Delicate Xi Qin mixes fume dry [girl girl home]

The Xi Qin with delicate *** mixes fume dry ***

Graph / article author: Fat girl of A Fujia
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The confidential the daily life of a family of home of girl of girl of <a Href= Http://>** is delicate

Like now and then delicate east, not quite complacent oil is old. Feeling every time Xi Qin is fried fume working is oily oil, want to mixing so eat ~

Come first Zhang Cheng tastes a graph

Raw material: Juan? fumes flesh of dry chicken breast
Condiment: Salt is sweet-and-sour any of several hot spice plants of chop of gallinaceous essence soy (also can choose condiment by him taste)

1. celery is fumed dry cut paragraph, to assure pigeon breast flesh slip tender, I undertook souse with water of a few of salt of amylaceous a few

2. sits boiler heats water, celery of the scald after water leaves, fume dry, flesh of final scald chicken breast. The time of Xi Qinchao water need not too long, fume it is OK to work much scald a little while, pigeon breast scald is ripe OK, too long flesh meets time character old.

In the bowl is being loaded after 3. Dou Chao is good, put condiment again.

4. mixes the desk on divide evenly

Green vegetables has vegetable protein to still have animal egg white, nutrition, delicate, simple ~~~~~~~~

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