Girl girl loves course of eating the daily life of a family

Speak all the time all the time with girl girl these days, happiness was full of in the heart. A variety of stories that lively tells girl girl to happen in the United States, the everybody that encounter. Tell excessive act vigorously rises happy to dance, warn me at the same time must not scratch, cannot help saying to listen to me at the same time. The world outside to 20 come year old for Chinese child, was full of new move, arrived the 2nd year, her friend is much, the job is busy, experience everywhere, had been recorded without time, bilged so the word of skinful wants get sth off one’s chest.

Girl girl bought ten books on the net, add my office to move ten when come home, caboodle is mixed in desk the head of a bed, the person rolls a bed to boil again from sofa, see neck back ache, extremely happy. She says, have a holiday come home to be loosened completely, without the prodigal time that feel apologetic feels, died happily. Still should add mom’s so good bend auditor of course, resemble collecting gold to collect her rubbish in that way.

The appetite of girl girl has amount only everyday, have a thing scarcely by day. Ate a few days fat later, should eat delicate. What I burn still is dish of the daily life of a family. Some were patted according to.

Fish of crucian carp of braise in soy sauce

Aubergine of cold and dressed with sause

Seedling of wine sweet pea

Flesh of pickles river mussel

Briny razor clam

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