[Fox hears wall bulletin] eat and drink 5 kinds of healthy live scene give birth to Olympic Games regale sweet

[Fox hears wall bulletin] eat and drink 5 kinds of healthy live scene give birth to Olympic Games regale sweet
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Dispatch fox salon (on April 25) : The Chinese’s grand meeting 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is about to kick off, to salute the advent of the Olympic Games, sohu eats and drink channel, Sohu eats and drink community is special held sumptuous dinner of Olympic Games cate — 5 kinds of health welcome Olympic Games activity, go up to add flower of a healthy cate again for 5 kinds of annulus bright and beautiful of the Olympic Games. This activity already was started formally on April 24, 2008 (particular case sees yesterday daily) .

Regale of Olympic Games cate — 5 kinds of health greet Olympic Games activity to just start what won numerous netizen namely to support energetically. The activity is divided in all for netizen group and restaurant group two kinds. Netizen work is to like the netizens that eat and drink to use off hours to be in the home for the most part the result of arduous labor, restaurant group is each dining-room large kitchen people the specialty that produces oneself, the result that each shows special prowess. Regale takes part in the match feed material to cooperate an Olympic Games 5 annulus color is divided in all for blue, black, red, yellow, green 5 kinds, players are start with 5 kinds of healthy concepts, go all lengths in succession those who take out home is special competence, create meticulously, the support that strives for audience netizen thereby and voting.

Blue: Food of narrow sense blue color; Broad sense points to aquatic product and finished products. The fish is a kind the commonnest do not pass feed capable person, the definition in regale is blue, when the fish of this squirrel laurel that sees loose crane building when you nevertheless, believe you also meet what grudge none give out exclaim! "Sciuroid laurel fish " it is the masterpiece in meat and fish dishes of aunt Su Cai, in domestic and international long enjoy high reputation. This dish coloured has sweet, have flavour materiality, more exclamatory letting a person is phonic still. Good when scamper as ” squirrel ” when the desk on Gui Yu, immediately is irrigated on reeky thick gravy, this ” squirrel ” Zhi Zhi ground ” cry ” rise.

Black: Black color food; Food of broad sense dark reddish brown, souse reachs airing goods. Black chicken is well-known it is a kind of food that fills greatly, the body advantage to the female especially big. The milk that netizen lubricious dirt takes part in the match stews black chicken not only mouthfeel is exquisite, and embellish and not dry, the daily life of a family of can yet be regarded as the top grade of nourishing, preserve one’s health.

Gules: The food of magenta or narrow sense red, orange red, palm red; Flesh of broad sense red kind reach finished products. The flesh kind it is average household feeds capable person necessarily, a common steaky pork, the meat of gust fermented bean curd that adds all sorts of complementary makings to make through netizen Slqgf coils cake, lubricious delicacy is sweet fragile, light sees a picture also your person forefinger moves enough greatly.

Yellow: Narrow sense yellow or orange food reach finished products. Broad sense fowl and egg kind food. Lucky pomegranate is wrapped, does the name sound quite inviting? The colour and lustre of lucky pomegranate bag that netizen Slqgf makes with egg skin, turnip, yam, asparagus lettuce is bright-coloured, the shell is beautiful, taste relaxed not fat, already but cold drinks and snacks also can be heated up feed, it is one suits what carry when go on a journey to exceed convenient food.

Green: Food of narrow sense green color; Rely on the white food of the greenery that photosynthesis generates or fructification; Broad sense is natural health food, refer in particular to fungus, dairy produce and bee goods. Advocate green provision everywhere now, green food also is the development trend of prospective food industry. Gorgon fruit is a special local product of Suzhou, allegedly, the Suzhou person of year period plants Gorgon fruit in water to swing in, folk call it in those days ” be hungry beans ” , it is the reserve grain of Suzhou person at ordinary times, in case when having a what natural disaster some year, it was become help grain. Be in folk, gorgon fruit is enjoyed ” the ginseng in water ” good name, can fill lienal beneficial is angry, solid kidney strong choice, make the person hears and sees well, prolong life. Sweet the another masterpiece that fabaceous Gorgon fruit is loose crane building, suzhou Gorgon fruit and sweet what bean makes together is sweet fabaceous Gorgon fruit, taste have already ” bones and muscles ” have again chew a head, and still carrying filar silk water sweet, live scene of true it may be said gives birth to a sweet cate.

Blue, black, red, yellow, green, olympic Games 5 kinds of annulus, regale of cate of blue, black, red, yellow, green Olympic Games 5 kinds of healthy cate, already delicate and goluptious, but gymnastical strong put oneself in another’s position. Color, sweet, flavour, form, sound, 5 kinds of styles 5 kinds of healthy cate, let us pay close attention to regale of Olympic Games cate together, await the arrival of the Olympic Games together.

This is - kite line - in eat and drink channel hair comes stalk of grain only, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

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