Flesh of improved edition cherry

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Eventually brief idle came down, can carefree in the morning before the thing that drinking a cup of coffee is a happiness; After husband goes to work, I am ticked off continuously those who tick off staring at a bed, so it also is such sex appeal; Holding a book in the arms to sit on swing, of course the content of the book is not serious, the great achievements of full courtyard, chinese rose flower is releasing its fragrance hard, so everything is such satisfied. . . . . . .
My so earnest decision: I still should be become borer, or fat fat great insect that eats books. . .
The Lu Cai with cherry very famous flesh, the cherry flesh flavour of cafeteria of a lot of Shandong is different, myself reforms slowly later below, added my distinctive piscine formula color, taste is exceptionally good. The deadbeat that comes to my home every time people should have taken this course only, nod surely next time, a when also be me small pride
Foreleg flesh, sesame seed, earthnut, candy, vinegar, garlic, aniseed, shallot
1: First scamper pignut, flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is short sweet put cool hind pulverize,
2: Foreleg flesh stripping and slicing, shallot cuts end
3: Oily 6 turn into heat small fire puts white sugar to fry color giving candy, this duration is crucial. Garlic of fly into rage of the smallest fire and aniseed are used immediately after candy color comes out, fleshy piece is put to break up after garlic flavour comes out fry
4: Put often smoke, add water, pink of the five spices is boiled, water is certainly it is advisable to had done not have the flesh. Time just closes for water dry optimal
5: Move sweet-and-sour juice, acid is sweet degree comes by his be fond of, the starch that increase a point mixes divide evenly
6: Need not too much oil, oil is lukewarm 7 into heat what had boiled fleshy piece topples, sweet-and-sour juice breaks up a few times quickly on the horse, involve fire. Put pignut to break, sesame seed, shallot can


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