Dragon boat festival, bag zhongzi

Dragon boat festival should arrive, ate a lot of zhongzis these days, of flesh having delicacy with candied date or jujube, but eat,do not pass however addiction. Feel what wrap as oneself is delicious. I am bought long Le Lu the zhongzi that a granny includes an alley opening, she crouchs over to wrap everyday, a lot of people are surrounded view, be like behavior art to exhibit. Fleshy piece greatly, the clip that place essence of life is oily, every zhongzi puts a meat sell 2 yuan, put two meat sell 2.5 yuan. Still have other those who be like salty yoke, red bean, candied date or jujube. Our home likes to eat fleshy zhongzi. Bought 6 to come home.

Excellent put down packet of too impatient to wait to eat, did not expect medium delicacy, the likelihood is too salty, likely also the flesh too essence of life. The following day in the morning also is to eat a zhongzi. Come home in the evening transient, see her wrap the person more of the zhongzi, woman of a Shanghai and granny crouch on the ground together, custom-built flesh zhongzi. Every wrap to specify that meat in the basin with pointed finger even. “This this… that that… ” choose fat to be put in. Look my eye get angry. Of Shanghai woman astute the degree that reached to disregard face, give little money, gas shows cheek makes, in the street fie-fie, really lamentable.

I imagine the red jujube Zong in the center is in that way melting, did not sell regrettablly, granny says to have candied date or jujube, 1 yuan. I ask her you put a few candied date or jujube to go in, her pop eye says is of course. Still put a few, put rice of so much candied date or jujube where to put to go. Hey, it is cost of candied date or jujube obviously tall. I buy 3 to eat eat look. Also be to arrive home to put a bag to eat. Bit several eloquence to bite a candied date or jujube, be rice zhongzi clearly. Also do not have method, want 1 yuan of money only, namely such. The fellow says to want to eat much, let me buy candied date or jujube to let her wrap…

Awake in the morning on Sunday, want to wrap a zhongzi very much very much, I miss Zong Xie Piao’s sweet time, miss a lot of zhongzis boil in caldron readily sweet gentle in the home. In one’s childhood I often wrap a zhongzi, I am the heart as a child deft, and love works, the family is to be forced to wrap, only I am overjoyed bag zhongzi. After marrying, mix mother-in-law most talk about those who get hold to cook namely result. Have talk one year happily in the phone, her a respectful form of address for an old person is promoting a few jins of fresh pork on Sunday, bought leaf of a few Zong that fold palm to come to my home by fair car. Within an inch of also did not carry polished glutinous rice. I and mother-in-law wrap fleshy zhongzi together, I am new-style square Zong, the mother-in-law wraps bound feet Zong, two individual matches, everybody refuses to obey who. My husband sees we are busy joyous, smooth go out to hit Sinuoke, the daughter does meeting homework, smooth come out to look. She also is to start work the girl with very strong capability, I let her wrap, learn to be met.

I want to wrap a zhongzi, ask husband is good? He is informal I. The daughter says to there is a zhongzi to eat all the year round in the school, also be disinclination. I want to go presumably, if wrapped one caldron, to who to go eating? It is good that the fellow says to sell them for fun, do not sell of course. Send to the mother-in-law? A few can she eat? Like estimating she and me, the idea that includes a zhongzi has the idea of the zhongzi by force too. Alas… how is present people carried so do not remove spirit to come? What had, can obtain easily, who still cares about a process? And the anxious mood that why I am reluctant to leave that to cannot buy Zong page so, the day of admeasure of polished glutinous rice, when pork eats not to rise. Most most those who be reluctant to leave is there is that outsize pot on gas burner, inside replete the zhongzi with the green delicacy that I wrap with one’s own hands, water left, zong Xie Piao is sweet, fire shuts small, boiled slowly…

As a result I buy Zong leaf, polished glutinous rice, red jujube, candied date or jujube and fresh pork without next buildings, went very quickly without a day when the zhongzi wraps.

I am really foolish, write here, tear flows actually. I am really foolish!

(this article was last year old make, break up to look, year answer a year, zhongzi complex as before, affix will be shared with everybody)

Bag zhongzi spot (after the article has been written, still wrapped a zhongzi in a weekday)

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