[Fox hears wall bulletin] the gules love song that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games

[Fox hears wall bulletin] the gules love song that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games
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Fast fox salon (on April 25) : Joy is our direction, enthusiasm is our assistant, hope, we are had jointly, in coming Olympic Games, we are pulled with red an a chain of smiling face and touch. The sumptuous dinner of Olympic Games cate that Sohu is having in like a raging fire — 5 kinds of health welcome Olympic Games activity, elaborated Olympic Games and cate photograph union aptly, health and nutrition distribute food neat hand-in-hand implied meaning.

Red represents hope, enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, joy, gules and indicative enthusiastic, infuriation, free, romantic, come up against delicate cate when enthusiastic red, affirmative meeting spurt gives out dazzling ray, already dazzing make again person cannot help doing sth. Although be advocated now, is green food, eat vegetable melon and fruit more, clear intestines and stomach, but eat the meat place of can compensatory body needs amino acerbity protein to wait, in this, a 焗 that should recommend netizen lubricious dirt especially bakes hare leg, originally delicate hare leg uses pink of pink of salt, chili, the five spices, Zi like that, Chengdu of yellow rice or millet wine, shallot, Jiang Mo, garlic, unripe smoke, pepper souse after two days of tasty, put oven 焗 to bake, after waiting for flavour ooze to go in, lie between old far, can smell thick aroma, because bake, return the sound that can give out diligent so, asperse at this moment go up some of white sesame seed and Zi like that pink, of Jiao Gong incarnadine, inviting aroma, want to keep back do not eat to be no good. For beautiful to love MM, do not have a problem more, because the lean lean of rabbit meat occupies 95 % above, every 100 grams contain high grade protein 21. 6 grams, taller than pork, hotpot, chicken, beef, belong to low adipose food, often eat to need not worry about get fat.

Dot likes a few strange things most, when often going out to eat, always should meet those who nod a few sweet do not having to had eaten but sell very good cate. In this, butterfly - Sl is special recommend flesh of fermented bean curd of a gust to coil cake, common steaky pork can, before the blast that enter boiler, need puts agitate of pink of garlic of ginger of juice of fermented bean curd, salt, white sugar, cooking wine, green, settleclear pink, tender flesh first even souse 2 hours of above, make taste can complete ooze arrives inside the flesh. The idea that has roast duck can consult after giving boiler, add sauce of lettuce cucumber face, the cake that use a circle is coiling to eat. This dish, already the flesh has food again, glow, bring out the best in each other, believe the child saw regular meeting appetite leaves greatly.

Introduced two meat or fish kind, we has bit of element. Tomato fries New Year cake is right choice. The New Year cake of soft glutinous, match with bold and unrestrained tomato, chew first, have slightly acerbity, to nibble, diffuse between labial tine with respect to the fragrance with gutty and light meeting, and, the belt in returning sick at heart is sweet. Tomato fries New Year cake to be provided quite sell, red white alternate with, intersect reflect, implied meaning flourishing, believe everybody can like.

Let us be done with joy how-to, with become motive force ardently, make the state of mind with romance, because in that way, we just can realize the implication that gets red more. Prosperous step by step tall, expect the netizen is consecratory more work.

This is morning- - stalk of grain only in what cate kitchen sends for you, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

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