Drumstick goes spirit old law

Remember rice bucket elder sister a drumstick goes before of bone, I also am done, of lane bad must not jest, growl

Drumstick abluent put on raw meat chopping board, the knife should use the knife that cuts raw meat technically, unripe ripe departure.

Particular way: Drumstick has 2 paragraphs of big character, dissection the flesh along bone, let bone be shown, next before a hand is being taken paragraph the termination of bone, a hand uses a knife slowly the flesh that shave drops bone to go up, arrived the tail end of this bone, careful cut out gives bone head, this bone is taken

The 2nd bone: Begin shave from tail end, mixing on one is to return way, the hand obtains the termination of bone, knife from outside to among slowly shave. Take care next cut out gives bone termination. Last rest and reorganization, redundant bone broken bits and adipose eliminate with respect to OK.

Finished product:

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