Coke chicken wing wishs metempsychosis of the top of a kitchen range day is happy [alluring woman kitchen]

It is very painful to reduce weight ah ~~ — coke chicken wing [alluring woman kitchen]

** happiness lives by let us be created together — delicate life ** of the alluring woman

It is very painful to reduce weight ah ~~

Reduce weight began, used the most effective to me method — be on a diet. But recent good appetite, but suffering can’ts bear character,let me. Say tonight, did oil to spill a face to Xiaoliu. I, have the share that see only. When Xiaoliu eats, that my mouth water, the adj/LIT wide of continuously ah of adj/LIT wide. Plus because Xiaoliu is in Guangzhou a few days ago, say those who eat is very weak, thought to him long oil spills a face now, eat that calls sweet ah. I more bore hard. But do not know why to still staring at him to look all the time. I ah, very sneaking!

It is very painful to reduce weight! !

Coke chicken wing

The coke chicken wing that made a lot of times, the hand arrives capture come, very simple, but delicate it is certain, hope the top of a kitchen range turns like. Wish birthday is happy,

Raw material: Gallinaceous wing medium, coke, garlic, ginger

Condiment: Do chili, anise, salt, cooking wine


1, wash clean in gallinaceous wing, put into cold water to join right amount cooking wine, Jiang Pian next, after be being burned, fish out fullback goes blood-red reserve;

2, good scald chicken wing and dry chili, garlic, anise puts earthenware pot, join coke, had done not have gallinaceous wing, after big baked wheaten cake leaves small fire a hour, add salt, receive juice can.

Although very simple, but taste is good really
A bit sweet, have salty, a bit hot, a lot of sweet ~~
Meal of assist of go with wine is good
The top of a kitchen range turns eat together with everybody

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