Jin Shangni (GIN TONIC)

In Switzerland, having a profit is very easy sundry wine is found in large store, breed is very much, if good friend just in time uses exchange wine be pregnant this a little bit,oneself start work modulation a few simple cocktail.

GIN TONIC suits the cocktail that makes up in the home so namely, british DRY GIN is bought in the shop, with TONIC WATER, according to wine and TONIC WATER are compared 8 (from 1 than 8 to 2 comparing any 5 scale between is possible) after proportional mix is even, enter mixed liquor the cup of replete ice cube, it is OK to be thrown into a fresh section lemon.

The GIN wine that uses here, allegedly although GIN wine is the slinkest Yu Helan, but the Englishman promotes GIN wine with the advanced technology that make wine however to a higher administrative levels. Bud of wheat of corn of their in order to, Ke, barley is main raw material, use successive distill method, distillation gives firewater, rejoin prevent the recipe such as pine nut, citric skin, cinnamonic, dried tangerine or orange peel, each different manufacturer have his secret recipe. Make up the GIN wine that gives rich and distinctive taste finally.

Although GIN wine aroma is strong, but because do not have sweet degree, entrance a bit not be bored with. Besides can allocate a lot of famous cocktail, means of first-rate pure drink, if vodka is same,be, put in the refrigerant ark of freezer to freezing to drink, an one cannikin, swallow abdomen in, celiac medium baking temperature is hot, tone however elegant a faint fragrance.

TONIC WATER, sound very complex, actually TONIC is quinine, call golden pheasant accept the skin again, drink rise a bit sweet, after mixing with GIN, drink in the mouth, you can feel small sweet the bleb that takes pain is in the ground of a bead in the mouth to broaden, spurt prevent the faint scent of pine nut, compared with summer beer of people tipple ground, the contains quantity of heat of GIN TONIC is negligible. It is a cup of easy mix is able to bear or endure again really drunk excellent cocktail.

Friendship reminds: Must use the TONIC WATER that just unseals come modulation, otherwise the bleb in TONIC WATER can run, this cocktail is drunk rose to do not have the aftertaste completely.

GIN wine and vodka are same, do not stress year. Wine business does not need capital of deposit of high specified number, so the price too won’t expensive. Famous brand of a few worlds, mostly out England, be like BOMBAY, BEEFEATER, TANQUERAY, the price is more likely also, belong to the masses to be able to consume those who rise. The cannikin cubage in the graph is cup of one ounce =1/8.

Enjoyed bout GIN TONIC in bar with the friend last, the result is one cup is about 15 Switzerland franc, photograph comparing rises, still be in the home oneself start work modulation comes substantially much.

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