[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

Dispatch fox salon publicizes a station: Infinite country Fdlsabc@sohu

Dispatch fox salon (on April 25) : Eat and drink by Sohu channel and the regale of Olympic Games cate that channel of Sohu Olympic Games rolls out jointly- - 5 kinds of health welcome activity of Olympic Games activity, already pulled open delicious and luxuriant big screen now. This a lot of netizens already also took out him ” look after the house skill ” , for a sweet and goluptious pineapple is sweet 2008; For Olympic Games good athlete ” give counsel ” , offer the Olympic Games recipe of a healthy motion.

This ” regale of Olympic Games cate ” of mobile creativity will feed material joint Olympic Games 5 annulus color, and rasorial, egg kind food and corn and belong to yellow or the classify feeding capable person such as orange fruit, vegetable is an Olympic Games the yellow in 5 annulus, the laborious spirit that represented our Asia people and peculiar life quality.

On regale of this Olympic Games cate, yellow kind food relatively grab an eye, the dish that netizen and dining-room roll out respectively is tasted more calculate on develop a school of one’s own tries to be unique. Always some ” sweet clear fellow makes beautiful gas wine, photograph of flame of beautiful cheek wine to. Drunk lean on one pay of green shade Mian. Rouse looks. Bow cabinet is on the beach ” the feeling of drunk happy event of guest of make one’s rounds.

Yellow kind the maize birds such as chicken, duck, goose kind with the egg kind feed capable person, have very high nutrition value, and, flesh of chicken, duck is officinal value is very great also. Chicken has in folk ” medicine of aid world good people ” good name. The dish that with these feeding material rolls out is tasted also is quite rich, for instance: Carbonado of chicken of most famous Chongqing hot pepper, Chinese chestnut, duck of brine of hill of a thick soup of green duck red bean, gold, yellow stew child cupreous goose, etc. Still have the evaporate drumstick that by netizen color this dirt lush rolls out, the lucky pomegranate that makes meticulously by Slqgf is wrapped, the acetic stew chicken that by Ganxieni11 strong feeling dedicates piece. Represented the characteristic of Chinese cate and that sincerity on certain level.

However, to yellow kind the article of cate, have egg of gallinaceous duck goose only not just on these Chinese cookbook famous feed capable person, still have wait for vegetable like stay of proceedings of carrot, acupuncture needle, bamboo shoot, wait for a fruit like banana, Huang Tao, mango, wait for cereal legume like corn, soya bean, earthnut, millet a series of natural cate. So far, by netizen color this world is new box of cooked lucky bean curd and the water that flying Xue Moshuang takes part in the match boil dry silk, match with nutrition acme, wen Wanying of colour and lustre desire and suffer broad netizen fully love.

“Apropos Xin Qing puts wild ship, each gives light gull a pond. One brook green water all rain during springtime, cross-strait green hill half the setting sun. Season just met it is good to choose course, the daughter sees more collect tea busy. Sanded head remnant has peach blossom piece, pour out of a village to come thyme. ” like also hoping to be like this poem, in ” choose course ” offer after season make spring dish. Cheer ~~

Above is infinite country is what you send to stalk of grain only in cate kitchen, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

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