Cooking shrimp kind small doohickey

1, when person shrimp of the fine and soft that do garlic or Zhi, might as well cut open housing from shrimp back, such making that shrimp takes taste more easily, but do not rind. 2, when boiling white bright shrimp, lemon can be put in boiled water piece, can make shrimp flesh sweeter so, flavour more beautiful and without fishy smell.

3, conflagration should be used when the boiler below langouste, if use slow fire to boil, the flesh easily rotten.

4, dry shrimp should send gift through dip but eliminate peculiar smell, the water peculiar smell of first time dip is very accordingly heavy, cannot use boil to boil, the 2nd times the water of dip just can use boil to boil.

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