Gram bud cake

Immerse oneself in absorption saw a few a book from heaven, seem to give me look break language, had syared blankly a little while to computer, say be used to repeatedly gibberish seems to won’t say.

Today’s major activity, it is a home in put in buy ’s charge thoroughly, refuse a certain number of old also unused thing, and a systimatic person that has deep love for clean should be done after determination. My this word says, give readily take the opportunity to my pig like what, praise again and again.

Know he loves to hear such word, so with respect to for the moment so saying to play, can hold to as to this determination how long, say again, anyway, my determination is not costly this thing, early make public outside the home in the home namely ” secret ” .

Was opposite, the dream that before remembering the morning gets up, has made, saying to play: My dream suffers from cause disaster to rat (also do not know how meeting dream arrives mice this thing, may see the reason of snake of ideal yesterday respecting? ) , it is to angle completely in alley the person of mice — ― is strange, in my dream, mice is need unexpectedly angle, hooking bait with hook, extend next into earth, like fishing. See an acquaintance also is angling, before going up, ask, he says the unit gives him target of make known to lower levels, want one year to angle5Nest mice. See him string together fat toward hook, I remember the forked carbonado in the home, ask, do I take a forked carbonado to make bait to you? As a result he says to be no good, this drought fish does not eat raw meat only ripe. Next he says in a low voice to my ear again, this thing but essence of life, cannot make its name, so everybody calls it ” drought fish ” , if be spoken ” mice ” this, it also did not swallow the bait how.

After waking yell — I baked ― yesterday some of forked carbonado, remain half small, when washing a bowl, wanted to throw, be blocked in time by my pig do not let throw, say he has not eaten enough, the result was not thrown into, I remember with concern in the dream consider is dropped to processing, but also do not have processing to become, family ” drought fish ” do not eat, laugh. . .

Like to send bean sprouts all the time recently, amusing healthful, see this cake that I make with gram bud breath out.

Practice: 1) gram bud a bowl. The green bean sprouts that used him home sends, I like to differ bean sprouts is brought up to begin to eat. If be the green bean sprouts that city makes work, because of fabaceous valve long did not have, be afraid of is water branch too big, want to become the word of cake, reckon gift is nice so that squeeze a few moisture.

2) break bean sprouts into pieces or chop, add powder of chopped green onion, garlic, pepper, salt, egg, sesame-seed oil.

3) mixing is such consistency after divide evenly.

4) boiler heats, put a few oil, in small fire, enter bean sprouts burnt paste with ladle dip, carry on the back with ladle wipe roundlet cake.

5) decoct is over at the same time again decoct other one side, two sides decoct comes golden color, be good!

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