Doughboy of strawberry white jade

Doughboy of strawberry white jade

Whats don’t have idea to do, it is the nest is there hastily ” Ha Libo is special ” the 7th looks. The story ended, feel to have bit of lose while, also be know clearly one picket worry. Follow an old practice excited insecurity, the day later still gets this to pass how too how, if,considering not lazy word, does bright day cook well eat? Do not laugh, in the eye of goods of sweep the deck of a general, delicious food, live namely absolutely in main a bright color.

Tuck diveseethe gives an old article that writes before, will fill a number on hair.

White jade pink is called pink of polished glutinous rice in Japanese, with knead dough of pink of polished glutinous rice, again rub becomes compressed doughboy, boiling water is thoroughlied cook, call Bai Yu doughboy, usable water knead dough, if want to change the word of a pattern and color, also can use fruit juice, the knead dough such as green tea pink, write today this is to use strawberry juice knead dough.

Practice: 1) the data that preparation should use: Strawberry juice half bowls, pink of polished glutinous rice is right amount, remember at the same time leave make it of a few strawberry to taste adornment. Strawberry juice can be passed first strawberry pound, next reoccupy gauze or the methodological filter of mesh goes out. If disrelish a trouble, also can use off-the-peg other area the juice of color comes knead dough.

2) pour strawberry juice into in big bowl, join white of a few polished glutinous rice at the same time, mix dough. When the attention joins white of polished glutinous rice, do not enter at a draught too much, can fall first a bit, when feeling insufficient to work again take into consideration the circumstances is added a bit, till can be mixed,follow earlobe into about the same euqally soft till soft dough. The dough of become reconciled, put to chopping board, hold tight becomes small, rub becomes spherule, press spherule with finger, became the roundlet cake that brings small pit. If feel face ball can stick chopping board, can put a powder to make filling range, actually if dough is not too soft word, not need forehead adds powder on explicit face plate.

3) skillet heats boiled water, put the small dough that has done into boiled water boiler in, the edge puts an edge to resemble boiling dumpling in that way, the shovel that use boiler churns, lest stick boiler bottom. Wait for small dough when float rises, had been boiled namely, involve fire. Put the doughboy that has boiled bowls small, add the bright butter that ice cream perhaps dismisses, add additional fruit, the material such as biscuit does the Aoliao of crumb adornment can. Sweet and goluptious, very delicious.

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