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In fish of Swiss try to win sb’s favor difficult. The fish that sells inside the supermarket. Great majority is not us in home when often eat. And there is a few before ” elder ” remind me to buy piscine caution, because a lot of fish are special raw meat or fish. Do so that I arrived Swiss a long time had not bought a fish all the time. The commendation that later also is course others just has eaten a few kinds.
The trout that uses here is me in Switzerland most a kind of fish that often has. Have in Migro sell pass without careful textual research, belong to what fish after all. Be being bought at that time is to feel to resemble weever quite. French name cries ” Truite ” . Consulting a dictionary is trout it seems that. The supermarket sells have two kinds of trout. A kind of meat is red, a kind white. I had bought white only, call it white trout for the moment.

1. The fish goes scale, abluent. The scale of this kind of fish is very fine, do not pass or want to scrape carefully, the surface is otherwise satiny of be bored with, very accurate.
2. Delimit in the two sides of piscine body mark of a few knives (a few deeper but not penetrable) , brush a few salt and a few gourmet powder respectively in skin and abdomen (or gallinaceous essence) . Brush even, salt is OK and many somes properer. Because be fresh evaporate, not easy tasty.
3. Put the fish dish in, cut silk of a few ginger, green paragraph, ham silk, one part a place of strategic importance takes piscine gut, another part covers the face in the fish. Asperse on beer a few.
4. Heat water, evaporate of the boiler on the fish, a jin of right-and-left fish is general conflagration evaporate 10 minutes OK. If not be at ease, evaporate 15 minutes also won’t piscine evaporate old.

Ham was used here, itself takes a bit fertilizer, need not cheer additionally so. Also no longer free captive animals is smoked, otherwise the fragrance of ham comes out now without the body. The fish that final evaporate comes out, there is the scent of ham in fish and shellfish as food, very delicious.

[remarks] if do not have ham, want to take the word of steamed fish again. Still can be done according to above cookbook. Just alter a little finally. Impose the 5th condition.
5.After piscine evaporate is good, asperse in the surface a few unripe smoke, irrigate on hot green is oily.

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