Dichotomy bell makes decided late food [dizi manufactures]

*** dichotomy bell makes decided late food [dizi manufactures] ***
Graph / article author: A Ludi
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Return a battle to be in to the late night with this Tie Xian sincerely of cate kitchen forefront full of stains or spots with leaf fat people.
After having a holiday, dizi often boils before dawn, believe a lot of people in jar have this habit, at this moment abdomen is hungry, can not want to prepare food really work, but convenient food is rubbish food mostly. After-thought rises not to know a card that sees which a long time ago, feel this method is good, tried, it is delicious however fast, dichotomy bell is done calm, see a picture.


The strawberry that just bought today, very sweet, buy over there the person from understanding, did not make drug, green food

A photograph of whole family, everybody eats

Still have a few days of Spring Festivals, glance finally piggy, hey, it is dizi 8 years this life year.

Although exceed simple, but dizi or 啰 Suo two
[Sweet clew]
1. lotus root starch wants sterling, the lotus root starch of dizi is the authentic lotus root starch that others brings back from Hangzhou, rush stiff thick sweet embellish
2. water wants 100 degrees of boiling water, otherwise lotus root starch rushs won’t stiff
After 3. has rushed, lay aside half minutes again agitate divide evenly, lotus root starch won’t 澥
4 dizi individual feels banana wants a bit harder, the mouthfeel when eating is good
(did last night, send today, some are late, everybody also can make sock or add meat, convenient and fast)

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