July 2007 the mood calendar card of Plumcafe

AttendJuly 2007 the mood calendar card of PlumcafeActivity, what I should write is 29 day, write down today’s running water account to be as follows in a hurry so:

Today 29, domestic while has been 30, but I was not written for nothing yesterday, without giving thought to without giving thought to, 29 still are here anyway.

Rose too early to sleep too late yesterday, slept today so lie-in. Still calculate diligent nevertheless, walk 10 thousand paces, still made face film (it is the hundred years thing that does not treat almost) .

Through repeatedly balance and hesitation, begin to read last Ha Libo’s particular book, ” breath out Li Bo spy and dead emperor ” . Although had known,be Happy Ending, but died because of the character in this book many, so before should not look after all in hesitation all the time.

Small fish died, do not know what reason. Its abdomen rouses those who go up the circle is roundly, my pig says is I am fed in the evening before today feed hello much maintain dead. I was fed without giving thought to after. But, two are remained only in aquarium now, lone very pitiful, should be not bought again new? In hesitation. . .

Go out to play afternoon, buy incidentally delicious.

Planted Xiaomai is careless, can extract juice to drink today, still sent lentil shoot, fry eat cabbage patch, very delicious. Confuse recently went up to sprout, look at seed of a bead to grow a gemmule, feel life but magical.

Two days are done not have on the weekend how meal, although did not eat less really however, these two days follow my pig to mix all the time, often be being persuaded to eat this to eat that, do not undergo such test really.

Resting today, do not keep food, will write again tomorrow ha.

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