Christmas of chicken of red oily sesame paste is happy

Celebrated a festival to breath out Bless everybody above all

It is ice-cream that I reviewed what I made christmas day last year today This time passes really quickly

Over- ” aspic person ” christmas—–Ba humble

Close basic by cook instead is corrupt

Like street of a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles to spend the chicken of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of a happy garden particularly all the time

Went technically again last weekend Fried a prescription Reformed Flavour and collocation are very pretty good really

The table that gives us quickly the red-letter day increases a appetizing and inviting cold dish

Material: Child chicken (weight control is controlled in a jin best) , bean sprouts, spinach, big almond, sesame paste, red oil (chili face, Chinese prickly ash, balm) , powder of soy, vinegar, white sugar, salt, gourmet powder, green, ginger, garlic, sweet green is right amount


Eat ability part The processing of chicken and fresh and tender and juicily—–Saliva chicken is same

1. bloats chicken 15 minutes or so with a few salt first, jiang Pian, green goes up in a place of strategic importance in abdomen in the meantime paragraph, ginger has to chicken fragile unskilled working;

In after bloating, be being put into a stockpot, infuse cold water has done not have chicken surface, add cooking wine of right amount salt, one spoon to go raw meat or fish,

Use cold water certainly, the purpose is the inside and outside that lets chicken be heated is mature at the same time;

Float foam of the surface is made after 2. is boiled, boil 5-8 with medium baking temperature next minute, lid is not opened after involving fire, use the steam stew in boiler 10 minutes, final chicken can maintain control in 8 maturity, such most fresh and tender;

After 3. chicken stew is ripe, put in putting water on the ice instantly, until fully cool;

Of red oil make there is detailed process inside the join that clicks saliva chicken please

The salt that 4. takes vinegar of white sugar of soy of one spoon sesame paste, one spoon, half spoon, half spoon, a few, gourmet powder is smooth, make sesame paste juice reserve, big almond crunch reserves;

5. uses bean sprouts, spinach boiling water of boiling water scald a few seconds respectively, put at after fish out dish bottom;

6. puts cut chicken, drench on the red oil of sesame paste juice, a few, scatter on big almond is broken, sweet onion powder can

Notice chicken cannot have been chosen big lest the flesh slants character old

Vegetable collocation can be adjusted according to him be fond of Like noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch also can be being added if liking very delicious

Cast aside go the chicken broth of float foam flavors slightly can edible Also can regard as soup-stock bottom continue to employ

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