chicken of pulverize and yoke, boil, add water starch touch, tick off Gorgon euryale can.

There is dot in the home, added a salt in within so, scattered a Hai Taixiang to loosen, to me domestic pig lord ate, he says flavour has been held out, ah.

PS: I climb to often get online first in the morning look, not the rinse on the horse is brushed, old by pig head example. Learned with ideal MM the day before yesterday gigantic an useful word, “The somebody on the street catchs what throw rubbish in disorder, but nobody catchs what do not wash a face ” , this word top is taken when I am waiting for him to say me again, regrettablly he has not said my bout so far, grasping a killer mace to do not have the ground make, quite depressed.

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