[Community character] the midnight flower of person Dan Ruju is not a flower

<b> | Introductive | : </b>Interviewing midnight flower to be not a flower actually is my more hesitant thing all the time, flower of midnight flower blame publicizes a station to eat and drink as dispatch Hu Shalong divisional member, let me cannot bear all the time undertake interviewing to its, adscititious she is compared all the time busy, but ace of such a kitchen do not go,interview have again really some had not said.

Midnight flower is not a flower, the sense that gives me is a person all the time the weak Qing Ruya that be like chrysanthemum. A warmhearted person, although at ordinary times the job is very busy, just always appear very late, so someone says she is a person who goes to bed late, can be the problem to everybody, the answer of metropolis in one’s power. Her affability, amiable, always let a person have very ease feeling, be concerned with her composed at ordinary times individual character probably.

<b> | Specially invite honored guest | : </b> midnight flower is not a flower

<b> | Honored guest | : </b> Wander alluring woman
Attractive love cooks
Each edition of the kitchen is friendly

<b> | Compere | : SNOW of </b> Xue Wei

<b> | Direct assistant | : </b> Xiao Tong
Doleful extreme

<b> | Interview time | : </b>2008 year on August 5 Tuesday 20: 00 — 21: 30

<b> | Cover a site | : </b> cate kitchen

BLOG Miss the seasonal flower that spends to be not a flower namely

Each friend everybody good evening, I am dispatch fox salon propagandist station eats and drink divisional Xue Wei SNOW, today’s interview chair by me. Thank the midnight beautiful be a guest that be not a flower above all our dispatch Hu Shalong publicizes a station to eat and drink the interview column of the group, also thank at the same time in 100 busy in the friends that will sing the praises. The specially invite honored guest that we invite to welcome us with enthusiastic applause below is midnight beautiful blame flower comes on the stage

The interview begins:
SNOW of compere Xue Wei (red) as midnight as specially invite honored guest flower is not a flower (violet) dialog:
What kind of good luck comes to <b>1) ? Often go what forum? </b>
Dive all the time before, like to see the lie black spirit of ChinaRen especially, the story of Baidu male phoenix went later the Px of Sohu, the result discovers Px forum does not suit me to mix, be in what Sohu discovered in forum list to eat and drink immediately afterwards community, after be being browsed simply, feel it compares sina more attract me, register take root. Often go cate kitchen, west Point, still I do the edition of mottled bamboo at present: Kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances.

How can <b>2) go kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances this open forum newly to do mottled bamboo? What result can be shared? </b>
In eat and drink after community mixed a period of time, regard oneself as clearly the one member that eat and drink, want naturally to make some of contribution, will to kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances do mottled bamboo so. As to the result, it is housewife people true not easy ah, after hoping every woman can be being paid for the family, the time passes happily, perfect.

<b>3) is in eat and drink so old, what did you feel to you get and be lost? </b>
Say to must be broken somewhat surely somewhat, earning, it is I had a lot of friends; Learned confect bake; Learned previously won’t dish type; Learned more principles that be an upright person and truth; Be lost do not have really. If want those who lose to say really, be time, and those time are recreational nevertheless those who use, need not be here, also can use elsewhere, nothing more than idle away in seeking pleasure stopped.

<b>4) is in eat and drink in so much person, can you say some of person that makes you impressive and thing? </b>
Eat and drink every my in community friend, it is the person that makes me impressive, won’t become a friend otherwise, did not nominate one by one, be my friend, everybody nods. Thing, no matter the major issue is small affection, want me to had been experienced only, I remember almost, be indifferent to profundity. Anyhow, everybody every thing, had given me the help.

<b>5) at ordinary times most what often do is what dish, what reason is there? </b>
Often make pork of braise in soy sauce, face of fried bean sauce, dumpling. Because family likes.

How can <b>6) think of to go station of conduct propaganda of dispatch fox salon eats and drink divisional, what to obtain from which? </b>
I 20 years ago, like to write an essay, write a poem, do a journal, although the character of that moment is very green acerbity; Once wanted to learn Chinese, learn news, anyhow wants and literal relevant, result a strange combination of circumstances learned cure. It is dispatch Hu Shalong became round a dream of my boyhood. Be in nowadays dispatch fox, I harvested a few friends likewise, returning some is, be in when the joyance after code word was being had again after lying between a lot of years and contented.

