Happy on the weekend- - meal of curry chicken dawdle

This weekend is very happy on the weekend! The reason is my upstairs neighbour moved last week. They are I had seen the most terrible neighbour, often open acoustics to dance in before dawn, to check they, we call the police countless times, they also are answered by amerce N. But, amerce hind still is nephew hits a lantern- - unaltered! This time they are like is to be complained by entire building, was banged go out. Regard fall victim as a the closest family (because we stay in their home downstair, when they put music greatly, we are just like is to sleep in bar. ) we enjoyed a very quiet night in Zhouwu eventually (former neighbor likes to open night PARTY in Zhou Wu most) . When awaking this morning, feel have one’s sleep out feel really comfortable! Rapidly one roll climbs, go MIGRO buys fresh vegetable.
Bought chicken, onion, new worry, planning in the heart is to do dawdle to stew chicken what to still do other. Remembered to there still is the curry that buys in Japanese inn last in the home suddenly, be it, eat curry chicken meal today.
The way is very simple:
The first pace: Fry onion man with small fire soft ripe give juice, fill piece reserve, this pure belong to individual be fond of, need not want;
The 2nd pace: After cutting chicken, medium baking temperature fries 7 maturity to be able to be filled piece reserved. Because from the back one boils the segment that make, if the 2nd pace is fried squashy, the chicken in final finished product passes easily old. The chicken weight that I use is very few, because I feel,the dawdle in this dish is close friends than chicken eat more. Basic scale is a chicken two to triplet dawdle.
The 3rd pace: Break the curry that buys in Japanese inn give, the curry that I buy piece pack greatly, there are two inside, in all 8 small, heft is very good master, one person comes according to small piece one it is OK to use. I am broken give two small (see a picture) , will curry piece breaks to be sure to with the knife, add clear water bubble of about 250 milliliter rises
The 4th pace: The boiler that heat up oil fries dawdle a bit, put the onion that has fried, chicken together next fry pan, bubble the curry shiver in the bowl connects water to pour boiler together in, mix divide evenly, when burning the content in boiler to present the sample of thick Gorgon euryale OK.
Chicken of this curry dawdle distributes a meal very good flavour, I like the dawdle inside especially, soft soft slip those who slip is very delicious. Also can do beef curry meal with same method, in that way word, carrot of choice distributing food, onion, potato piece is better.
Result: Dawdle should choose new worry to had been compared, had better be to was bought that day did that day. After if put,entering freezer a few days, although dawdle is outside without big change, but you can discover dawdle is fried blacken, taste also unlike new worry so soup juice is full soft slippery.
If you are chosen, is the same curry in pursueing with me, so the whole journey that make does not need to add the other dressing such as salt and gourmet powder again. Because itself of this kind of curry is of dawdler edition, besides curry, amylaceous, salinity has matched. Do not need to add dressing additionally, lest ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous.

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