Do dish to use saline notice

Salt is in the action in cook is very important, people often calls the saline taste of salt ” the king of 100 flavour ” , “One salt moves 100 flavour ” . Salt the main effect in cook is flavor and enhance local color. When cook adds salt, want to consider whether the taste of dish is measurable already, also should stress the opportunity that uses salt at the same time correct. Academic theory thinks, the person’s taste can feel chroma of saline taste lowest is 0. 1 % ~ 0. 15 % . Feeling the dissolve of the easiest salt solution to spend is 0. 8 % ~ 1. 2 % . Because this makes soup kind dish should be pressed 0. 8 % ~ 1. The dosage of 2 % holds. And boil, should control commonly when the dish that stew in 1, inside the limits of 2 % of 5 % ~ , because these dish edible are mixed constantly not saliferous staple food together edible, namely the dish of go with rice, add salt to measure a little bit should big so.

Salt is used together in cooking process middling and other condiment, effect produces necessarily between a few kinds of condiment in use process, form a kind of compound flavour. Say commonly, Minim vinegar is joined in saline taste, can make saline taste increases, join vinegar to measure relatively a long time, can make saline taste abate. A few salt are joined in vinegar conversely, can make acidity increases, after joining a large number of salt, make acidity abate. Join in saline taste saccharic, can make saline taste abate. Minim saline taste is added in sweet taste, sweet taste can add on certain level. Gourmet powder is joined to be able to make saline taste alleviates in saline taste, a few salt are joined in gourmet powder, the delicacy that can increase gourmet powder is spent. In addition, salt has tall osmosis, still can restrain bacterial growth. When bolus of the flesh that make, fish bolus, add saline agitate, the draft that can raise raw material is measured, the piscine bolus that makes be made tender much plan. The flexibility that adds bit of salt to be able to raise a scale on certain level when adding up to dough and tenacity. Ferment bit of salt is added to still can rise to adjust in dough dough ferments rate action, the steamed bread that makes evaporate goes out is more loose and goluptious.

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