Delicate chocolate cake

The breakfast on *** train- - delicate chocolate cake ***
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See the prescription of a chocolate cake on the net a long time ago, feel not quite sweet, so oneself changed, became the prescription below, often do, quite welcome also. 11 go phoenix, did a belt to cook breakfast to the train.
Material: (round model of 8 inches of cake)
1. Butter of + of force 220g of heart Fu Hei Qiaoke 60 grams
2. Albumen 120g of 6 + candy
3. Yoke 50ml of 6 + weak butter
4, low pink 90 grams pink of cake of Zhu Gu force 90 grams
Practice: butter of chocolate 220g + 60 grams are mincing, lie between Shui Xiaohuo to melt, wait for cool.

I use this butter

120g of 6 + candy makes protein to rigid epispastic, make albumen candy sauce, as a result of too urgent, busy flap the photograph of albumen candy sauce.

yoke weak butter 50ml joins 6 + to already put cool chocolate, butter slowly in, when adding, otherwise breaks agitate, until become black completely.

Sift again already the low pink of sift out chocolate cake pink, turn cake into sauce.

I use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of this kind of cake, go filling in last class when buy, do not cross a net to go up also some selling.

Dig one big spoon to make good albumen candy sauce first, mix with cake sauce divide evenly, differ because of the density of both very big, albumen of this one spoon basically is to adjust density, need not worry about disappear bubble so, usable force agitate comes even. The albumen candy sauce that go divides 2 ~ 3 times to join chocolate panada, light hand agitate comes equably invisible albumen stripe, also precipitate without chocolate till. The hand wants light, lest albumen disappear bubble.
Fit a pattern, oven warm-up goes to 150 degrees, penult layer, the 60-70 that bake minute, the actual temperature of the Xiang that bake that inspects you and course of study.
Baking the cake in Xiang

Bake good cake, did regrettablly so for many times major moment or craze. . .


The daughter wants foretaste taste, did small.

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