In succession had plum garden village 3 times

Sent the dish of village of garden of a few plums, nod so by me, average per capita 100 yuan. I am the card that uses the network that carry Cheng, 8. 5 fold.

Come first a broken bowl exposure, because remember filar silk says they use broken bowl,be famous, search on the desk. Have two as expected, ha, establish this to put according to. Chicken of caraway small elementTurnip seafood dumplingMuscle of hemp hot oxChicken broth does silkShrimp roe big black is joinedWater in which noodles have been boiled of piscine head fishAcerbity hot green mouthChicken of plum garden white beheadPotato saladHead of flooey earthen bowlChestnutSauce turnipGoose liverThe eel that bakeQing Dynasty fries river shelled fresh shrimpsValve of yellow croaker beans (this dish is recommended, be a thick soup of pickles yellow croaker change personally, without bone, very bright)Crab of green ginger fleshBeijing roast duckPiscine headBai Zhuogai orchidDuck silk bean sprouts

Circle mesa

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