[Fox hears wall bulletin] what 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is green move aspirations

[Community express] what 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is green move aspirations
Dispatch fox salon publicizes SNOW Shirle_yu@chinaren of station Xue Wei

Dispatch fox salon (on April 25) : Blue, black, red, yellow, green, 5 kinds of color represented the 5 annulus of the Olympic Games, it is correspondence with these 5 kinds of color, 5 kinds of nutrition and Olympic Games be closely bound up. The regale of Olympic Games cate that Sohu net begins — 5 kinds of health welcome Olympic Games activity, meaning bless Beijing Olympic Games in order to contribute cate to carry this activity, initiate comprehensive fitness and nutrition to match food concept.

Nowadays ” green ” , already was a term that shows color not just, more important is to representing a kind of brand-new concept. When the Olympic Games 2008 by the coronal with green Olympic Games, the relation of green and Olympic Games more took one step. Green food, food of narrow sense green color; Rely on the white food of the greenery that photosynthesis generates or fructification; Broad sense is natural health food, refer in particular to fungus, dairy produce and bee goods

Of green sweet the beans matchs with Gorgon fruit, element of so wonderful meat or fish is tie-in. What the building of player loose crane that this takes part in the match by dining-room namely brings to us is sweet fabaceous Gorgon fruit, and allegedly, the Suzhou person of year period plants Gorgon fruit in water to swing in, folk call it in those days ” be hungry beans ” , it is the reserve grain of Suzhou person at ordinary times, in case when having a what natural disaster some year, it was become help grain. Be in folk, gorgon fruit is enjoyed ” the ginseng in water ” good name, can fill lienal beneficial is angry, solid kidney strong choice, make the person hears and sees well, prolong life.

Netizens are unwilling also inspect weak, this not is Yaya small abandon will does the; of maigre evaporate crowndaisy chrysanthemum of natural health think simple settlement eat? The nutrient spinach face that this can try to leave lubricious this world, can not look down upon this to pause together, can be nutrition abounded? Spinach contains rich carotene, iron not only, also be the good origin of vitamin B6, iron, Potassium. Constant edible spinach can connect hematic arteries and veins, open pectoral midriff, in attune leaving energy of life, stop the action; of thirsty moisten the respiratory tract can not think green dish is fastened in, a viridescent food that can make, it is lubricious dirt likewise a Bai Ju is spat colourful, chose Bai Luobo to make, explained green provision from wide meaning.

Healthy green, green the aspirations that moves us, bring us healthy life. These dish are tasted is to was green food to open build only, believe as the activity begin ceaselessly, can ceaseless have new give priority to hit provision to roll out with green. Expecting each ace to give us more cate.

This is announce of dispatch fox salon SNOW of the Xue Wei that pass a station is what you send to stalk of grain only in cate kitchen, what be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong is relevant stalk of grain only.

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Sweet fabaceous Gorgon fruit

Nutrient spinach face

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