Fry the kitchen below aubergine and small land of garlic Chengdu lettuce, absolutely new style

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Xiaoliu leaves a kitchen, absolutely new style

Yesterday evening fulfil went to small Liu Youying bar, but conscience still calculates did not die out completely, wait for them to drink full later, when take food taken late at night, still give me cry, took food taken late at night so occasionally, drank dot small wine incidentally. ~~ is satisfied ah ~~

The word says today, when getting up, I forgot the thing before a completely, consider all the time, xiaoliu when come back yesterday evening, I did not remember how. Ah, awoke so, also do not remember a bed, because there is a business in the heart ah. After waiting for me to remember all things eventually, the table that sees a wall go up has been midday at 12 o’clock. Ha, still have the voice that small Liu Na wails: “Quickly practice, starved to death. ” good cough up, get up, the edge clears away an edge to ask Xiaoliu, “Eat what midday? ” reply and same before: “Informal ” , I still ask: “You want what to eat, rice? Face? What course to take? ” reply as before: “Informal ” , change ask a way: “Then you want what to eat, what do I do to you ” , reply or in that way: “What do you do what do I eat. ” good, good was defeated by him. In him ” supervise ” in, complete the work that wash gargle, develop a kitchen, pull open freezer, begin to look when what can leave boiler, xiaoliu stands in backstairs mouth to ask me: “Still have an aubergine ah ” , take him to look, “I do aubergine to you that today midday ” , oh ~~~ eyeball is dropped outside, very happy still nevertheless, took out aubergine so, with lettuce, tell him, “These give you. You cook midday, I eat! I eat!!

Next in the kitchen, began the lunch that Xiaoliu acclaims, it is a photography only occasionally, with a ha breath out ~~~

Fry aubergine

Xiaoliu makes food, super simple, raw material condiment is very simple, look to understand, learn to be met, with a ha breath out ~~~

Raw material: Aubergine, green pepper, garlic

Condiment: Salt, dawdle essence, unripe smoke, pink of Chinese prickly ash


1. aubergine abluent, knife section changes after cutting Duan Ran first, cut fine point finally, bit thicker, in putting weak salt solution, immerse (in cutting good aubergine to put weak salt solution, can become angry in order to prevent aubergine, after the influence becomes dish sell) , green pepper cuts into shreds (still compare vinegar of small Liu Qie) , garlic chop;

2. heats up boiler to put oil, break with garlic next explode boiler, put green pepper to be fried again, put aubergine next, join pink of Chinese prickly ash to begin to break up fry;

What touch adds when 3. waits for aubergine to have some of molten is unripe smoke mix colors to add flavor, break up fry all with hind, add the water of a few, cover tightly a little while, when waiting for water to work, join salt and dawdle essence to flavor break up fry even can.

Of small land edition fry aubergine, ask everybody to eat cough up ~~~

Garlic Chengdu lettuce

Raw material: Lettuce, garlic

Condiment: Salt, dawdle essence


1. lettuce washs headroom to do water, reserve, garlic cut last stage;

2. heats up boiler to put oil, explode after sweet garlic powder, put lettuce conflagration to be fried quickly, salt and dawdle essence are added to flavor after waiting for lettuce molten can

The garlic Chengdu lettuce of small land edition, also ask everybody to taste

Good, dish is sent, say why Xiaoliu wants to prepare food today. The thing is such, when Xiaoliu bought food with me yesterday, say to want to eat burn aubergine, so I bought two aubergine. Came back to do, having a family also is to eat but, but say,not be that taste that he wants, so, himself prepares food today the taste that made him want to eat. Ha, what he says he is done is delicious, but what feel to be done occasionally occasionally is delicious. Not bad nevertheless, no matter who is done, ~~~ of dispose of smooth cough up

Leave that rich settle or live in a strange place of Xiaoliu by the way, wrote, next because busy, did not update, wanted to update immediately allegedly nevertheless, so, I still am below conduct propaganda, available the rich guest that goes seeing Xiaoliu.
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