Go up some of food that makes in the home


Remembering with concern to renew rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit all the time, but in the heart tumultuous, perhaps this and stock market drop continuously about. Although I am in A go up to shift to an earlier date successfully 3 days to check inventory, but glad to do not rise. Girl girl came home, attune of her time difference does not come over, sleep desultory, manage to find time chat with her, discover she grows or resemble a dot, the heart is a lot of more mature however, to oneself in a planned way is mixed in the future plan, let me very be at ease.

The day before yesterday I hear girl girl crying, the suicide before just hearing a high school is the same as the classmate half moon of the dormitory so dies, result of that girl middle school is very strong, money of pass an entrance examination is big, melancholia was gotten after. This girl grows very fair and clearly, introvert, too tall to him requirement. Will look for Guo Niuniu a few times after go to the bad, say not happy. Girl girl accompanies her to go out to had played, group photo accept as a souvenir, I also help her had introduced the doctor in the heart. The girl often follows on the log of girl girl post, with very affectionate tone, appear very lively. Girl girl went back to the motherland last year do not have time to look for her to play, face the telephone call that receives her, she took a kin telephone call that is in the United States perfervidly, introduce girl girl understanding. Ever called to send one’s respects to girl to the United States again later, because midnight is over there girl girl,did not say on a few words unfortunately, does girl girl ask she is good? Her voice is very cheerful say very good. Why does girl girl cry so sadly, girl girl says, actually they are not very the friend that be close friends, know she is acedia now, it is painful, in appeal everywhere, and oneself go up without the side she. Girl girl says, the anguish of one individual heart is to tell not clear, listen will listen, what she says is an undergraduate nevertheless alive she does not imagine formerly, she feels not happy, specific do not say what to give. So her parents does not understand her why to want in that way. She has seen psychological doctor, had taken drug, cannot free oneself, be in him home finally, it is below mom’s eyelid, from high-rise very quickly and below. In my heart very heavy. Comfort girl, actually nobody side got her, not self-condemned. The saddest now mom that should be her, jump in the girl building a few days ago, her mom has become aware, those who sleep is in girl clip in the evening every day among oneself and husband, unexpectedly tragedy still happens.

Say the dot is happy. Girl girl brings me the noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that a lot of United States make cake, she should teach me to do. Pass two days to buy some of pattern with her together, buy a new oven even, in the home too small. But who and me has cake done to eat together? But that can make a person too the thing of get fat, everybody for fear that avoids not as good as.

With small empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of grandma big father’s elder brother 10 person has a meal together today, in village of garden of plum of the road in Yan’an. Before two days are the unit dines together, it is to make a few days ago again assist entertaining guests is to be over there. This is being connected take piscine side 3 times, I also spoil one’s appetite. Girl girl lets me pat next Chinese to eat so the ostentation and extravagance of dish of one big desk, go back gally American.

The on a few course that Zhang Jiali takes.

Bought a lot of fresh fruits to eat to girl girl, still Yang Mei and cherry watermelon are waited a moment

Briny shrimp and water spinach

Stay of proceedings of tea tree of pointed any of several hot spice plants

Stay of proceedings of calabash melon Xiaobai

Fish of evaporate river eel (eat ability to remember take a picture)

Panbroil bake child fish

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