Egg of sweet bittern quail

Egg of sweet bittern quail: Egg and quail egg which have nutrition more?

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Egg, almost does every freezer have reserve? And the pay that if this is tall,quail egg does not have.
After all egg and quail egg which have nutrition more? Do you suit to eat egg or quail egg?

Nutrition compares greatly go all out:

The content of A of the vitamin in 1. egg is the 4 times above of quail egg.

The B in 2. quail egg a group of things with common features vitamin content over egg, especially 2 times the content of vitamin B2 is an egg, it is biochemical activity is auxiliary enzymatic, can promote grow development.

The cholesterol content in 3. quail egg over egg.

The egg of phosphatide content prep above in 4. quail egg.

The content of the protein in egg of egg, quail, adipose, carbohydrate is basic and identical.

Do you suit to which kinds eat?

6 years old of the following cheeper, can choose to eat quail egg, everyday 3, 4 advisable (3-4 quail egg is equivalent to an egg) , because the quail egg of equal weight is medium the content of phosphatide is some higher, conduce to cerebrum development of the child.

Burden of unripe study of middle and primary school is heavy, compare with the eye much, can choose to eat an egg, everyday 2 or so, content of A of the vitamin in the egg is high, it is advantageous to eyesight development.

Old people is unfavorable eat quail egg, because of the cholesterol that contains among them tall, can eat an egg everyday. But the person that has courage disease eats an egg, should choose to eat less according to body circumstance or do not eat yoke.

Little hint:

1 not hollow eat egg or quail egg;

2 do not eat together with soya-bean milk, because trypsin is contained in soya-bean milk, with the egg in egg white loose albumen photograph is united in wedlock, can cause the loss of nutrient composition, reduce the nutrient value of both.

My home someone because cholesterol is a bit low, accordingly I think he suits to eat quail egg quite, began to eat. Hey.

Material: Quail egg, old smoke, salt, cassia bark, anise, Chinese prickly ash, sweet leaf, clove, licorice, small fennel, caoguo, Bai Kou each are right amount (can adjust dosage according to individual be fond of. )

Process: 1 quail egg uses little tooth brush serious ground scrub is clean;

The quail egg with 2 clean scrub and water are put into boiler together, firing, boil after leaving to water, throw all condiment, continue to boil 3 minutes or so;

Of 3 caution knock break every quail egg, continue to boil 2-3 a little while minute, do not boil old;

The condiment of 4 quail egg along with that had boiled and water load container together, freezer is put after the lid is built, along with eat along with take.

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