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It is the fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour that misses Nanjing very these days, an egg adds a deep-fried twisted dough sticks great dish, thorough common feelings of people of ~~~~~~ of a 5 RMBs, of course, I am the thing before inflation is breathed out yes, 2, 3 years ago. That time goes a bus to stand together with papaya in the morning, one person buys, next he goes going to work I go attending class ~~~~~ thinks, that is the clearest Nanjing flavour really, when can go back again look…

[fruit of Nanjing edition thin pancake made of millet flour]

Material: Gram pink 100 grams Flour 100 grams Clear water 250 milliliter Big sauce a few A few of chopped green onion Egg Deep-fried twisted dough sticks Kelp silk, potato silk, pickles (I was not bought) , lettuce is right amount

Course of action:

1, brush inside pan thin a thin oil, fill one spoon panada to pour boiler inside, rotate boiler face makes panada flows equably face of burnt full boiler, ignite next with most simmer in water of the smallest fire infiltrates an egg delimits after half minutes medicinal powder, scatter on egg fluid on a few chopped green onion, a big sauce is brushed after the fluid that wait for an egg is a bit caky, next ordinal put silk of lettuce, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, kelp, potato silk and pickles to wait, coil its can

2, the course of action of panada: Mixture gram pink and flour, next little enters clear water concoctive and even the panada that is fluidity

3, the course of action of potato silk: Fry heat is burned into right amount oil inside boiler, put silk of be buried beans to break up next fry 2 minutes, transfer into salt and gourmet powder can

4, the course of action of kelp silk: After cleaning kelp clean with water, cut agglomerate put bowl inside, had done not have kelp into clear water, the cap on the lid boils the fish out after 15 minutes to cut silk, put kelp silk into the bowl inside, transfer into pink of oil of a few salt, gourmet powder, balm, chili, vinegar, candy, Chinese prickly ash mixes divide evenly can

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:

1, the panada of skin of the cake that make is made up by gram pink and flour, if do not have off-the-peg gram pink to be able to be made with juicer burnish gram; If gram pink is too much, face skin is easy and broken, 1: The scale of 1 is more appropriate

2, I had tried the method that booth formulates face skin a lot of times, the result that reachs finally is: Cold boiler issues panada, simmer in water of fire of the reopen after rotational boiler face makes panada flow shapes is made can spread out a perfect cake skin, first time may be not good, try 2 times more skilled

3, big sauce can choose Korea thick chili sauce homebred perhaps ” in June green spouse “

4, the time that potato silk fries does not want too long, if fry continous mouthfeel is bad, fry unripe can, keep fragile fragile mouthfeel

5, if deep-fried twisted dough sticks became cool,can put in cake skin edge on bake put cake skin again, bake next one meetings to let deep-fried twisted dough sticks become fragile oh

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