Entered take an examination of the dream that pull

Ideal small red cap, the big frog of small blueness, still have my chickling, nevertheless, work of our ternary handiwork is in coffee by everybody accepted into 3 an eccentric person, this a gang does not know to urge the person of others, hey ~ ~ ~

But, my three carries yesterday evening each oneself work is enteredOne’s deceased father pulldream! ! We ” ordinal after coming on stage, the sky flies the box is installing a cake delicate strawberry cake, 4 people are to love to have ground person! Decide stone, shears, cloth will divide cake, person gaining the ground can eat only! ” take an examination of lovelily pull a this dream picture to become a figure.

Looked to cannot help laughing happily later, One’s deceased father pullOf the picture really good, and what draw me is so slender and lovely, xi Xi.

Nevertheless, I feel namely, feel namely, ideal and small blueness she an eccentric person of two, look at much more creditable than mine, also air is much, early know to still have so word, I also do the thing of an old, did not become that chickling son — ― for example, if became a word of the tiger,I am awaited in those days, can pull a tiger this time to come on the stage, that often must have style! With pulling a chickling cub to come out, that can do not have the group that the law compares really! Adulatory

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