<b>7) shows dish activity to this Olympic Games, what idea to stem from to attend? </b>
Everything is being participated in again, what is more,the rather that for the Olympic Games.

<b>8) Olympic Games shows dish activity in, type of dish of your some what entered an activity, what to have special meaning? </b>
Because the job is busy recently, only a dish entered an activity: Small fry a kind of dried mushroom. Special meaning is done not have however, be outside the everybody when cafeteria has a meal likes, learned to do so.

Can simple evaluation issues <b>9) , this the Olympic Games shows dish activity in, give you impressive dish or be an author? </b>
Butterfly I like the elder sister’s food. In my heart, do dish to do household wife attentively, it is elegant woman.

<b>10) shows dish activity in this Olympic Games in, you feel yourself’s level how, does hopeful win a prize? </b>
The heart knows my horizontal myself abdomen bright, undeserved be carried, from when attending, do not have extravagant hopes to win a prize too, for the Olympic Games, I had dedicated, I had been participated in, enough.

Compere, honored guest and netizen (blue) with specially invite honored guest (violet) free interlocution:
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: In marry a few times is there love before elder sister’s husband?
If do not know love moment love the word that also calculates early, have twice. If love the word that does not calculate early, once, hey.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: What kind of scene is following first time of big fat elder sister’s husband to meet? It is flashy thunder and bolt
Thunder and bolt is done not have really, still be each other fall in love at first sight really nevertheless.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Do you like to cook? From what when begin to prepare food?
I like to cook, but must read the state of mind, always do not like. After be born from the son, begin to eat complementary when feeding, practice cooking, 28 classics prepare food began 2001.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Does your home childe like to eat you most most what dish? What confect?
The son likes the red carbonado that I do and sweet hot shredded meat most, beefsteak of black any of several hot spice plants, confect likes bright butter cake most.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Gave birth to a son, had thought second birth a girl?
Had thought, can be actual condition does not allow
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Marry so old, how does the feeling with elder sister’s husband last?
Once had said with you namely, I assume we two always live together in be passionately in love level, maintain the state of mind when a few love, do the business that the ability when a few be passionately in love can do, say to saying word just likes between a few lovers.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: How to handle the relation with the mother-in-law?
Respect, next far. . . .
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Do you like to wear skirt be still trousers?
25 years old ago, the winter also should wear skirt; After 25 years old, summer also should wear pants, of course the trousers of summer is shorter thinner ha.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Like to wear high-heeled shoes? Wear high-heeled shoes to spank catch wicked experience?
I like to wear flat bottom shoe, make the habit of the nurturance when the nurse. Did not wear high-heeled shoes to spank too the experience that catchs a thief.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: When giving birth to your son allegedly special ache? True where terrible?
Not be special ache, the time that aches however is too long, 3 days of 2 night. I remember me is almost at the outset do not have throat be born him, so I feel, anguish is sustainable, not so terrible.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Is you spend candle night with the bridal chamber of elder sister’s husband you active or is he active ah?
He is active, he himself also approbatory.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Is you feel to cook for family kind of happiness? When be tired of? How adjust?
It is family to cook, the feeling is very tired very troublesome, look at the appearance that when they eat, satisfies however, can feel very happy again. It is constant some wearily, weather is so at present hot, very cooked wearily. When be tired of, go out to eat.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: How is younger brother of look upon sister loved? The sort of discrepancy of a lot of
There is a dear one beside me, had experienced this kind of amour. He and that woman differs ten years old. And that is his first love, and that woman still has husband at that time. So, I hate that woman and be fed up with her.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: What kind of is the building that you like?
If oversight needs paid money, like of course manorial. Can raise a few dogs, have Hashiji, barley Ding, labuladuo, dog of golden wool itinerate. Have great lawn, can plant a lot of flowers, have lavender, have tulip. Have storeroom of special food storeroom kitchen utensils and appliances and wine cellar, have very big very large kitchen, the work station that can put next very big oven and very big freezer are very greatly. The most important of course is to should have a lot of houses, tibet rises when I am angry, everybody cannot find me.
Chu Hengxuan advocate [Chuhengxuan@sohu] : What is beautiful a general term for young women to the son’s expectation?
In the ethics with be not disobeyed normal, law waits bounds a moment in the regulation, do the thing that oneself like.
Chu Hengxuan advocate [Chuhengxuan@sohu] : Beautiful a general term for young women when the happiest? When the saddest?
Happy when seem to compare much, but at present the happiest still is a son sensible, husband career has; the saddest, seem very long did not have, when my grandfather dies, 10 years.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Spend elder sister, tender think what appearance the most perfect marriage should be?
Perfect marriage has a lot of, also differ severally, I also dare not give the definition of a narrow sense. I want to want two people to love each other truly only, have become hard together, blessing is shared, OK.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Spend elder sister, tender what had done to allow the thing that he regrets up to now?
Without, do not have absolutely. The thing that regrets temporarily is not little, but vanished completely very quickly.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Spend elder sister, tender can the happiness that considers as first love to marry or the ability that after experiencing emotive to fail, marry cherish happiness?
I feel differ to decide, this thing because of the person different. Anyway my first love when small still, if marry directly, reckon the government does not agree.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Is the life condition in ideal of beautiful a general term for young women what kind of?
Sleep sleep to nature to wake, several money are counted in one’s hand jerky. Ah, open a fun. The life condition in ideal is: Make the middle class, 40 years old can retire, have one male one female two children, the family is healthy, harmonious, be deeply attached to each other. I very common, ?
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : When is beautiful a general term for young women taking childe to come does Dalian play?
Estimation gets next year, because of him I am taken at present be not moved, he is not controlled by me now, belt it is difficult to go out to eat a meal.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, your home 2 male go up in your edge
The son is looked at after one’s death in me, big fat in the line that tinkers with DVD, nevertheless I fill now answer question when inscribing, he is in.
Love and free oven bake sweet [Yanbolily@sohu] : Spend J, why to want those who quit the job at the outset?
Because of the grandfather die. I discover I cannot save the life of my family member, sad and excessive.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: What is your most awkward thing?
Before trip of side of a lot of people. .
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: What is a the largest to your life influence issue?
Affecting large issue basically to me is the business that affects my choose trade. For instance of my grandfather die, bring about me to resign from the hospital.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: Encounter recently what is the happiest?
