Fastfood edition ice spends decoct dumpling [dizi manufactures]

Fastfood edition " dumpling of decoct glacial a flower " [Dizi manufactures]

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Busy move decorates mother of an emperor and old father recently new building, we ate what meal to become long-standing issue everyday, after next coming home, I also am disinclined to stir-fry, break up turn over freezer, discovery still has the skin of a packet of dumpling that buys in the supermarket the day before yesterday, chop dot stuffing, the dumpling that make fry in shallow oil eats
Making skin of roll of dumpling knead dough originally is very troublesome, have off-the-peg skin much faster, who makes me lazy ^_^

Measure: &Nbsp; chop stuffing, bag dumpling need not say more, this meets even me, ask the dumpling of the Chou Chou that I wrap oversight nevertheless

Pan pours some of oil, after heating, dumpling each code is by boiler, small fire heats let oil dumpling bottom simmer in water is clear, prepare a bowl of clear water, add essence of life of right amount starch, chicken, pour amylaceous water into boiler, conflagration of the lid that build boiler is burned, medium baking temperature heats to close to water dry, want to often observe, beware burnt boiler.

Careful shovel gives boiler to come, can see bottom clear case

[The feeling after eating]
All of original dumpling bottom is touched together, form a golden face hard surface, it is fokelore is medium ” ice is spent ” , I part it in Pan Licai to install, this dumpling that nevertheless I do is fastfood edition, allegedly authentic dumpling glacial a flower must be the dumpling skin that makes with dough made with boiling water, the dumpling skin that such decoct come out is not hard, I this dumpling skin is a bit hard really, nevertheless because such, bottom carapace ability is stronger fragile, crooked dozen wear by accident (anyway I this person has A Q mind namely, any insipid things have the gut below excuse) , the mouthfeel that imagines dough made with boiling water should be better, have next time dough made with boiling water does him time to eat

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