egg handleless cup

This dish is very good do, and the accurate mammy that nutrition abounds the darling that suits chief body and everybody to be pregnant.

Hey, defeated a Xin Dongdong of the kitchen again recently, it is new-style oven, although the shell is mortar constant drop unlike, but be oven really, more than and OK bake east east still can stew egg and evaporate crab, ka Ka, in still studying now as to other drop.

Good, return to the subject, come first the Pp that Zhang Cheng tastes, my drop camera is bad, can pat with the mobile phone only, faintness having a place also does not have what aesthetic feeling, but taste of handleless cup of this 焗 egg is very good drop

焗 egg handleless cup

Egg, cheese pink, salt. Carrot, onion, xianggu mushroom (everybody uses bright Xianggu mushroom or dawdle is OK)
Ham, cheese silk

Everybody does not see lot so much, actually Ka Ka is baked dish very small, so 1 baked dish of quantity of an egg to be able to be used
Onion, carrot cut half only

1, egg break up, add little salt and cheese pink, the card husband that I use had had salt to need not be added so, agitate reserves equably

2 onion, carrot, xianggu mushroom cuts man

3, fry with a few oil into boiler ripe

4, mix with egg fluid again divide evenly, put bake dish

5. ham cuts into shreds and cheese silk is spread together on, was opposite, the egg should take tender place, when laying an egg can a few adds bit of water

6, when. . . When. When. . . When. . . New-style oven came
Oven after 180 ° warm-up, put bake 10 minutes, with respect to Ok

7, hey, transparent drop goes to the lavatory namely, what can watch provision at any time is dynamic
Absolutely won’t sear ha

Golden, handleless cup of egg of reeky drop 焗 gives furnace cough up

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