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Husband said with me into the door yesterday: Afternoon when hunger must be no good, prepare those who eat to nod to me.

Oh, after the eggbeater since my home became bad, did not make snack all the time. Previously most the afternoon tea site that often prepares to husband is biscuit kind thing, what he loves to eat most is the small mug-up of a Qi Hexian flavour. Do not have time to buy new eggbeater, be forced to do to need not dismiss the mug-up of the egg heads an unit to husband.

Say to do do, dinner hind clears away good cuisine to start work. The simplest mug-up is peach crisp. The recipe is an edge do an edge to experimenting to go to in those who add the record side raw material. Feel this peach crisp finished product is very delicious, have a drawback namely, ah the ~ that breathe out ~ is salty. Husband does not have sweet, I did not put sugar, the salt that add. First time and the salt that when oily, egg mixes, I added 5ml (the friend that often sees my rich customer knows to breath out, of my home saying 10g is the following is inaccurate, so I dosage spoon) , after wait and becoming dough, I am tasted, how to taste a saline taste how? Added the salt of 1ml again then. My day ah the finished product such as ~ gives heat cool after coming down, taste, really crisp, really sweet, namely saline taste is big. With a ha breathed out haing ~ ~ to consider a matter a long time, to flavour is done not have when what begins gustation to, added 1ml salt so salty? Be in finally face oneself gave an answer before sleeping: When raw material kneads dough, salt did not melt, saline taste is inhomogenous in dough. Actually if do not add final that 1ml, the flavour of finished product should appropriate.

Haing ~ for test and verify this my idea, I decide according to me redo of this scale recipe, do not add this final 1ml namely, is same.


1, put in the bowl: Oily + of 140ml sunflower seed salt of 5ml of + of half egg fluid

2, smoke with the egg child fluid of will oily egg hits divide evenly

3, preparative 200g flour (the standard noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that I use) , 2.5ml bubble makes pink and 1ml sodium bicarbonate noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch

4, mix 3 kinds of pink even hind sift out

5, flour falls into egg oily fluid to break up mix even

6, earthnut goes red garment, put 150 degrees into oven to bake 20 minutes or so to be taken out together with walnut, load last in bag, crush with rolling pole

7, break earthnut walnut in adding an area, mix divide evenly

8, the squash after taking 15g raw material to knead a group, put bake dish in, brush on egg fluid. Oven bakes 15 minutes 180 degrees first, take out brush egg fluid again, put oven to continue to bake 5 - 8 minutes can. </b></b>

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