Signed large sheet.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: Whether do you have female bosom friend, do you feel to you can maintain this kind of relationship all the time?
Never pass, also won’t have later, big fat be very can the person of jealous, I not dare.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: Most what is constant some idea?
Gentle, insipid, quiet, happy, healthy, the life of effort arrives old.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: What is the biggest to you happiness?
I think the biggest happiness, can live according to oneself idea namely and work, and Chang Le of content with one’s lot.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: All the time since the greatest cherished desire?
Live to old age in conjugal bliss with my sweetheart.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: Are you doleful?
I do not have loneliness to pass seemingly, I am to say true loneliness, the mood except when invisible everybody gets online in night.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: Does you like a person or everybody gather?
Most moment likes lively, everybody is together very happy. Like to be in alone now and then, also do not consider an issue, syare blankly namely, also feel quite happy.
Xiao Tong [Woainiujia@sohu] : Beautiful, the first kiss is a few years old, where be, who to follow
A few years old of affirmation won’t kiss with others, are you sure you are to point to with family except? My true first kiss is in 16 years old, on basketball field, with a boy. (beautiful blame is beautiful, you are not bashful, you are loved early! )
Xiao Tong [Woainiujia@sohu] : Beautiful, heard to also be planted in your home many flowers and plants, whats to have
It is sweetgrass kind, have field mint, rosemary, basil, lavender, thyme. Raised basin jasmine flower again the other day.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Beautiful, your new home or in first floor
Either, it is 4 buildings, move 4 buildings to just know, 1 building is really current. Nevertheless I plan again buy course of study, will go seeing a room tomorrow, it is to be in 1, also take a garden.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Big fat also follow you do not sleep in same evening, is time of both of you work and rest same not?
The time that basically goes to bed in the evening is about the same, but he is earlier than what I rise.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Beautiful: The quarrel of Tu hangs? of cut salary scull that is big fat body is first-rate
I do not plan to answer this question publicly here originally, big fat saw, let me reply according to the facts. I satisfy his vanity, yes, his body is first-rate. (in chute sweat)
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Your home is large fat it is to like fat fat you, still like thin thin you
Be to like me slender for certain. Regrettablly I from had hit 32 years old, begin to grow the flesh desperately. Nevertheless I won’t reduce weight because of his be fond of, only oneself feel fat, just can reduce weight.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Beautiful, you still are now in concubinage, when to marry formally, want to let wheat send you what gift
I think forever concubinage goes down, meet each other be cherished more so. Ha, the person that does not know, ask oversight to breath out.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Beautiful, as a child moment does not love to eat the meat
Be, be fed up with fat especially, from the bosom nevertheless the son begins, than in one’s childhood much stronger, can eat a bit, a lot of vegetable that do not eat also wherefrom moment begins to eat.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Beautiful: ? of  of dim glow of the setting sun of Qin of  of  of core of brandish of Xin of catfish of astounded Mu Tuo how are you handled
7 years urticant still had done not have really, itched a bit recently nevertheless, because I am the closest the mood is bad. The plan is busy was over a person goes out slow-witted period of time.
Butterfly - Sl [slqgf@sohu] : Beautiful: Can you describe your LG simply? Your LG which respect most attract you?
His disposition resembles growing not big child forever. Most the pure guileless that those who attract me is him, not the ways of the world. Still he is like be passionately in love all the time to me the deep feeling like and care depend on.
Butterfly - Sl [slqgf@sohu] : Did not see the card in front, do not know a problem to whether repeat. Beautiful: Does the son like to which course that you do take most? Why?
As long as it is the flesh, like, estimation is lodging life is short of carnivorous quite, ah.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : You mind the ~ that spend a flower send an a photograph of whole family ~
I do not mind. But I see this problem is over late, later group li of hair.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, you think you are a person that has the urge for improvement very much
I am, very affirmative. Because of me these year no matter do what work, endeavor to accomplish best.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : for what do best, and let oneself feel very tired responsibility
Had had. In the job often some. Beijing country exceeds how to have a catchword in: How is the country contended for forever the first. How to change the state into my name, be the catchword in my job.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, if there is the person that loves most before you, with the person of second love, how can be you chosen? Why ~
My autograph archives that chooses meeting and you is contrary: Immerse with the person photograph that loves most with foam, forget with the person photograph of second love at all corners of the country. Because love to have only most, and Ciaihui has a lot of.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : ~ of the elder sister that spend a flower on the problem that you are teaching the child with elder sister’s husband, can have difference ~
Have difference, not small still. What he advocates is traditional old-style education pattern, and my educational means is democratic, unite, friendly affection, free, give the child vast space, ha.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, you follow elder sister’s husband, had quarrelled before marriage? Where is marriage hind? A sweetness arrives in the heart ~
Had not quarrelled before marriage. Marriage hind is very long also had not made a noise, began two years to quarrel recently, it is bagatelle nevertheless. But brabble because of bagatelle, it is I am more flagrant, not be principle mistake, want brawl to solve why. So I aux would rather now the choice is silent.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, you took a fancy to the where of elder sister’s husband to breathed out ~
As always pure.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, between you and elder sister’s husband, the feeling that has been family, is not to resemble bubble vacating piece in that way grow has taste ~
Most time or very vacate like bubble piece, now and then resemble deadly enemy, also can quarrel the neck after disturbing a face is thick.
Those who ignite is green rub Er [then I help Linluogz@sohu] dear fat query: Beautiful, do you like to go up personally most which organ?
I like my head and heart most, they help me think, give me thought and feeling.
Sit see the 00 [pipi_750505@sohu] since the cloud: Beautiful, does your son like you what to dress wear most? Big fat?
I asked a son, what he says to like me to wear is everyday, nevertheless he examines minutely why I don’t wear skirt all the day in one’s childhood. Big fat like me to wear decent, elegant dress. They like, I am not liked, I like to even if,be worn not quite beautiful, also want to lie fallow, comfortable.
Sit see the 00 [pipi_750505@sohu] since the cloud: Beautiful, is your hairstyle nowadays what appearance? Big fat is liking you to grow give back bingle?
Long hair comes waist, tail end small turn, a few to have detailed is aureate carry catch. At ordinary times bundle rise or dish rise. Big fat like me to wear long hair. My son prefers me to wear straight long hair, I had ironed a hair when he is small and cut short, he cried, also had not cut again since then, only simple had repaired destroy bifurcate.
Cate Mike [chefzhang2000@sohu] : In the home, it is husband when the old, still be a son when the old, be still you when the old?
I asked a son, he says: Mom is the old.

Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Beautiful, to your present life, you are satisfactory
I belong the sort of person of Chang Le of content with one’s lot forever, ah, in other words, also be not to consider be eager to make progress.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: You want to go there most travel
Want to go France.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: Do you want to which place go to most? Why?
Puluowangsi, because of lavender
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: What is the profession that you like most? The which profession in your heart is what perhaps be engaged in now before?
The profession that I like most, in teen-age moment it is a reporter, a bit bigger later, it is legal medical expert. When becoming a nurse only, have some of relevant a little with legal medical expert
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Like plain boiled water, coffee, fruit juice, be still tea? Why?
Like plain boiled water most, one day should drink 3-4 to rise the left and right sides. Although its guileless is insipid, indispensable however to human body.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: What color do you like? What color be fed up with?
Like blue most, be fed up with gallinaceous excrement to fizzle out.
Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Beautiful, how do you are loved to the net look, had you had?
There is a net to love beside me reach of fruit, so I do not object. But the hope adds reason, add deep real knowledge. I still had been loved without the net, ah. Sh, the son looks on the edge.
Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Beautiful, family often gets online to you what idea
Object without the person, should not delay me only on time feed they, ha.
Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Beautiful, you like what to take to feed material to do a thing to eat most
Simple, fresh, buy very easily everywhere.
Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Beautiful, do you like recreational food, favorite some what
Like, like very much. However very long dare not eat, because want,reduce weight. The should calculate raw ingredient potato that likes most piece He Qiaoke force.

Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: When to sleep recently, when to get up? Habit not?
Begin from July 20 August 2, basically slept at 22 o’clock, rose at 8 o’clock. Feel not bad, cervical vertebra did not ache. Do not pass even if think you.
Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Beautiful, your mental head how so sufficient, everyday so late?
When sleeping because of others, I get online, when others gets online, I sleep.
Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Beautiful, be in with respect to yourself in the middle of the night sometimes kitchen, have loneliness. Doleful when think a netizen
When midnight is doleful, miss those friends that often also appear and disappear in midnight. Alluring woman, delicate, wheaten, very a lot of more. . .
Love and free oven bake sweet [Yanbolily@sohu] : Spend J, cannot go up these days of the net, think panification particularly?
Want to do, but move mat flooey, bread machine has not been taken in the box now. . .
Love and free oven bake sweet [Yanbolily@sohu] : Spend J, these days cannot go up net, can you feel very relaxed?
Cervical vertebra is very relaxed, and in the heart not quite relaxed. Remember with concern everybody, remember with concern edition of our kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances, remember with concern my rich guest.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Say your heart in wave a what kind of person is waving?
He is a painful philosopher
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Beautiful: Mace of bright orange a person of extraordinary powers is graceful dishonourable of 4 ending neodymium
Elder sister, this problem I can’t well answer. I like, who to see I think.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Do you like me not?
Must not ask this is planted foolish problem, how can I like you.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: In your heart, a what kind of person am I?
Name of if of person of moment of your great majority. But I still feel you are extremely lovely.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Do you like I or wheat? Forbid to say to like, also forbid two individual names close, must not say more, do not know, do not reply
In all fairness, like you two either same jubilation. You two it is two completely different people. Elfin, an elf. Because beautiful bewitching is,match absolutely, because know you earlier, prefer you so, is this answer satisfactory not? Wheat asks oversight I reply this ha, who lets you asking first.
Sit see the 00 [pipi_750505@sohu] since the cloud: Beautiful, do you like me?
Had you and alluring woman discussed? I like you of course. If water is drunk more everyday after you,do not pass, I can prefer you.
Sit see the 00 [pipi_750505@sohu] since the cloud: Beautiful, I do not see you can think you a few days, you? Think me not?
I think you, see us two run each other rich guest leaves a message to see, ha.
Sit see the 00 [pipi_750505@sohu] since the cloud: Spend that us two be know how?
If I do not have misremembered word, be in West Point, say the use about biscuit machine.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : The flower spends me to love you very much, like you, do you love me
Elder sister, I like you, I love you more. I love you to like you, can be opposite than you only many of mine, won’t not you are little to mine. I love the person that I like to every, can accomplish this a little bit. Of course man except is breathed out, ha.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, my evaluation to your person Dan Ruju, you how thunder
You are evaluated to mine, letting me is in the association that turn one’s head reviews oneself and you immediately how becloud your, kubla khah dripping wet.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, deserve how to look to spending bewitching
The statement that through the ages distributes absolutely, can says perfect.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, you cross others suddenly, now by others suddenly, the feeling has what to differ, now what mood
Interviewing the feeling that others and oneself are interviewed to differ is, interview myself I need not desperately chase after a building, it is OK to want every page to see a problem reply slowly only. The mood was to remember a surname answer: The path with those, returned those body.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, I go you give BJ me what is delicious
I like to eat, you do not like certainly, so I am not recommended to you, you say you like what to eat, what do we eat.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Spend elder sister, tender be how evaluate wheat? Is she a good child not?
Not be good child, do not rest well, do a person who goes to bed late all the day. If this changed, be good child.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, I and small M, you are integrated, evaluate haing ~ apart
Evaluate me wheatenly to had said, your, I want to be not evaluated, want to say my feeling to you only. I like you, be very fond of you, I think this is enough.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, you how look upon M this small greedy cat ~
My at sight of she, the cartoon that wants to be bought in one’s childhood to the son ” ghost horse elf ” . That elf knocks from door to door in Allhallows want candy to eat.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister, do you like the woman of the kitchen most that one? Where is man?
This problem I actually very embarrassed, I like great master, did not like a kind view most.
Chu Hengxuan advocate [Chuhengxuan@sohu] : Spend elder sister, if go to Beijing looking for you, can be you recieved?
Use up the friendship of good landlord certainly. Especially you these kitchen utensils and appliances are confused, I can take you to clean out beautiful cheap dish and bowl.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Spend elder sister, I want to go to tender home playing, welcome not? ? ? ?
Otherwise loot my beloved kitchen utensils and appliances, I welcome. I can take you to buy, can I spent money to buy send you, it is me some does not give you now.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: When to begin to contact a network, is a netizen that see when? Had seen male netizen?
Beginning osculatory network was 1998, the first netizen that has seen was 2000. Male netizen, does edition friend calculate do not calculate? Eat and drink when the activity of community, had seen a lot of.
Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : Spend elder sister, for what tender so enrol a person to like? ? Impart is recipe good not?
I do not know I have many to enrol a person to like after all, I also recipe of it doesn’t matter. My unripe active state spends even if: True be an upright person, work hard.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: The birthday that remembers a good friend?
My memory is bad, every month should leaf through birthday to stick ahead of schedule, hey
Xiao Tong [Woainiujia@sohu] : Beautiful, the old that hears you eat and drink with us has paragraph of source, be? Are you below what circumstance be acquainted that? What are you to her impression?
In a certain night, she sent a card, I followed a card, next the material that she read me, begin to chat with me, be known then. She and my of the same age, but her psychological age should compare me a lot of smaller, young in daily life, have youthful spirit; When forum manages, however composed and sober
Xiao Tong [Woainiujia@sohu] : Beautiful, feel I am reporter group in the most mysterious the most handsome handsome young man that
You are very mysterious, because you once were hidden by snow; Come to be denied then the most handsome, see the picture make conclusions again to me. Do not cross me very bear the blame say, if feline fish left, I need not see the picture, you are the handsome young man with our the most handsome series undoubtedly.
Xiao Tong [Woainiujia@sohu] : Beautiful, look like kitchen confect somebody closes prentice, do excuse me you close prentice do not have? Your prentice who be?
I am done not have prentice ah, still be less than that state, mutual communication still is some, I like the atmosphere of communication. I also had not done obeisance to a master, nevertheless I have the master worker that approbates in my heart, love and be freely.

Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister: Like to do Chinese meal or confect? Most what is of expert each?
No matter Chinese meal still is confect, want the somebody in the home to call-over only what should eat, I can be done immediately, did not like and do not like. What Chinese meal compares expert is flesh of braise in soy sauce and face of fried bean sauce still have dumpling, confect tries to do a difficult job as best one can is biscuit, still need nevertheless further learn.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister, what your Chinese meal does is good, or what confect does is good
I no matter Chinese meal or confect, do careless is goodishly, because I understand the taste of family quite,be nevertheless, family stopped to face quite.
Cate Mike [chefzhang2000@sohu] : Ask beautiful J again, western-style food or confect, you most expert which?
Western-style food most of expert is beefsteak of black any of several hot spice plants, saying to go up actually is expert, just family likes that flavour and duration very much. Confect most of expert is biscuit, do not pass or need to continue to learn progress to breath out.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : How can beautiful flower just remember so much cream cheese ah of what
skilled OK, it is not clear to begin to also be written down.
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Beautiful, what is becoming very ice-cream key
When I feel to should do an egg to suckle an oar namely, master good temperature time, the society sees an egg suckle the status with the equalest oar.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, the fish has some of what way
Braise in soy sauce, dry burn, acetic stew, crisp stew, with an accent is stewed, the fish is raw, barbecue, water is boiled, steam, oily dip is waited a moment etc. Additional, you asked snow the fish is breathed out only, did not ask a cat. I did not reply.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : ~ of the elder sister that spend a flower feeds capable person this kind to feline fish, how can you come cooking
The cat gives birth to firebrand fish to thoroughly cook, next oneself are wrapped on mud, oneself jump into igneous caboodle to bake oneself ripe.
Round pig pig [Zanza2006@sohu] : The flower spends elder sister: If you have capital set up shop to become a boss, what shop can you consider?
I want to open a restaurant in the suburb, do condiment with all sorts of herb, western-style food it may not be a bad idea, chinese meal. There is a land on the side of dining-room, leaving oneself to plant sweetgrass, strive for autarky.
Cate Mike [chefzhang2000@sohu] : If be Chinese meal, you most expert that?
Flesh of braise in soy sauce. Shutting an eye to do what also can do every time same. Ha, do not have progress to breath out, should be done weller every time actually.

Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Beautiful, love sport, often do what exercise
I belong to love to move to fear tired type again. Recently these year of exercise that often does swim namely, still go before two years every week shuttlecock, did not go this year. The plan will begin to continue to play a ball game the day after tomorrow.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Spend an elder sister, can you go seeing an Olympic Games not?
Do not want to go the spot, too hot, TV watchs in the home.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, can go seeing an Olympic Games
I had come down the province of entrance ticket money that the spot sees an Olympic Games, bought a big liquid crystal, preparation looks in the home. Such which matches won’t be missed, not hot still.
Cate Mike [chefzhang2000@sohu] : Can you go does the spot see opening ceremony or closure?
Do not want to increase administrative difficulty of the government, good gracious TV living broadcast watchs in the home.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, the Olympic Games does in BJ, you are in personally again BJ, feeling how
Olympic Games atmosphere, nowhere is absent. I saw Chinese effort soon in person, the effort of Beijing. China is cheered, beijing is cheered!
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, to the Olympic Games, you feel what we can do
The does him in one’s power business of voluntarily.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, olympic Games opening ceremony can look together with who, look which
TV watchs in the home, and big fat, son together.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, the Olympic Games kicks off that day, does the person that you should give you the home do the thing with extraordinary what
Because just move the home, a lot of things do not have homing, of the chaotic in the home, add to be warm, a lot of moment are in cafeteria solve have a meal problem. When I think an opening ceremony, should not outside ate, the place takes in the home simple, delay between take time of billow of so as to save watch TV.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, to Olympic Games dish, with respect to hue flavour, you feel what is the most important, the reason is what
I feel the most important is flavour. Because I like to feed capable person freshly, the flavour of dish is very major by what feed capable person fresh spend a decision, have only feed capable person freshly, nutrition and flavour just are best.
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Beautiful, olympic Games cate, you feel to want how to stress Chinese distinguishing feature
Hope everybody can recommend our traditional cate for the foreign guest that all coming from afar, traditional, be characteristic having a state.

<b> thanks everybody to attend midnight flower to be not a flower, also thank midnight flower to be not what the flower accepts us to interview, hope everybody can support us like what go to namely. </b>

Everybody is not beautiful evaluation to midnight flower:

<b> wanders alluring woman [the beautiful elder sister in heart of Youzouyaojing@sohu]</b> alluring woman: Beautiful elder sister is known first, should be last year after answering Hainan from Xi’an. Biological clock followed the United States completely, did not think of to follow me oh there still is beautiful elder sister besides the is in the United States besides me friend of time of same United States. From what begin pure see a name namely, to later, see the name on screen, can feel monitor that piece of that paragraph smiling face. The contact became long know, beautiful elder sister is very forthright, very enthusiastic. But can yet be regarded as a virtuous wife and old Mom of a 24 filial piety.

