I also do steamed dumpling [0810 cate challenge]

Saw in community yesterday the friend does steamed dumpling, come home I also was done, the sense is good still, ah, go up quickly pursue,
Will prepare meat stuffing first:
1. meat stuffing. Leek. Celery. Xianggu mushroom. Green.

2. burden mincing, put together,

Add an egg again. Join condiment (can depend on individual taste) , mix divide evenly

3. knead dough: Φ of ┘ of right suddenly of adze of Ya Di expose sb’s misdeeds or crimes gathers up? can make face skin tastes so more muscle,

The face of become reconciled

Save a little while, rub is become, cut size moderate with the knife piece, next again roll becomes face skin,
The bag becomes dumpling state, go up next boiler evaporate 15 minutes,

See a finished product pursue

The side that allows everybody to see my roll again piece, ah

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