Of piscine fish flavor make sauce beef closely

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Make = closely secretly? *^_^* makes sauce beef closely [piscine fish flavor]

Say a word outside the problem first. Can tell me how to revise the size of the picture when community sends a card. Do not know how to return a responsibility recently. The picture that I send is very auspicious big, it is to be here not only, also be very big in Blog. But be in,Blog can be revised, here does not know how to be revised, perhaps say to be able to be revised. That tube can tell me.

In one’s childhood cate—Sauce beef. The sauce beef that awaits in those days is this kind is Brown, unlike present Gong Gong delicate and charming be about to drip. Also knowing is bovine breed problem or among added a few $&^(&# . . The banner that playing beef of the shadow that make the tube is when this beef is bought. That knows my zero hour is apostate going straight towards sauce beef. The sauce beef that does not want regard as to come out seems to strike wood of dry be similar in shape, taste very soft actually, very sweet drop.

Remembered, delicate sauce beef should divide a pace to go: Reins? bittern is made. Make frowzily. Ha. The name since myself, be like a model to be like appearance *^_^*


1. beef together. With toothpick above plunge into a lot of alveolus to be permeated at flavour with benefit. What if just meet,giving birth to someone is fuggy. So this process is had exceeded abreact means.

2. wants the souse spice that uses: All? anise. Fine ginger. White bandit. Cassia bark. Rock candy. There still is a few from the back, those who like is OK add, it is OK also to be not added.

3. mixes all flavor and beef.

4. adds cooking wine. Add soy. I am to often be smoked unripe smoke put a few. The quantity should have done not have beef completely.

Because 5. just made etc. served cold in the home. So I expect bittern to the makings in the bag is spread completely above, was being thrown also is to throw, produce surplus value adequately. Have dry chili among them, chinese prickly ash, caoguo. Sweet leaf. What should do next is lid good cap, put into freezer. At least feeds 24 hours.

The beef with 6. good souse.

After coming 24 hours when, begin bittern to make:

7. puts the flavor of souse beef and juice into boiler entirely. Add the water of one times. With green paragraph. I go boiling inside the thick gravy that did not add water to pour the thing into head day entirely directly.

Salted and fermented soya paste of one small spoon uses 8. to hydrate leaves reserve.

Beef falls after 9. water is boiled.

10. enters the salted and fermented soya paste that changes. Conflagration is boiled again, shut small fire slowly the size of beef boils the basis to reach half hours. ripe do not open lid later. Be written down, do not want to open, those who make beef natural in boiler is cooling.

Make frowzily: Divide evenly shine Cong is blown? of hawk of trade of H Liao grey  and thick gravy are put into freezer to refrigerate 12 hour above together. Good, section, drop cover of a few chili. Enjoy delicate.

The good partner of sauce beef was not chili face to not be counted really. Do not need too much, although little little also can let taste bud have different feeling for an instant. True, although little can produce effect a bit lesser, so even if cannot eat hot person to more or less also be added a bit. The sort of hot it is a meeting above consist in lip hot. Rather he of plain dish hot it is different experience.

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