Fleshy bone tea

“Fleshy bone tea ” , very may much person can consider as the name of an article of a kind of tea to say by accident, actually, this ” tea ” blame those ” tea ” , this is soup of a chop medicinal material in southeast Asia widely known, do not have any relations with tea. Why can be this soup called ” tea ” ? It is the emigrant effect that Singapore suffers inchoate tide Shan to be taken only actually, local words address is similar wet Shan language ” tea ” pronunciation, so ” fleshy bone tea ” name all the time continue to use up to now.

The medical data inside this used yam, a surname child, longan flesh, angelica, the rhizome of chuanxiong, dangshen and ginseng, be like any of several hot spice plants of dried tangerine or orange peel, Bai Hu, licorice, cassia bark, anise to wait with a few flavor, the material that because involve,arrives is really too much, so the handiest method nothing is more… than resembles me to buy the condiment of fleshy bone tea that has matched to was done in Asian inn so. There is a packet of farinose to bloat in a packet of big condiment that the graph shows 2 times makings and makings of two packets of soup, can use stew the chop that boils a kilogram.

Respecting practice, be in originally ” fleshy bone tea ” condiment has in the bag define, but inside used ” plain very hot ” wait for term, gossip here so a few, show my process that make.

It is to choose above all makings, “Fleshy bone ” it is the costal region platoon that uses a pig (common weighs chop) , will cut good chop to put boiling water boiler to boil 9 minutes first, next fish out, this process is called is ” plain very hot ” , also cry ” flying water ” . The foreign matter that uses face of Wen Shui general and in-house hematic water are cleared and clean, use namely bloat the material in makings bag (it is pepper actually) mix with chop divide evenly, souse half hour.

Flay of 56 valve garlic, use lukewarm deepfry to golden color, fly again oily portion of water take out. two packets of flavoring / 6 do Xianggu mushroom to 8 / the head of garlic of deepfry throws boiled water boiler together inside, join chop next / of one spoon often smoke / of 3 spoon unripe after smoking conflagration to be boiled, turn small fire is stewed boil 45 minutes. If feel flavour is not quite salty, salt of the dot before can having pot flavors.

This food sweet smell is full-bodied, fetching appetite. Because be done for the first time, I admit to be executed step by step according to the specification really, how many premium comes to use consecutively according to shows the quantity in to put the Shang Dou that boil. Feel the Shang Shui in this dish is not much, basically stewing when boiling, surface just has built chop and tower above inch make. Also make fleshy flavour of Shang Li very thick so, with will mix the meal has very sweet.

The data that goes up according to the net says ” the effect that this soup has blood of heart’s-blood, flourishing, filling energy of life, terribly grow take a tonic to build up health colour, men and women of it may be said all the cordial of appropriate ” , after eating, feel to appear to do not have so exaggerative, but mix really the feeling of general bittern soup a prescription for a medical decoction has very big distinction. With will change taste is pretty good.

Fill mark the proposal according to netizen JUST EAT IT, fleshy bone tea (when Bak Kuh Teh) eats, can match a few soy that put fresh small chili to touch makings, still have aromatic rice. Additional, the oil in tea soup should be cast aside entirely, boil after been make, can fill heat in small arenaceous bowl on desk, still can add the fried bean curd that cuts small bubble or it is to match small deep-fried twisted dough sticks to eat soup. Chop had better cut small, not too much flesh above, the part of clingy bone is the sweetest. The likelihood because the cause with popular drug, feel this thing the four seasons all appropriate, also can eat when the weather is hot, match iced ‘ cool tea ‘ . Regard as breakfast or it is alone edible feels very good, place in with other thing lump prandial in appear not quite came out.

The condiment that buys in the Asian inn beside COOPCITY is wrapped, a packet of price is 4.5 Switzerland franc, can use the chop that does a kilogram or pig hoof.

Finished product. I am the photograph that comes to flesh of the uppermost in boiler and soup fish out to pat, float oily all is centered in this bowl, look at fatter. Top right corner a white east east it is to boil sodden garlic. Not be fat.

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