Green sweetened bean taste is sanded

Green sweetened bean taste is sanded

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Material: Pool? white sugar Gan Guihua (candy sweet-scented osmanthus) Edible oil Water


1 Gram chooses foreign matter, clear water is abluent.

2 Water is added in boiler and one times of prep above gram. Big baked wheaten cake leaves, cook fire of the make down after 5 minutes, boil gram bead to blossom, desquamate, be like,the beans rots mud. Involve fire.

3 Fry boiler to burn hot oil, put gram sand to break up slightly, join candy, sweet-scented osmanthus small fire breaks up fry, cent letting water evaporates. Midway otherwise stops ground agitate, lest paper boiler.

4 The buy inside boiler is cool, cent is installed at lasting inside bag, press into the thin pancake that makes an appointment with 1CM, refrigerant save.

This is the sweetened bean taste after buy is cool

Bag of sweetened bean taste

This is refrigerant hind the sweetened bean taste that reassume gives

Small eat of green sweetened bean taste is wrapped

When * boils bean, should notice water quantity and bean boil sodden degree at any time, the otherwise when frying sweetened bean taste stops ground agitate, lest paper boiler.

When ** is saved squash of sweetened bean taste refrigerant and OK occupy a space less, and apply again when change aspic easily to break up.

*** candy oil measures the taste take into consideration the circumstances according to oneself to add. Oil of this the \ that taste candy added the 1/5 that sweetened bean taste measures each.

**** fries sweetened bean taste is a work that exercises person endurance really, this sweetened bean taste I am cent second fry those who come out. First time material is added sufficient fry go out to small Gan Cheng, put issue boiler to break up again the following day fry, successful. </b>

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