Corn wax gourd stews big

Go up directly pursued. Finished product:

Raw material: Big, green, ginger (camera is done not have at that time is civilian, did not pat) , rice, wax gourd.
Condiment: Salt, gallinaceous essence.
Practice: 1, the scald in discharging boiled water greatly goes hematic foam, rinse clean.
2, arenaceous boiler adds water, put big, green, small fire turns to stew after Jiang Dahuo is burned, corn is put after a hour paragraph, wax gourd is put after half hours, after wax gourd is ripe, put salt, essence to flavor can give boiler.
Raw material and process pursue:

Those who join corn:

Corn and wax gourd:

After putting wax gourd:

Finished product:

Before drinking if have fun at, can the green inside, ginger is collected come out, still can put bit of caraway and chopped green onion. </b>

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