The extreme of <b> loneliness [Wwshang@sohu] : </b> abandoned morning originally this name, those who be is to return origin, begin afresh, because be the cause of a dress, so I do not have overmuch understanding to contact how many person, but although such, still cannot forget a lot of people, the elder sister that spend a flower is among them one of.
Forgot to spend elder sister with the flower be being known first is when, when remembering knowing when Shi Gang the flower spends elder sister only, having impression is the picture that is her only, it is a boy, presumably, the child that should be the elder sister that spend a flower then. See the flower spends elder sister to paste the photograph of own child come out, that beautiful beautiful a general term for young women should be a very happy woman ha, lovely child, the husband that be very fond of, a healthy and perfect, what what can beg to still have?
Thinking the flower spends elder sister originally is very Wen Wan’s person, but pass what spend elder sister with the flower to talk about a talent to discover, comparative ” exterior and interior is not consistent ” , of course, actually everybody has his respective one side, the elder sister that spend a flower also is. Once had paragraph of time, in the heart very afflictive, want to exit forum even, look for a place, crouch rise, it is to spent beautiful a general term for young women to give me to encourage, also said her a lot of things to me, still have others of course, but what the sister that spend a flower says is the deepest: what to everything what meet with won’t appear because of yours or leave and change, you should suit meet with, become oneself all-purpose, if shrank back because of little difficulty, so be in other place, you also can encounter same question, in those days, continue to retreat again? So, I insisted to come down.
The flower spends elder sister, you are kind-hearted, brave, close, magnanimous, have right of make a decision, self-confidence has will, the thing that you think to be opposite, that is not wrong for certain, and, beautiful flower is very enthusiastic still, what thing likes to ask. Of cate kitchen group I do not chat almost, the flower that still can write down bright and clearly spends elder sister, glib alluring woman, everywhere the M of loot, because, eat and drink had you more wonderful.

<b> cate Mike [chefzhang2000@sohu] : </b> impression is very deep: Love the home, love family, candid to friend sincerity
Often come up against on the net, be in basically in the middle of the night especially. This nickname be worthy of the name
Go to Beijing last, time haste, chat not quite more, look for an opportunity to fill certainly
The person that feels candid occasionally nevertheless, how many have bit of an impetuous person, ah: )

<b>Maple1204 [zk_1204@sohu] : </b> is after-thought really rising is how be opposite with beautiful a general term for young women on of the eye, the returning with the deepest nevertheless impression is me to spending elder sister about day type of 7 wind annoy, those a few days, do 7 wind wildly, do mad one, annoy beautiful a general term for young women next, reckon beautiful a general term for young women broke down quickly, hindering to did not say all the time at face nevertheless is, actually myself also very feel embarrassed ha, nevertheless, now, my 7 wind eventually pass a barrier, spend elder sister, my thank is tender haing ~~~ now, the day pattern that I am extending beautiful a general term for young women energetically namely 7 wind, had been recommended to a lot of person. (did not hit advertising suspicion? )
Say to be breathed out really, I also am an a person who goes to bed late, often encounter in midnight with beautiful a general term for young women, panification of edge of the daily life of a family chats by the side of from time to time. When I am happy, we share pleasure; When I am sad, beautiful a general term for young women partakes for me, channel I, help sb to get over his worries I. I thank everything what what beautiful a general term for young women does for me very much, the elder sister is the person of a straightforward, true disposition, in be careful the can in the society of each trying to cheat the other weighs giant panda. Spend elder sister, I go to Beijing, the elder sister acknowledges a mistake like won’t old like my elder brother a keeper of domestic animals certainly, I can be in what identify an elder sister to come certainly in the crowd! ! !
Most the destiny that admires beautiful a general term for young women to be able to master his, let oneself make right choice in right time, ah.
Hope sister the whole family is happy, one life installs ~~~

<b> attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : </b> flower spends the figure that a master degree is in my heart, gudao is enthusiastic, be clear about what to love and what to hate, dare do dare become, what spend a flower to my feeling is big fat it is a considerate husband, it is dutiful protects beautiful emissary, complete bestow favor on the flower in the heart

<b> Chu Hengxuan advocate [Chuhengxuan@sohu] : </b> says beautiful a general term for young women is like chrysanthemum, I feel more the wild chrysanthemum of clump of that one clump in resembling mountain, along with promote and leave, so self-confident and enthusiastic. Have a view one time oneself. Of can naughty good thing is her, what can offer classical prescription to everybody is her, of can enthusiastic help other people also is her. Like big like adjacent home elder sister kind. </b>

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