Continue the mashed garlic aubergine of dish of the daily life of a family (still can reduce weight)

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With a ha breath out said to want to get along yesterday be about fine water often flows over- , so our home continues to have a meal sparely!
Do mashed garlic aubergine today, simple cannot again simple, but should tasting only also is a kind of state then! The day of guileless resembles aubergine namely same, the aftertaste is long! !
1. raw material: Pay attention to is phlogistic right post? with a ha is breathed out by me took off the dress

2. is cut piece

Evaporate of the bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food on 3. is controlled 10 minutes, need not cut, because aubergine is very sodden, dial with the chopstick a little came loose
4. prepares burden: Horsefly サ is food? garlic bolt, still have chili

The aubergine evaporate such as 5. is good, put burden, still have salt, gourmet powder, pink of the five spices, with a few oil is spilled, ha, the classmate that should reduce weight can be this the most important, I still put sesame

6. sees finished product

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