Low caloric shellfish of piscine smoked bean curd

Discover weight jumps nearly, do not know the too much reason that has because of sweetmeats. Without giving thought to how, anyhow controls candy, oil strictly now, and change red meat into plain boiled pork. Also trying draft fruit to reduce weight before, cannot take actually, and do not say such meetings are caused hidebound, with respect to its but importunate possibility is very vague also. Well-advised practice is every eat suddenly, but must control quantity of heat, give priority to with vegetable, seafood, coarse food grain.

The cookbook that goes up according to the net today made a surname of this fish smoked bean curd, really delicious. Domestic dried scallop is not quite fresh, expensive. The Xian Bei here and vegetable price are similar, fresh, cheap still have 3 article fish, of prawn and so on, as it happens reduces weight to me with.

Raw material:

Xian Bei, green Chinese onion (shallot also but) , piscine sweet juice

Piscine sweet juice: Amylaceous, cooking wine, vinegar each 2 teaspoon, white sugar 3 teaspoon, soy 3 teaspoon, gallinaceous essence a few, bubble any of several hot spice plants silk of broken, green, Jiangsi a certain number of, clear water is right amount.

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