Delicate seafood congee gives Betty and alluring woman belated the blessing

Belated is blessed [delicate seafood congee] send Betty and alluring woman ~

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Busy a week went eventually, the small Betty that gives fat elder sister the home and alluring woman serve a blessing, the hope won’t be too late! ! Beatific Betty health grows happily, work of alluring woman life is perfect!
The nutrition that serves flavour to exceed assist delicate seafood congee ~

Raw material: The white congee that has boiled, vivid shrimp half jins, caraway 2, Jiang Ji piece, salt, balm

The process that make:
1, right amount rice shifts to an earlier date bubble is good, inside boiler (arenaceous boiler is better) put full amount water, join the rice with good bubble, boil the state that has complete grain of rice hardly (such saying, it seems that very not professional breathe out ah) , join right amount salt (as far as possible not salty, the Xian Weicai of such shrimp is more outstanding) ;

PS: Because be to think of suddenly to eat seafood congee, white congee was not boiled good beforehand, entirely of shrimp, caraway is not had, oneself purchase raw material even, do not have method to be forced to let my home gentleman clean out rice to do congee, good lord, the one boiler is full congee when thinking of to come back is placed before me, I ask how he boils so much congee, does the someone say ” are you to say to make me much make a point? ” faint on the spot ~

2, line of shrimp of shrimp take out, cut off shrimp beard, caraway cuts Cheng Mei, jiang Pian cuts filament;

3, after white congee has been boiled, jiang Si is put into divide evenly of the agitate inside boiler, boil 5 minutes;

4, in putting shrimp into boiler (I still do not have there’s still time to take a picture, what be blended by my home gentleman again is farfetched, take it to do not have method really) , thoroughly cook (probably most 10 minutes) ;

5, drench balm, scatter on caraway foam, fill go out to be able to be enjoyed one time! ~

Small Betty, alluring woman eats a dot to breath out more!

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