[Fox communicates company message] eat and drink 10 big epicure choose community the activity is fervent in recommending

Sohu community fox tells company reporter: Those who ignite is green rub Er Linluogz@sohu

Fox tells a company (on December 24) dispatch: Cate is force, the fountainhead of force comes from the love in the heart, for this love, eat and drink the nutrition that with his hutch art and place know is the edition friend of community family, friend made the cate that is full of thick love, the cate that also makes a person enchanted because of these, moved each readers. Cate is not big eat certainly, and Pin Xiangming, shallow tasting little alcoholic drink also is a kind of mood, take off every detached.

Come as the Christmas, the drawing near of New Year, the activity of community also is rich and colorful. Eat and drink community chooses him to give authority better the epicure in a memory, running 2007 year 10 big epicure choose an activity . Here the cate edition that you can choose yourself to like is friendly, the passion that uses oneself goes confirming the person that has deep love for cate, namely most the person that has deep love for the life.

Ever when, cate is a very distant topic, the time in be on short commons is to do not have cate of this word, because standard of living is consecutive,rise, do dish to also be changed into delicate and healthy cate by original satiety, let each people that like cate can enjoy big eat of the vision, with oneself eye, combinative picture goes sampling attentively, is this why spirit go up enjoy? This is the glamour place of the network.

As edition friend join eagerly at, fire of selection activity no less than is like ground of a bitter edible plant to undertake, the edition friendly epicure that lets our wait and see what happens choose excellent craft and distinctive opinion.

Be fox is what the reporter that tell a company ignites green rub is Er in eat and drink kitchen of community, cate, West Point, <a Http://club.chihe.sohu.com/chihemain.php? You send path of tea of C=156&b=zz0187&t=0> sweet tea, maigre creed to report, prescient detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to fox to tell company reporter relevant report.

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