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a few markets that with respect to Switzerland the fish sells, only Aligro is in the individual’s impression have true Wet Market, besides, take in downtown, the fish of Migro is the most inexpensive, tone is the most general also, coop photograph is close friends than rising a few, the goods shelves of Manor had better see sort over this much also, dan Bing bright degree is insufficient. And likewise phyletic in Globus fish marks a price is a few in highest, allegedly delicacy is spent best, but I look and of Manor about the same. Come back to say the piscine file of Aligro, put way is most accord with last of the requirement, also have many good fish variety among them, if can understand,know Aligro cold chain to carry truly new arrived time, should can in time buy delicacy to spend best fish.
It is cheap and fine that the fish that sells here seems what to do not have, but say from the point of view that compares character, have 3 kinds of two fish should opposite at costly luck bright mark a price be content to be worth somewhat.

The first, tuna (nod this to enter cruelly oppress picture) , mark a price than flatfish (Sole) is even cheap, carry go up newly buy when goods want some of ice bag to take direct make it to give birth to slices of fish meat outside again, 10 having 89 is even cheaper than eating in home (except of gun of blue fim gold) .

The 2nd, much treasure fish (English name Turbot, ) , mark a price to also compare flatfish petty gain in Aligro inn, likelihood and Swiss person move back and forth more easily the appearance of flatfish is concerned, (because be illogical,French has not made clear Hunan flatfish price is expensive whether to mix feral about) . As a whole, inside sea fish besides spot kind beyond the good fish that waits for cay to go up, the fish of maritime space of out cold water especially plaice kind fingerling, great majority has better meat to be mixed character flavour, among them much treasure fish is before last anthology. The mouthfeel side the circuit fim of this fish is admirable, contain a lot ofcollagen albumen. The pattern of another name for Guangdong Province that practice head turns former juice raw ingredient is steamed (a piece of steams much treasure fish data picture in nodding this to enter MOMI website) , deserve to be mixed with right amount Jiang Cong Chi is oily can. When the individual thinks to should spend the money of as much, this is best choice. But should have in the kitchen a big a pot for steaming food so that at the operation.

The 3rd, it is some cheaper that I had seen in Aligro another kind wants than much treasure also is plaice left-eyed flounder kind fish, there is the spot of some of yellow on brunet back, flavour and mouthfeel are very pretty good also, will do with white wine very delicious, one should be carried here, the method doing a fish of dish is worth the Italy in Western-style food likewise praise highly, here recommends a very famous Italian cookbook website to everybody, there is detailed fish cookbook inside.

Allude again additionally at 2 o’clock,
If want to do fish of pickled Chinese cabbage,be, had better use fresh water fish, there is the carp that sells France here, if if cannot be in,black carp angling in the lake, this is the easiest choice, snow dish does a fish to be able to use sea fish collocation, but should try to compare, after all here without homebred yellow croaker, saury, pomfret. . .

2 it is to be in a supermarket to buy when hitting the fish that lose, flay goes the slices of fish meat of bone is spent by delicacy be close friends at the fish branchial did not draw out the whole fish that put several days again clean with abdomen. Go up of course what goods sells special offer is fresh whole fish is very good also.

About having a fish among them a literary quotation is, the Christian era 7 centuries when Dutch from Aberdonian over there the method that learned to machine edible Herring, result Dutch fishs from smack in the following time development becomes a powerful nautical state. Check This Out

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