Element fries crackling bean curd to know a kind to feed capable person newly

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Understanding crackling bean curd feeds capable person this kind is to be before two months about. I and husband or wife go recover road free market of agricultural products, in the sells condiment house that opens in person of a Hangzhou, discovered our family loves to eat, but the baking bran that cannot buy basically in this locality and bamboo shoot. These things are from Shanghai by the elder sister hard land is brought back before. I told an elder sister this good news, later before long I take her went over there. The elder sister bought a lot of southern special local product that she likes gladly, after saying again also need not be put into trouble is gone to from Shanghai a belt. At this moment, sold the home to introduce crackling bean curd enthusiasticly to us, say this kind of thing tastes mouthfeel is fragile fragile, can fry also can do boiling water, I and elder sister had not seen this kind of thing, bought a bit less. That evening, I two respectively in him family expenses it made food. But, because do not have experience, good without bubble, taste very hard, did not feel delicious. I go there again later buy the bran that bake, buy again incidentally a few come back, changed bubble to send a means, the result succeeded, fry the dish that come out as expected very delicious. A few days ago, the picture was taken when redo, the record comes down, share with everybody; ) the friend that southern meeting becomes this dish, the hope gives advice or comments more, I still want to learn a few kinds of ways more; )

Element fries crackling bean curd

Raw material: Crackling bean curd

Burden: Ginger of carrot, agaric, green pepper, green

Condiment: Pink of vegetable oil, cooking wine, the five spices, unripe smoke, salt, gourmet powder

Practice: 1. Hot water is heated in boiler, put flat skin bean curd one minute to involve fire, build stew to come without hard heart (at least 1 hour of above) , wash with cold water after bubble is good clean, crowded go moisture, cut the form that likes into oneself to reserve.
All sorts of 2. burden are abluent also, had handled.

3. boiler heats up oil, explode sweet green ginger, put carrot to fry about half minutes, join crackling bean curd to continue to fry divide evenly, add agaric to break up again fry.
4. pours cooking wine to go fabaceous smelling of fish, add the five spices pink, unripe smoke and salt fries divide evenly, add gourmet powder to turn over divide evenly to give boiler finally.
Occupying bean curd of crackling of introduction selling the home is make by soya bean (I do not have textual research) , contain a lot ofprotein of high grade vegetable, deserve to go up the green such as agaric of high grade fungus and carrot, green pepper is vegetable, nutrition is rich, healthful.

This dish characteristic: Mouthfeel is sweet fragile, nutrition is rich.

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