Miss the flavour when

Small when, there is electric rice cooker in the home, cooking is the furnace that use coal, do the metropolis end rice cooker to have a rice crust every time, anxious anxious, very sweet. Now is electric rice cooker cooks, it is not quite easy also to want to have the sort of rice crust. Today be seized by a whim, want to have a try to be able to be done with microwave oven, succeeded unexpectedly, very happy.
The remnant rice midday:
Shovel one spoon rice to be put in last the booth on film is smooth, diameter about 10 centimeters, want a bit thinner:
Put the Gao Huo inside microwave oven 1 minute 30 seconds, can hear to there is Pi in microwave noise, after time arrives, take out:
Go up in exterior besmear some unripe smoke, chromatically, also have some of taste. Put again continue inside microwave oven Gao Huo 1 minute, after be being taken out good.
Bite, love eating rice crust in one’s childhood namely.

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