Gizzard of duck of the five spices

Once YESHUILAN comes to our home play, took the gizzard of duck of vacuum-packed the five spices that she takes from home to me. That delicious, make me resolved, available must oneself make a bowl big come, satisfy a craving for delicious food thoroughly!

A few months went, sell the duck that has cleared clean the gizzard in the discovery in the bar of ALIGRO eventually, look very fresh, buy, in the GOOGLE on the net several prescription, did according to the material of at hand. Oneself feel very satisfactory still, prescription is as follows:

  1. Put duck gizzard into boiler, add water to had done not have duck gizzard, big baked wheaten cake opens dichotomy bell, duck gizzard fish out, develop surplus end of the surface with Wenshui, pour the sewage in boiler, boiler abluent.
  2. Rinse in the infuse inside boiler afresh, join a few anise, cassia bark, Jiang Pian, put duck gizzard, those who add touch is old smoke, add salt, add salt to measure the candy of the half. Add pink of one tablespoon the five spices according to his taste finally. Small fire turns to stew after big baked wheaten cake opens quarter boil 2 hours.
  3. 2 hour hind involve fire, do not take out duck gizzard, place wait for cool hind edible.

Result a bit:

  1. Stew when boiling, salt, candy can be put more appropriately a bit, because duck gizzard is not very easy tasty. Also be to consider to make duck gizzard sufficient tasty, do not leave directly after had been boiled so eat, make it static it is better that buy tastes after period of time. If not anxious if eating, pass the night had better be set in freezer.
  2. If duck gizzard is done much, eat to be taken out every time, the rest still should let its bubble be in soup, otherwise chapped of meeting drying shrinkage cracks duck gizzard surface, bring about mouthfeel to become poor. Saving about 3 days in freezer do not have a problem.
  3. Duck gizzard cannot stew the time that boil to grow too. Experiment twice through mine, I boiled 5 hours, duck gizzard was boiled to rot, eat soft in the mouth collapse those who collapse, did not chew a head. Two hours feel small internal heat is just good. Of course everybody’s taste may have distinction, somebody may like a bit soddener, but the proposal stews boiled time to also want control to be in 2-2.5 hour.
  4. Make the ingredient of duck gizzard the five spices that come so very thick, also have quite chew interest, very delicious. But the briny duck gizzard that somebody likes to have clear opening, such word does not need long boiled, the method can be checked in each cate websites.

From left to right: ? , the French label of mount of duck gizzard bag pursues 2, the brand on duck gizzard, above support icon of duck of a flat mouth, I decide of li of biscuit is duck gizzard. Graph 3, bubble is in the duck gizzard in water.

Finished product.

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