Fill one of ways that write type of a few handy dish: Willow of simple and easy grilled fish

Practice: 1) piscine Liu Fang is being baked dish on, brush on the end that use garlic, chili pink, soy, caraway, oily, the sauce that vinegar moves.

2) put oven, with suffer from excessive internal heat (the firepower above oven, Broil) bake ripe, sauce is brushed a few times more among.

3) deserve to go up vegetable salad, eat.

What I use still isMahiMahiFish, also can wait for other fish with dragon benefit fish, according to Yu Liu’s thickness, adjust baked time, decide ripe the standard that do not have, the way that I like is to use broach stand sth on end, cruelly oppress very flake easily (Flake) if, be ripe.

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